OSC vocabulary/phrases and meanings

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…Just incase some of the terminology here confuses the fudge out of you (‘Fudge’ is ‘my’ F word :D).

S-curvish ratio mermaid

This is when you have the S-curve + ‘Soft lean’ lumps… But with a ‘subtle’ thigh gap to match, like Patricia <.

Becoming S-curvish

You had no curve… But now you have the S-curve <.

Shredding to smexy

The same as above… But instead, you’re shredding fat

S-curve belfie

It’s when you take a butt selfie, but with an S-curve snap.

S-curvish OOTD/OOTN attire

This is all about fashion… When you wear clothes that compliment your new S-curvish frame.

Hot mess attire

When you’re wearing ‘house clothes’ but still look just as hot (Yup… That happens when you become S-curvish)

Soft lean lumps

‘Soft lean’ means we keep the body fataround 20-22 percent. Getting too low (For ladies) can be considered dangerous. Your boob size will shrink too.


S-curvish shred belly + Social highlights

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- New fit fash 

- Call 911 <

- You are the king <

- Yoga is a good thing < (Seriously, it is…. For your S-curve workouts)

- Mayra is S-curvish, lumpy and embracing kini season <

- Be kind to your friends <

- Fit Buzz follower Noelle shreds to smexy <

- Tis kini season <… @ The sun won’t let you hide

- It’s what we call ‘soft lean’ <

- Operation snake belly snapping <

- Are you the boss in your house? <

- Nita fills the rainbow dress < with her S-curvish lumps

- Alexis is S-curvish and kini ready <


Monday fEaster + Social highlights

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Super munch Monday <

Social highlights


- Today’s definitely a feast day <

- First thing in the morning <

- Do you love? <

- Throwback Monday… Patricia’s lumpy S-curvish snap <

- Becoming S-curvish… So that when he snaps you <

- Rosa front snaps the kini <

- Summer mornings <

- It was the weekend for Mrs. Bunny <


SFB Video workouts… Simple meals… Progress pics go ‘pro’

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Fit Buzz Follower Heather – Photo credit: Ryan Larson

I have another video workout coming for you tomorrow, since the response

has been pretty great. These are the workouts that I’ve taken from the

Aphrodite 2.0 program, which will come some time between now and May.


Now, the main reason for creating last weeks workouts was due to the

same issue coming up in Fit Buzz Q & A.


- ”’I want to shred waist”

- ”I want more awesome butt”


Those style of workouts will help you get there. But you MUST go heavy!

Another area of concern is upper arm fat. If so, just focus on the Operation 

S-Curve split routines, which you’ll find in the FBBA program.


Tomorrows video workout will be targeted, again. But let me know if you

have any specific requests. Just add ‘chamileon857′ via Skype.


In the mean time, here are a few more simple meals to add to your regime.

Remember, your daily meal plan structure should look very close to this….



Exercise Day


Breakfast:  (Slow digesting) protein/carbs 

Mid-morning:  protein/fat 

Lunch:  protein/fat 

Mid-afternoon:  protein/fat 

Evening (after exercise): (Fast digesting) protein/carbs 

Pre-bed: (Slow digesting) protein/fat 


Non-exercise Day


Breakfast:  protein/carbs 

Mid-morning:  protein/carbs 

Lunch:  protein/fat 

Mid-afternoon:  protein/fat 

Evening: protein/fat 

Pre-bed: protein/fat 


These are the ideal times to eat, so that you don’t screw up your S-Curve.

And remember, focus on the nutrients instead of obsessing over calorie




Download it here <<



See you in tomorrows workout.








There was a great response to Heathers ‘professional’ pic last Friday.

(Previous pics were mainly progress snaps… Bathroom/Mirrors).


Become your own self motivation. Make it a goal to build your S-Curve,

then to take professional shots (There’s about 3 great fitness 

photographers I would recommend if you do).

