The Aphrodite Workout (God of War Ascension)

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FitBuzzer Kylee

Hello All!


I hope your weekend rocked!




It’s ladies first


The Aphrodite Workout <<< (ALL of the details are there)


Why ladies first?


Because that’s the ‘gentleman’ thing to do. So you’re going to have to wait

until Thursday fellas, for your Zeus workout.


There’s also a full length workout video to watch there too. It’s the home

version (long) sample of the main gym workout.


Anyway, think…


- ‘Workout’ design (More ‘How you do it’ than ‘what you do’)

- ‘Unorthodox

- ‘Results in 28 days’


- ‘Convenience’





Some new progress snaps <<



Keep on rockin’. If you have any questions, just reply back like you have

been doing, or add chamileon857 on Skype.


Beach season is near (Already here with some… FitBuzzer Dee from Brazil <<)


You… are… Aphrodite!

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How To Target Your S-Curve (Instant Action Workouts)

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Now, as a reminder, the name of the game is about muscle separation. It’s about building up surrounding muscle groups to make your ‘desired’ muscle groups look a bit more special than they actually are.


FitBuzzer Kali


You can do that with weight training workouts, as you can spot reduce muscle building to some degree. AND by focusing on structured workouts that target key areas of your body.

That’s what the Fit Buzz Butt Activator workouts are designed to do.

So, today, I’ll post two examples of the Fit Buzz Butt Activator workouts that you can include into your regime.

But first, you need to understand the category that each of the exercises fall under. Because they all target certain areas of your body in different ways, based on the direction of the force of the movement.


There are of course 100′s of different exercises that you can do that will fit into each of these categories.

OSC/FBBA simply structures these for you so that you can zone in on the areas of your body that you want to work, with the split routines (As you can spot reduce muscle building to some degree).

Here are two of those workouts, which you can start using straight away.

Workout no.1


Upper body day exercises will include…


1) Horizontal press (Bench press and push up variations)

2) Horizontal pull (Rowing and face pull exercises)

3) Vertical press (Overhead press variations)

4) Vertical pull (Chin up, pull up, and pulldown variations)

5) Accessory 1 (Isolation exercise for traps, pecs, delts, lats, rear delts, bi’s, tri’s, or


6) Accessory 2 (Isolation exercise for traps, pecs, delts, lats, rear delts, bi’s, tri’s, or



Upper body split

Warm up with exercises that are similar to those that you’ll perform in the workout (10 minues).


1- Incline bench press

Barbell only Bench press (2-3 sets/5 rep Work set warm up)

  5 reps

  2 minute rest

  Repeat 4 more times (5 sets total)

2 – Rear delt raises

  10 reps total (5 each arm)

  2 minute rest

  Repeat 2 more times (3 sets total)

3 – Seated shoulder press

  5 reps

  2 minute rest

  Repeat 4 more times (5 sets total)

4 – Pull ups

  5 reps

  2 minute rest

  Repeat 4 more times (5 sets total)

Assistant exercises (1 set/5 reps Work set warm up)


5a – Tricep cable extension (or DB tricep over head press) – 10 reps

  No rest


5b – DB Turned out Bicep Curl – 10 reps

  30 second rest

  Repeat both exercises

Warm down with dynamic stretches

 Fit Buzz associate Monica



Workout no.2

Lower body day exercises will include…

1) Axial extension exercise

2) Axial semi-straight leg exercise

3) Anteroposterior bent leg or anteroposterior extension exercise

4) Anteroposterior straight leg or anteroposterior flexion exercise


Lower body split

Warm up with exercises that are similar to those that you’ll perform in the workout (10 minues).

