The Carbs To Eat For Less Calories (Yet Still Tasty)


You always hear about carbs being the enemy on the quest for fat loss and getting lean. But that simply is not true. And the people you hear it from either lack knowledge on the subject, or have picked it up from inaccurate sources. Because there are various things to consider when consuming carbs.

– The type of carbs

– The time of day you eat them

– Slow or digesting kind

– The food sources they came from (Think in terms of the quality of that food – more on that here)

And the picture above contains carbs that will make for an ideal breakfast snack or lunch. Here’s why…



We’re talking about the salads/veggies on the left here. These are fibourous carbs. Fiber in general is great for controlling blood sugar levels and helps aid  in the quest for fat loss. But the reason why salads make for great carbs is because they lack caloric density. This basically means that you can eat a ton of salads and vegetables without having to worry about piling on the pounds. Because it will take consuming A LOT of veggies to even make a small dent to your daily maintaincae calorie levels. And it’s also not very likely that you would want to either, as with most A-rated foods (aka the best food sources for optimum fitness and health), they’re pretty tasteless. And that’s why they also make for a great side dish to a A-rated protein stacked meal. e.g

A rated (Proteins)
• Fish
• Egg whites
• Non-fat cottage cheese
A rated (Fats)
• Flaxeeds (with oatmeal that you ate for breakfast earlier)
• Fish oil (In capsule form with your meal)
A rated  (Carbs)

Salad vegetables


• Spinach
• Kale
• Broccoli
• Cauliflower
• Brussel sprouts
• Green Beans
• Asparagus
• Collard greens
• Green and red peppers
• Mushrooms
• Tomatoes
• Onions
• Cucumbers
• All other fibrous carbs, green vegetables or salad vegetables


The fruits

We wouldn’t usually put fruits here as they’re a fast digesting carb food source and make for a good post workout food in order to spike your insulin levels at that much needed time. However, the majority of your lifestyle diet should consist of natural A-rated foods. A-rated simply because if you eat the best, you’ll look the best and if you eat trash, you’ll eventually look like trash. And fruits such as berries may be sugary. But they’re also relatively low on the glycemic index and most important of all, they’re ALL natural. And it’s always a good idea to add some variety to your diet, just like our caveman ancestors.

So instead of adding refined sugars to your oatmeal or whatever it is you decide to have for breakfast (hopefully mostly A-rated foods :)). Just make it a habit to eat/add some fruit instead to boost the taste. But only make this a habit later on in the journey, especially if you’re the insulin resistant or hypoglycemic type.

The Tea

Forget about the tea that you see in the picture. Just trade it in for Jasmine Pearls Green Tea. This is something we spoke about in the special foods for fat loss video.


It smells like just like Jasmine flowers (… mmmm).  Jasmine Green Tea goes down very well.  The premium Jasmine Green Tea lies with Jasmine Flowers, with new flowers being brought in 7 or 8 times a season. Watch out for the knock offs though. You can tell if it’s a knock off because it will be sprayed with a Jasmine scent or include some small flower petals in the bag. Fake!

If you previously signed up to the Fitbuzzer email updates, you would have received a bonus content email explaining why you shouldn’t treat your diet like a typical diet. And at the end of 2011, we kick started that series with the Fitbuzzer requested budget foods for abs. And from there on you can learn exactly how to apply the above in an interesting ways to match.


Remember, you can kick start your profile and automatically upload your progress pictures => HERE. Let the FBA motivation continue! 🙂

This article was written by Shaun Sinclair. Shaun Sinclair is a former pro track athlete and original Founder of Stay-Fit Buzz. And also played a key role to the creation of FBA (Which inspired the creation of this website) from the Facebook Fan Page.


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Stay-Fit Buzz Interview with Kelsey Byers

February 16, 2012 by  
Filed under Top Fit Buzz Bodies (Interviews)

Learn how Kelsey transformed herself from an overweight college student into a published model and sponsored athlete in just 2 years



Stay-Fit Buzz: Hello Kelsey. Welcome to Let’s begin at the start of your journey into fitness. Because you do have some impressive before and after pictures. And pictures like that often do have an interesting story behind them. So how did it all begin?

Kelsey: I was very active in high school… being from a small town, I was able to play all sports. I could eat like a pig and be a “string bean”. Once I got to college, my activity level decreased significantly. I also adopted some “bad habits”…like drinking alcohol, staying out late, and eating really bad food! The weight “snuck up” on me. I am a tall woman…. 5-10″ to be exact. I graduated high school weighing 132 lbs.

At my heaviest weight in college… I weighed 174 lbs!!!! I could not believe I had put on 40-42 lbs in college (in a matter of 2 1/2 years). That day was a HUGE reality check for me! I was not happy with my body… and I actually went shopping all the time… always looking for that “PERFECT” outfit to make my body look better. I finally realized that when you have a great body, everything looks great on you! Once I was honest with myself and mapped out my goals, I started making small changes here and there.

I started going out to eat less, hired a personal trainer and committed to working out 2-3 days a week (at first). It took me five years to get rid of the weight that only took two years to put on! I am now back to my high school weight (135 lbs), only with more muscle. The reason it took me five years is because I did not understand proper portion control. I started seeing a nutritionist in March 2010 and haven’t looked back since! Fitness and a clean diet is a lifelong commitment. I entered my first NPC bikini competition in October 2010 and won third place, qualifying for nationals! Clean eating and lean results gave me the confidence to get on that stage with 100 beautiful women!

