15 Minute Workout + Social Highlights

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15 min workout via Brittany

Just like Amanda… You, at least once a month…


Social highlights

Fit fash

- 50 shades of ‘red’ <

- Wonder thighs <

- Genetcis? Haaa… <

- You are strong <


- Some more words from OSC member Amy <

- FitBuzzers embracing summer 2014 <

- Yup.. Kini season is in full effect <

- Aline Shreds to smexy <

- Waking up < @ summer 2014

- Couldn’t sleep < last night?

- Summer attire 2014 <

- Tay snaps her S-curvish lumps <

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Let’s Eat (via Mariola) + Social Highlights

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Monday summer food < Click to download

Fit fash

- Squatting for peanut butter <

- Weekend shenanigans <

- Going heavy < will get you S-curvish


- Good morning <

- Brittany is totally ready < for kini season

- Did you do it like Jaquie < at the weekend?

- When FitBuzzers snap <

- Dawny snaps the lean lumps <

- Gotty calf snaps <


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It’s Black On THIS Fit Buzz Friday

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Hi FitBuzzers

We all know Black Friday is coming next week Friday. But I want to start the party 

early. Today, I’m going combine the 5 most popular Fit Buzz programs.


  • No Nonsense Butt Building
  • Meal Plans and Workouts for Abs
  • Fit Buzz Pull ups Program
  • Budget Foods for Abs
  • Guide to Necessary Supplementation


And give you access to all of them for just $49.99 (Together they cost over $140). 

That’s over 65% off!

That means you’ll have the entire core Fit Buzz arsenal that will get you to that strong, 

lean and sexy ‘99% physique’ that is often spoken about (Who am I kidding… Spoken 

about DAILY!) in Fit Buzz world.


The discount rate will drop by 3% everyday until November 23rd.


>> It’s Black on this Fit Buzz Friday


Soooo… that’s….

- 65% off (The discount rate drops by 3% everyday until November 23rd.)
- Free upgrades on ALL of the programs (Many of which will be introduced between 

now and January)

Let the season of fun BEGIN! Heck, it’s only just begun. My crazy brain is in beast

mode, so expect some more goodness to come your way FitBuzzers. You rocked

before, but I WILL ensure that you rock some more before the year ends.

Oh, and I jumped on video for you again today <==== I have a voice…


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Keep the fat low + Social highlights

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Keep the protein high and fat low <


Social highlights


Fit fash 

- The suns out… Time to get weird and naked <

Ice-cream season it is <

- Took a break this weekend? Start the week heavy <


- S-curve motivation tactics


- Madison is S-curvish and kini ready <

- Cecilia takes a hot mess OOTN snap <

- Pri snaps the epic butt/teeny tiny waist <

- Dreia snaps in OOTN attire <


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‘Summer’ simple foody update day + social highlights

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‘Summer’ simple high protein/low fat munchin <

Social highlights

Fit fash white tank/tee season

- Going heavy <

- Zero comfort zone <

- Live heavy <

- Go back to bed <


Sofia gets bendy <

- Anissa takes a hot mess morning snap <

- Summer time… You ready? <

- Chocolate is salad <

- Waking up like Mrs.Mayo < @ morning epic butt/teeny tiny waist snapping

- Jaquie is back and ready for kini season <

- Don’t let your mirror get annoyed < by selfies

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It tastes gooood, the last EMG test, Squatting is like…?

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Christiany Da Silva

Hi FitBuzzers




The last EMG report (For now) <<





I only provide you with simple ‘practical’ meals, because that’s mostly what

you ask for. The following isn’t exactly ‘simple’ to make, but you MUST try it.


Seriously delicious



In fact…


Yesterday there was a fight for ownership on which country it originates from

(I personally experienced it the first time on that same trip to Egypt back 

in 2007).


You can see the battle HERE <<<


As you would have seen, we are talking about rice stuffed vine leaves. (The

origin varies *Sticking with Turkey :D*, although I don’t care too much about

the origin. Just the taste… The fun part of this lifestyle :D).


I was fortunate enough to have tried the restaurant and home made versions.


I previously stated that you should only eat them mid morning/afternoon. But

add it to your dinner aswell, as a side dish/appetizer due to the slow digesting

carbs/nutrients contained within them. Just try not to eat them within a 2 hour

time frame of working

out… before or after.