1 – Bulgarian split squat

  6-8 reps

  2 minute rest

  Repeat 2 more times (3 sets total)

2 – Good mornings

  5 reps

  2 minute rest

  Repeat 4 more times (5 sets total)

3 – Pull throughs

  6-8 reps

  2 minute rest

   Repeat 2 more times (3 sets total)

4 – Glute ham raises

  6-8 reps

  2 minute rest

  Repeat 2 more times (3 sets total)

Jess’ shred…



As you can see, the name of the game is about getting specific with…

  • Shorter workouts
  • Structured exercises
  • Split routines

Both of these workouts contain No Nonsense Butt Building workouts AND Fit Buzz Butt Activator workouts in order to hit all of the necessary muscle fibers (Which is something that you may not have previously been doing).

It also includes exercises that will help you increase flexibility in your hips so that can perform your best squat, deadlift and variations of the core compound exercises.



There are of course many ways to structure a workout in order to reach a specific goal. So if you are currently already on Operation S-Curve, you can expect there to be more workouts coming your way (Ebook AND video) so that you will always keep your body guessing/progressing.

New to FitBuzz?

Sign up here to get started on the 6 day FREE S-Curve course.




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How To Fix A Dislocated Shoulder

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If you were to ask me what the top 5 greatest pains that I have ever experienced are, then having a dislocated shoulder would rank very high on that list. For the past decade or so that I have been training, this is the injury that has set me back the most throughout my muscle building endeavors (Not in recent times… luckily). Every time that I have managed to reach a mile stone, whether it is building for strength or size, this is the injury that has stopped me in my tracks EVERY single time.



From being too quick for my own good during sprint training back as an athlete.  A technique I would use for a quick start would be to begin in a press up position, shoot up and off straight from the position into the sprint. I naturally became really fast after a while. Then one day I decided to up the ante and move SUPER fast. So that was,

1) Press up position

2) Shoulder up and out on take off

3) Then over and forward

And BAM! First time ever my shoulder falls out of its socket.

And since that day it has popped out numerous times and at very unexpected times. Times when my muscles were about to explode in size from all the hard work at the gym. Yes, I managed to strengthen my delts from working out and building muscle (Which helped a lot). But all it takes is for you body to be positioned the incorrect way in alignment with your shoulder for your shoulder to fall out its socket. Such as the times where I have been totally relaxed, watching TV, or from waking up first thing in the morning to find my shoulder out of it’s socket!

Many have suffered this same injury and some deal with it better than others. But for the first few years I couldn’t figure out how to put my shoulder straight back in when it came out. The problem with that is the longer your shoulder stays out of your socket, the more damage will be done once you do manage to get it back in (And the harder it will be to get it back in).

(What a b***h)

There were even times I had to go to the hospital for them to slip it back in. Inhaling morphine and all of that nonsense. If you are physically active in the gym or in sport then I will now show you just how to put your shoulder back in place and how to repair the damage.

The Fix

The moment that your shoulder comes out, it will give you a shock. You will most likely be scared, panic and probably think that your arm is about to fall right off. The bad thing about this is that in order for your shoulder to go back in, you will have to relax. How can you relax when you are panicking and in pain? You can’t, but you will have to learn how to.

What you need to do is twist your body around so that you are either sitting upright in a chair, or laying flat on your back. Once you do that, you must then lock your dislocated shoulder/ arm vertically by your side, as close as you can. Once you do that, like magic, your shoulder should pop right back in.

It really is that simple. The hardest part is getting into position and allowing yourself to relax.

An Alternative Method

While keeping your body straight, stand on your feet, grab your dislocated forearm bringing the arm to a 90 degree angle. Then using your good arm, push the forearm out (away from the body) For example: If you dislocate your right shoulder, you would bring your injured arm to a 90 degree angle and then push outward to the right . This will take you less than a minute to put your shoulder back into place. And remember what I mentioned in the email…


”Do you want to know how to start being awesome instead of just average?


