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Learn how rising star Alice Matos is dominating the Brazilian fitness scene, is building solid muscle, yet is still able to look like a ‘female’.



Stay-Fit Buzz: First things first, you’re from South America, Floripa, right?


Alice: That’s correct, I’m originally from Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, southern Brazil.


Stay-Fit Buzz: How does the fitness industry work there compared to the North of America. Are the opportunities to create a name for yourself still the same?


Alice: In Brazil, the fitness industry is just beginning to take off. It is not as popular as it is in the U.S. But I like what I do and I usually have an affect on people who live with me and even those who do not know me personally.


Stay-Fit Buzz: It appears that you have travelled to quite a few places, which is a great way to spread your personal brand in my opinion. What countries have you visited to date?


Alice: I traveled to 3 competitions in October 2011. First to Spain-Madrid and then to US-Ohio in March 2012.


Stay-Fit Buzz: There are a good number of inspirational fitness icons from the South American region, especially women. Have any of them inspired you to take the journey that you have taken?


Alice: I started to compete with the invitation of my coach Waldemar GuimarĂŁes. Brazilian women who inspire me are Gal Yates, Larissa Reis, Natalie and Nicole Melo Eccel.



Stay-Fit Buzz: Most people just want to be involved in fitness to stay active, healthy and to of course stay in shape and look great. What gave you the desire to want to compete and what was the experience like when you first hit the stage?


Alice: A year after searching for my coach, I simply kept to a basic training principles and keeping good form, as this is what was required for me to begin competing. He invited me to participate in the IFBB Championship and I have been a runner-up in Brazil. The feeling of going on stage and to represent Brazil is indescribable and only motivates me to improve.


Stay-Fit Buzz: Let’s speak about your physique for a moment, because one of the reasons for inviting you over to Stayfitbuzz was because of your strong, yet still very feminine build. You clearly achieved that by not being afraid to apply resistance training to your workouts. But how did you look before you got into fitness? Was it your goal to develop the type of physique that you have today?


Alice: I never imagined participating in a bodybuilding championship at first. I did not want to lose my femininity. But I decided to take my chances and favorable genetics for bodybuilding. And now I love the physique that I gained from it!


Stay-Fit Buzz: On Stayfitbuzz, we talk a lot about ‘the specifics’ of building a strong, lean and sexy body. Because we know that there are many factors that can affect how one person will look and develop compared to a next person. Factors such as age, sex, race, experience, genetics. What are your strong and weak points? Do you find building strong legs easy compared to your upper body? Have you had to fight to keep a high metabolism to maintain the body that you’ve built? Was building muscle as hard as they say compared to the relative ease at which men build muscle?


Alice: My abdomen is a strong point and my weak point is my quadriceps. My upper limbs grow more easily than my legs. In preparation for competitions, I do not do much exercise for the abdomen and for my legs, I have to work the quadriceps hard and perform more aerobic exercise to avoid looking too bulky, but defined. Building muscle is hard for men and women equally, without regard to the biological factor that is more favorable for men.



Stay-Fit Buzz: It looks like you’re about to perform a variation of a lunge exercise in the picture above (Although it does look like a photoshoot). Is that one of your favorite exercises?


Alice: My favorite exercise is the eighth abdominal


Stay-Fit Buzz: In fact, how do you find the photoshoot process. Is it something that you enjoy to do?


Alice: I love doing photo shoots and see my progress over time.


Stay-Fit Buzz: Some ‘genetically gifted’ women sometimes find that the big compound lifts such as deadlifts and squats build too much mass on their legs than they would like. Do you find that to be the case in regards to your body? Have any of your peers/associates complained about those exercises affecting them in that way?


Alice: A good exercise to not get the bulky looking leg muscles and develop in a way so that they’re more slim and toned is doing this exercise.



Stay-Fit Buzz: We can agree to that. This is actually one of the exercises that we include throughout our No Nonsense Butt Building Specialization reports


Alice: 🙂



Stay-Fit Buzz: Eating clean is just one of the things you have to do if you want to get in shape. But what are some of your favorite meal plans. Are there any popular ‘healthy’ foods from the South American region?


Alice: I love to eat omelet with one egg yolks, six clear and solid light tuna. Pancake protein: In addition to fruits and vegetables. I also love eating sushi-sashimi.


Stay-Fit Buzz: Finally, how do you keep fitness fun? As the saying goes, ‘love what you do and you will never work a day on your life’.


Alice: I try to enter my workouts into my daily routine. That way, it becomes a part of my lifestyle and not an ‘extra thing’ to do. For me it is a commitment to go train and it made me addicted to endorphins, the feeling of pleasure of work well done.


About Alice Matos



Alice Matos is an upcoming  IFBB BIKINI INTERNATIONAL Fitness model from Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, southern Brazil.


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