I’d personally advise to order them at a restaurant, since they’re not ‘simple’.

But if you are ever in the mood to cook them yourself….


Download the recipe here… 


(This is very similar to the home made version that was prepared for me).




There’s a few new ‘gear’ designs to wear on your S-Curve. Let’s see if you can

find the..


Squatting is like…





But there’s also some spring/summer fashion-spiration on both Instagram

accounts (Ladies only on this one though).


Quite a few of you started on Operation S-Curve over the past few days. The

manual will help and guide you. But you can always add ‘chamileon857′ via

Skype for a 15 minute call/chat for anything specific.


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Social highlights

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Popular fitfash

- More super cali <

- Wonderful thighs <

- The feeding <

- If you’re single on hump day <


- TBT… Mariza takes a lumpy and bendy S-curve snap <

- Lala takes a pool glute snap <

- Wake up and snap like Yovanna <

- Wake up and snap your shred belly <

- You this summer <

- Operation back snapping <

- Epic butt and ink snapping <


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  • jen selter sxx pickher

15 Min ‘Raise Your Butt’ Workout

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Today’s video workout focuses on ‘growing’ the top part of your butt. I reveal my waist in the video…slightly. But the goal is t to build an S-Curve butt!

At home… outdoors… 15 minutes.

Key points?

- 30 second rest periods (Or no rest periods)
- Train to failure (To encourage growth)
- Resistance bands/dumbbells
- 15 minutes

You now know how to feed your body so that you keep your waist tiny and grow your butt (Guys… this in for you too. Think about the V-shaped back…).

If not, check out the Fit Buzz nutrition stuff here:


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S-curvish shred belly + Social highlights

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- New fit fash 

- Call 911 <

- You are the king <

- Yoga is a good thing < (Seriously, it is…. For your S-curve workouts)

- Mayra is S-curvish, lumpy and embracing kini season <

- Be kind to your friends <

- Fit Buzz follower Noelle shreds to smexy <

- Tis kini season <… @ The sun won’t let you hide

- It’s what we call ‘soft lean’ <

- Operation snake belly snapping <

- Are you the boss in your house? <

- Nita fills the rainbow dress < with her S-curvish lumps

- Alexis is S-curvish and kini ready <


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Let’s just get you in shape (More focus @Diet)

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OK, let’s follow up with Saturdays DONE-FOR-YOU calculator.


So… What do you do after you have worked out your precise calorie

intake? Well, there’s two things you can do. Well, actually there’s 3.

I’ll start with the first.


#1 Precise is still an estimate


That’s right. Understand that these ‘precise’ calculations are still only

estimations to give you a great starting point.




Go for the skin fold testing approach. Read this post.




Read this post…



#2 Continuous fat loss method DONE-FOR-YOU version


You’ve worked out your precise calorie intake. Great! But now you

have the challenge of shredding fat. And to keep on shredding it.


Well, the zig zag approach is still one of the best ways to manipulate

your metabolism. This is where you drop your calories (deficit) for 3

days and raise them again on the 4th day. And to keep on doing that in

random spells.


So I have now created a DONE-FOR-YOU calculator for that too

Updated DOC (Download here). <<< 

(Windows) <<<


Simply use the calorie amounts that those calculations provide when

it’s time to zig-zag your way to long term fat loss without losing lean

muscle mass.


#3 Building muscles for size (Guys and gals)


Total calories = How much you will lose or gain

Macro-nutrients = What you will lose or gain


You will be familiar with that quote by now. And the meal plans from 

OSC have the macro nutrient part of that equation sorted.


However. There is one thing that the precise calculator doesn’t factor



- Factor in the thermic effective of a meal (Tick)

- Factor in your age (Tick)

- Factor in your weight (Tick)

- Factor in your daily activity level (Tick)

- Factor in extra calories for real muscle gain in terms of size (No tick)


That’s right, it doesn’t factor in the extra calories needed to gain muscle

in terms of size. So I’ve now added a new single calculation that adds

approximately 10% more of your total base calories.


Now, that 10% figure will be different for everyone. You’ll know if you’ll

need to increase or decrease that number based on what you find from

the tracking and testing you do in the first section above, if your goal is to

build more siz.e. (< Don’t worry, it’s a typo on purpose).


So now you have a plan to move forward with, regardless of what your

goal is.



Operation S-CurveIt’s More Than Just The Squat (Yes… it STILL is!)



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