You do this by making it a habit to learn from other people’s mistakes other than your own”


To expand on that, if you are to get treated for anything, don’t go with average doctors. Go for the best. It was the best doctors who I learned the most effective and simplest techniques from for curing this pain.
The funny thing about a shoulder dislocation, is that you automatically think the pain requires some kind of super fantastic cure to fix it. But just like many things in life, the solution is actually dead simple, as described.
  • No morphine
  • No getting taken to the hospital
  • No unnecessary agony
Why you dislocated your shoulder in the first place?
The only reason you would suffer a dislocation during weight training would be due to some serious incorrect form (Which is why the main Fit Buzz program has detailed exercise descriptions). You would  usually suffer from this during aerobic activity, which is often a result of an imbalance between your weight training and cardio activity (stemming from prolonged periods if incorrect training methods).

The Aftermath

As long as you have managed to get your shoulder back in as quick as possible, you shouldn’t be in too much pain. However, your joints will still be sore. Because of this you will probably have to take a week out (Or more) from the gym. Yes, that is a real bummer. But you are better off repairing yourself than risking possible further injury.

The key point here is that you MUST get your shoulder back in place as quick as you can. The shorter the time it’s out, the shorter the injury time will be. The longer the time it’s out, the longer the injury time will be. Once you do get back into the gym, use the ‘correct’ Fit Buzz training methods to strengthen the muscles surrounding your deltoids.

If you ever do face this injury then these are the rules to follow. As long as you do, then this injury will plague your life no more.

Have you dislocated your shoulder before?

See you in the comments.

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Separate Your Proteins And Carbs

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A few things before we begin.

Busy FitBuzzers Need Protein


We speak to FitBuzzers everyday. Some have even become friends. We know that FitBuzzers are real people living real everyday lives. Which means, FitBuzzers are generally busy people. Which means that FitBuzzers won’t always have time to eat the meal plans that we set out for them.

When you are faced with an unexpected busy day, make sure you do one thing….

Eat your protein.

(Powders or meal replacements – More ideas can be found in the lifestyle diet ebook and meal plans for abs)

Staying lean, hard and sexy means that you need to have some muscle on your frame. By eating protein, you’ll prevent the breakdown of your lean muscle mass. And you’ll be saving your metabolism while you’re at it too.

On that note, try not to make it a habit to drink your calories. If you’re not getting the results that you desire, then drinking the majority of your calories could be a cause of that.

Yes, you will get busy from time to time. But those should only be tiny little blips on an otherwise trouble free radar. To avoid this, just plan your days a day in advance. Yes, I know you’ve been told that from birth, but I bet you never follow through!

Start making it a habit from today.  Consistency is the key to success in this game of fitness. Eat more whole food meals!


To Combine Or Not To Combine Proteins And Carbs In The Same Meal?


The reason why people state to separate carbs and proteins:

  • To avoid gastrointestinal problems
  • Incomplete absorption of foods
  • Crappy digestion

The ‘feeling’ better part may be somewhat true. However, just like we described in the previous post, in order achieve the best results (lean muscle, less fat), you’ll need to consume meals that have a balance of lean proteins, fibrous/starchy carbs and fat (In general).

And below, we’ll explain 6 reasons why our meal plans are structured this way…


#1 Protein ‘Keeps’ Muscle


You probably already know this, and we mentioned it earlier too. But if you skip the consumption of protein for more than 3 hours or so at a time, then you’ll risk losing muscle. More so than consuming carbs, because proteins don’t store in the same way that carbs do.

Avoid protein in your meals and your body will start drilling holes in your muscles to get what it needs to function.


#2 Eating Carbs Moves Protein


We talk about food timing in some detail in most of the related program’s here on Fit Buzz. You know, eating the right foods and the right time for maximum benefits.

And one of the best ways to efficiently put protein into your muscles is by eating carbs which releases insulin.


#3 Eating Carbs On Their Own Will Make You Feel Zapped


Spiking your insulin in order to efficiently put protein into your muscles is great. However, spiking your insulin levels by eating carbs on their own is not. Of course, you’ll eat a moderate sized meal of mostly complexed carbs in the case of protein consumption. But if you were to separate the protein, then you would risk being hit by hypoglycemia. Which causes you to crave for food, also leaving you energy zapped.


