A Simple Guide To Proper Hydration

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I talk a lot about nutritional timing on this site. That is, what foods to eat and the best times to eat them. But another area that you need to pay attention to is hydration. Especially around the times that you workout. Because not doing so can have a serious effect on your performance and overall results.

It’s not complicated. In fact, it’s quite simple. But many people don’t follow through and then get angry when their physique goes down hill. So make sure you implement the following at all times to ensure you stay 95% Fit Buzz Fit..



Here are some alternatives to generic sports drinks that you can make from home too.

Note: If you’ve read any of the ebooks on the site, you may have read that sports drinks are listed as ‘Not A-Rated’ Nutrition. In other words, processed foods. Fit Buzz is all about keeping it as natural as possible. Not all sports drinks are bad, processed and full of crap.

But it’s actually very easy to create your own sports drink. In fact, it’s very easy to prepare any meal without all of the processed ready made junk that is pushed in front of your face on a daily basis.


Two Home Made Sports Drinks



  • A cup of water
  • 3 cups of ‘natural’ orange juice (Squeeze it out yourself)
  • 1 tablespoon of sea salt



  • A cup of water
  • A cup of coconut water
  • Lemon juice (squeeze out just half)
  • Do the same with 1 Lime
  • Add 2 tablespoons of agave nectar

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Mon - Monday Q & A for your busy summer butt

Tues – The after Monday butt shenanigans (+ Progress pics)

Weds - Put the food in the butt

Thurs - Butt Q & A Thursday

Fri - Exact buttsense

Fit fash

- Stay fed < and hydrated during this summer heat

- Have you been killing leg day? <

- Tis the season to be super <

Social highlights

- Alice got the epic butt/teeny tiny waist <

- Devin and co are embracing kini season <

- Gri shreds to smexy <

- Throwback… FitBuzzer Laceys start to kini season <

- Valeriya is embracing kini season <


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‘Normal’ S-curve meals + Some social highlights

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‘Yummy normal’ S-curve munchies (Because it’s Friday) <Click to download

Social highlights


- Will you? <

- The rainbow <

- The camo <

- Anyuta snaps in hot mess attire <

- Eriana is back… In OOTN workout attire <

- …And finally ready for summer 2014 <

- Sonia kini snaps <

- It’s a tight operation <

- Nikki kini front snaps the S-curvish lumps <


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15 Minute Workout + Social Highlights

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15 min workout via Brittany

Just like Amanda… You, at least once a month…


Social highlights

Fit fash

- 50 shades of ‘red’ <

- Wonder thighs <

- Genetcis? Haaa… <

- You are strong <


- Some more words from OSC member Amy <

- FitBuzzers embracing summer 2014 <

- Yup.. Kini season is in full effect <

- Aline Shreds to smexy <

- Waking up < @ summer 2014

- Couldn’t sleep < last night?

- Summer attire 2014 <

- Tay snaps her S-curvish lumps <

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15 Minute Aphrodite Home Workout (Strong/Shred Butt)

May 25, 2014 by  
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- High frequency training for your butt!
- Relativily light weight
- Focus on range of motion and control
- 6 x 6 rep/set range
- 15 Mins
- At home

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Let’s workout + Social highlights

May 22, 2014 by  
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2 more variations of Tuesday’s 15 minute workout via Eillen


Fit fash

- Dumb sober <

- Yolo? <

- Did you miss it < yesterday?

- Are you sorry? <


- Anna gets S-curvish <

- Your summer morning workouts <

- Snapping yourself in summer attire <

- FitBuzzer Candy gets S-curvish < for kini season

- Brenda shreds to smexy <

- Bella < + S-curvish + Kini season

- Vanna wears her S-curve right for the night <


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Eat + Monday social highlights

May 21, 2014 by  
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Creative simple munching via Charlie Francis <


Monday social highlights


- The suns out… So guns out <

- It is indeed ice-cream season <

- The focus right now < with many FitBuzzers

- Victoria shreds to smexy <

- Movichy is kini ready <

- Mrs.Reina kini snaps < the epic butt/teeny tiny waist

- Cally takes a hot mess snap <

- Tis kini season <…Ya ready?

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Let’s Eat + Social highlights

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Let’s eat < (Click to download)

Social highlights

Fit fash

- Do this < in your workouts

- In alcohols defense (Defence) <

- Getting weird on Wednesdays <

- Don’t get imprisoned tonight <

- Single ‘Buzzers probably miss this <

- Jaquies S-curvish progress snap <

- Let the hump day shenanigans begin <

- Pipy is living the S-curve hammock life <

- Brining the DC girls back <

- Ana snaps her S-curvish lumps <

- Summer 2014… Ya ready? <

- Fit Buzz peer Danii glute snaps <

- Sarah S-curving in all white summer attire <


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Let’s workout + Social highlights

May 20, 2014 by  
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Social highlights

Fit fash

- Wonder thighs <

- Because it’s nearly hump day <

- Because of the Venus workouts <

- Britt snaps <

- Eriana is ready for summer <

- FitBuzzers are embracing kini season <

- Anyuta was ready and then got READY < for kini season

- Fit Buzz friend Gia wears it summer white <

- Anyuta doing hump day attire < before hump day arrives


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Operation S-Curve: Sexy Back Training

May 19, 2014 by  
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The survey <<

The resistance bands <<

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