Incoming search terms:

  • denise milani hot waist
  • muscle progress

Let’s eat + Social highlights

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Hump day munching (Basics) < (Click to download)

Fit fash

- Tonight… You let him know <

- Hmmmf… Genetics <

- It’s all on you <


- Yasmin is epic butt/teeny waist kini ready for summer <

- Make sure plenty of this < happens over summer

- And this <

- Chantal is embracing the season <

- Tonight <

- Chelsea snaps thrice <

- Jessica snaps <

- Fit Buzz friend Gia snaps mid workout <


Incoming search terms:

  • whey protein before or after workout

Recapo/Recoupo + Social highlights

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Monday – Look… If it doesn’t feel right in ya a**… <

Tuesday – Letting your a** out to dry + Important <

Wednesday – I won’t be able to fill my butt with that… <

Thursday – Your butt stuck <

Friday – Let’s give ya a** a rest… What’s on ya mind? <

Social highlights on a Sunday

 Fit fash

 - Lovers < especially & let the world know <

- Good or bad? <

- Did you hit the bar < this weekend?

- Living the mermaid life <

- It’s been a while… Miah snaps the epic butt/teeny tiny waist < 

- New Fit Buzz follower Gia snaps her S-curvish lumps in OOTN attire <

- April doesn’t do muffin tops < 

- Alexandra summer snaps < on a Saturday

- Fit Buzz follower Lacey takes a morning kini snap <

- Yoga pants as OOTD <

- Cally snaps < 2wice <

Incoming search terms:

  • marith kini

Thursday Social highlights

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Social highlights

Fit fash…

Another day at the office <

- Take your Xtend/Aminolast and train past the pain <

- …Your friends looking at you like you’re a weirdo <? They’ll

want to become weird too once you become S-curvish….


- Wake up and snap like Amanda @ home < or @ gym <

- Gia wears her S-curve right for the night <

- FitBuzzers are now snapping in summer OOTD attire <

- Operation shredding to smexy <

Renae snaps < her soft lean

- Thursday throwback… Alexandra’s shred to smexy <

Incoming search terms:

  • case study of mcdonald and kfc
  • great fitness ass


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Because it’s been a beast of a week @ info <


There are several things that will cross your mind on any given day in this lifestyle. Read this to see what those are.


Kind of a Monday part 2. But I also explain how what we do is more than just lifting and eating to become S-curvish.


The things that happen when you start OSC + Encouraging you to apply the long term view.


Aphrodite Butt Building became official.


I walk you through the process of shaping your epic butt/teeny tiny waist.


As you saw from Brittany… Consistency pays off…

Incoming search terms:

  • valeria orsini vine

K.I.S.S Diet Tips

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Remember, this video is for those of you who need a reminder about the basics. The advanced stuff will commence as usual.


Why eat carb + protein based meals?

Because insulin and glucagon are both influenced by blood sugar levels. High-glycemic carbohydrates such as Poptarts cause insulin levels to be high and glucagon levels to be low.

Since insulin promotes the increase in body fat and glucagon mobilizes and burns body fat, this obviously isn’t the metabolism you will want.

Lower glycemic carbohydrates, especially when they are consumed with protein, shifts the levels
of these two hormones, lowering insulin and slightly raising glucagon.

This is the correct and ideal “hormonal profile”for effective fat burning. And of course, for the Fit Buzz lifestyle, more lean muscle.


The example figures on the portion chart were just that. Examples….

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  • exercises chart

Social highlights Sunday + RECAPO/RECOUPO

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RECAPO/RECOUPO aka The weekly recap

Monday – Does your a** feel full?

Tuesday – The devils in the detail (Strike through) a**

Wednesday – Setting the stage for your a**

Thursday – Hey… Epic Butt/Tiny Waist-er

Friday – Your a** should follow up


Social highlights Sunday

Fitfash classics

Going heavy <

Operation super <

Getting fed <


- Out on the town party attire <

- Gruny takes a POV kini snap <

- Renee takes a snake belly snap <

- Becoming S-curvish… So that when the weekend hits <

- Cally wears the S-curve right for OOTN <

- When FitBuzzers mid workout snap <

- Cally snapping in workout attire <

Incoming search terms:

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  • latina butt

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