#4 Carbs Are Not The Enemy


Protein builds muscle and carbs gives you energy. Yet, people will also view the consumption of carbs for the reason why they are fat. So what do they do? They go on a high protein diet and avoid carbs.

But if you have tried this, you would have learned that this approach simply is not sustainable. You’ll feel energy zapped and you won’t look your best, regardless of how hard you train (That’s even if you manage to get a good workout).

It’s not wise to avoid carbs (Other than starchy carbs in the late hours of the day). High protein intake will only work well on a carb cycling diet, as described in the last post. But for your normal eating days, you’ll need to be eating slow digesting carbs moderately throughout the day.


#5 Protein Increases Slow Digestion


This is another bonus of consuming protein and carbs at the same time. It’s never a good thing to continuously spike your insulin levels. Eating protein with your carbs slows down the digestion of carbs. Which means you’ll create a slower output of insulin. The same goes for the consumption of fiber too.

There may be benefits to separating your carbs and proteins in terms of consumption. But not if your goal is to gain muscle and lose fat.


Everyone has different experiences and different foods and types of training affect everyone in different ways. So feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.

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How To Make Low Calorie Diets ‘Not’ Suck

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We come across new Fitbuzzers every week. And do you know what the one thing we notice with each and everyone of them?


They all want to turn into super FitBuzzers!



To most, they would already be perceived as ‘fit’. But not FitBuzzers. Oh, no, no, no… FitBuzzers want to look 99% great and no less. And why not…


The way to get there is by implementing advanced fat loss strategies, such as a low carb, high protein diet. Or as we like to say… ‘Diet precise’ strategies.

But if you try that as a novice, or currently have high levels of body fat, you’ll fall flat on your face in the long run. Which will lead to disappointment and of course, a decrease in motivation.

Here we will indeed discuss some of those strategies. But first, make sure you have these 9 rules locked into your habit meter before even attempting to do so.


#1 Consistent training

#2 Eating less than you burn

#3 Properly balancing your macronutrient ratios

#4 Eat a lean protein with every meal

#5 Eat several ‘timed’ meals a day

#6 Eat less D, E, F rated foods

#7 Eat the right types of carbs

#8 Drink water!

#9 Eat the right types of fats


In this post, we’ll talk specifically about how to implement the low carb diet, the right way.

The first thing to understand is that as a novice, you will not need to go on a low carb diet. You can achieve everything you want and more by simply following the 9 rules above. However, if you’re the FitBuzzer who demands to look 99% fantastic, or really struggle to lose fat, no matter how hard you try, it could be that you are a victim to one of these 2 scenarios.


  1. You are carb sensitive – You’ve tried EVERYTHING to get strong, lean and sexy. Yet you still look soft, puffy and/or fat
  2. You are facing a plateau – Do you remember this post …. It was in that post where we revealed why most typical diets fail in the long run. In short, dieting screws up your metabolism and causes you to get fat again. And to be honest, it will happen to everyone at some point.


So, if low carb, high protein diets are the way forward to looking 99% great, then what is the right way to go about it? (Because low carb diets do have their cons and side effects) And if you suffer from one of the two scenarios above?

Well, there are 3 specific ways to go about it. But before we do that, let’s look at the side effects of going on a ‘typical’ low carb diet.


#1 You WILL eventually gain weight/fat after an initial fast loss

#2 You will lose lean muscle mass

#3 You won’t have that much needed variety in your diet

#4 You’ll be low on energy, because you need carbs for energy

#5 You could turn into a moody little s***

#6 You won’t stick to it after 3 months (Or less)


As you can see, low carb diets do have many side effects. And the methods that we discuss from this point on will show you how to introduce the low carb diet into your regime, without the negative side effects.


#1 Carb Tapering


We talked about this briefly in this article. There you learned how to structure your meals. But if you are an individual that has a hard time getting shredded, then what you need to do is start cutting starchy carbs out of your evening meals.