I am thrilled with my results and work hard every week on challenging myself more with weights in the gym. It is AMAZING what clean eating will do for your body!

I give myself weekly goals to get in the gym and write down everything I eat in my planner. I love lifting weights, as they give me the most results! I am hooked on FITNESS and will never allow myself to look like my “college self” again! That was definitely a learning experience.

Since competing, some wonderful things have happened to me. I have become a published fitness model and a Labrada Nutrition athlete.

I look forward to my future in the fitness industry and hope my best is yet to come!


Stay-Fit Buzz: You’re also a sponsored athlete. Some previous interviewees have mentioned that competing on stage (Which you have done) is one way to go if one wishes to get sponsored. Is that how it happened for you?

Kelsey: Well, I did compete in my first competition and won third place in my height class. Labrada Nutrition contacted me through Facebook and asked me if I would represent their brand. Labrada Lean Body for Her shakes was my meal replacement shake when I started seeing my nutritionist, so I was already using their products. I was honored that they asked me to represent their brand.



Stay-Fit Buzz: What has the ‘stage’ experience been like for you thus far? Was you nervous when you first stepped on stage?

Kelsey: I was a little nervous at my first show, but the energy on stage is amazing and surpasses any anxious feelings!
Plus, it’s a great way to meet other competitors and people in the industry.

Stay-Fit Buzz: What motivated you to get into fitness modeling? You could have just carried on living a fit and happy lifestyle, content with your own self made fitness success.

Kelsey: I have always wanted to model, as long as I can remember. Fitness modeling is the most rewarding! I love the feeling of booking a job based on my hard work in the gym and Eating clean versus just being skinny and looking good in clothes. Fit is the new skinny!

Stay-Fit Buzz: You also hold a degree in business/marketing. Did the business and marketing traits of Kelsey have anything to do with kick starting your push into fitness modeling?

Kelsey: Well, I have been asked how I learned how to market myself so well… and I do believe it has something to do with earning my Master’s degree in Business and Marketing. School is definitely more interesting when you can apply it to your work and life. I really just enjoy motivating and helping other people, it’s my calling.

Stay-Fit Buzz: How do you balance your work and fitness life. Does one benefit the other? For example, living a life of fitness tends to leave you with more energy towards the end of the day. Is that also the case with you?

Kelsey: My job as a company spokesperson and marketing director tends to put me behind a desk most of the day. That’s why it’s very important that I am active on a daily basis. It would be so easy to eat donuts and breakfast burritos that I see at the office, but that’s so easy to do and it would put me right back where I was two years ago, unhappy with my body. I make the choice to eat clean and workout every day. I love feeling fit, even when sitting behind my desk. Lifting weights, eating clean and doing cardio gives me energy to focus on important projects. at work. I do cardio before work in the mornings, which gives me energy throughout my day- then I lift weights at night. It’s perfect for my schedule.



Stay-Fit Buzz: What are the main differences between your on season and off season diet?

Kelsey: The only difference in my meal plan is when getting close to competition, I eat a lean meat and veggies my last two meals of the day. In off season, my last two meals consist of lean meat, a complex carb and veggies. I basically eat most of my carbs during the day during competition season.

Stay-Fit Buzz: Challenges, we all face them. But have there been any challenges along the way that have really tested you?

Kelsey: I would have to say taking two graduate school classes, working full time and training for two competitions- all at the same time. It has allowed me to clearly define my tasks and practice great time management skills.

Stay-Fit Buzz: Negativity? Is that something that you’ve had to deal with on the journey to fitness success. Or negativity about competing on stage?

Kelsey: I have dealt with negativity. A few people I considered friends at one time, didn’t really understand or support my decision to compete and change my lifestyle. I understand now that it wasn’t something I was doing to them directly, but my drive made them feel bad about themselves and some people even became jealous.

Luckily, my good habits started rubbing off on close friends and their bodies started changing for the better too. I don’t allow negativity in my life anymore. I steer clear of negative attitudes and love supporting my friends with their interests.


Stay-Fit Buzz: How do you go about keeping a positive mindset for the long term? Because we all have our ‘down’ days.

Kelsey: Every morning while I do cardio, I basically make a mental note of everything I want to accomplish that day. That keeps me focused and allows me to focus on positive goals for my future. I also find that when I am consistent with clean eating and my workouts, I have a happy and positive mindset. There is no better feeling than knowing you are working your hardest to be your best. You are using every talent God has given you.

Stay-Fit Buzz: Finally, it seems like you too are a fan of strong and powerful quotes from some of our all time greats. Do you have any key favorites?

Kelsey: Oh, I have so many favorites! Here is a good one I keep in my planner.

“Every decision you make takes you in a different direction…closer or further away from your goals.

Life’s a journey, the choice is yours.”


About Kelsey Byers

Kelsey is a Fitness model and Labrada Nutrition sponsored athlete.

Connect with Kelsey on Facebook: Kelsey Byers

 Photo credits: Wendi Satio

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