So that’s…


  • Fibrous carbs + lean protein: Spinach/Turkey breast/Salmon/Cucumbers/Tuna
  • EFA’s: Fish oil
  • Starchy carbs: White potatoes (Eliminated)


This means that the last few meals of your day will contain no starchy carbs, which automatically creates a low carb and higher protein diet. Yes, you will shred fat this way, especially if you have a hard time doing so with the 9 base rules discussed earlier. But slow down FitBuzzer friend, because there are some things you’ll need to take into consideration where a long term approach is concerned.


Create A Carb Deficit (Not a just a calorie deficit)


As described in the 9 rules, losing fat is simply a case of creating a calorie deficit (Eat less) as a percentage of your total food intake. But I know you’ve already tried that. And of course, you can only reduce your calories so much before you start to shred lean muscle and/or cause a big scene in the starvation zone.

The alternative thing to do would be to create a carb deficit. Again, as a percentage. So instead of a generally high or low carb intake, you can introduce a moderate carb intake.


  • Carbs 40%
  • Protein 40%
  • Fat 20%


You can shift the ratios 5% left or right of this example, as we are not all created equal. You will find your optimum moderate intake this way. The main thing to be aware of here is that you cannot reduce your carbs to low or even extremely low levels.


How will you know how low is too low?


Just take a look at the side effects of a low carb diet above. You’ll know when you’re too low, because you’ll begin to experience one of those symptoms. But as a base rule, just don’t go below 30%.


Now that you understand carb tapering and how to consume moderate carbs on a daily basis, let’s look at a tapered moderate carb meal.


(40% carbs = no carbs in last 2 meals)

Meal 1 – 6:30 am:  oatmeal, whey protein cocktail, oranges

Meal 2 – 9:00 am: whole wheat bread, onion, tomato, spinach

Meal 3 – 12:30 pm:  Brown Rice, chicken breast, cauliflower

Meal 4 – 3:30 pm: Yams, turkey breast, green beans1/2 tbsp flaxseed oil

Meal 5 – 6:00 pm: Fish, broccoli

Meal 6 – 8:30 pm: salads, olive oil & vinegar dressing, tuna fish


Just remember that you if you reduce your carbs as a percentage, then you will have to increase your protein and/or essential fat intake, otherwise you cut way too much calories and end up in starvation zone.

So, we now understand how to consume less carbs (The simple way). But how do you go about consuming low, moderate and high carbs as a long term solution, because being on either of those 3 for a certain length of time is never a good thing?


The answer….


Carb Cycling (Out smarting the bodies ability to adapt)



This is the method that will allow you to outsmart your body and break through that fat loss plateau as you reach the inevitable end of your calorie cutting zone.

If you have been a follower of FitBuzz for some time, you will would have often heard us say ‘eat more’ when ever you face a plateau. But let’s get a bit more specific, because what we actually should say, is to start carb cycling.


What is carb cycling?


Carb cycling is a process of keeping your carb intake low for a few days ONLY, instead of indefinitely, as most typical diets suggest. And then to increase them on the 4th day.


Why this works?


- It prevents the body from going into starvation mode

- It eliminates the negative side effects of going on a typical low carb diet


The reason why you can only reduce your carbs this drastically for just 3 days, is because you need carbs for energy and for refueling your muscles. Cut carbs for too long, say, for 4 days or more and you will be weak, soft and less sexy.

Also, your body will begin to adapt to the new carb intake that you’ve thrown at it, which is why you boost them high again on the 4th day in order to confuse the hell out of it.

The other benefit of this approach, is that you are actually more likely to stick to it long term, compared to a typical 3 month diet. The first reason is because you’ll actually have something to look forward to every 3 days. You get to cheat and eat all of those tasty carbs again. The second reason is because you should notice your body getting leaner and leaner as the weeks go by.




Because if you reduce carbs, your body will begin to use fat for fuel. Which means you’ll be burning fat. And increasing your carbs helps to boost your metabolic rate.

Just remember, that you have to keep to the 3 day sequence. If you don’t and decide to stay on low calories for longer than that time, your body will become inefficient at burning carbs.

The third reason why you’ll stick with it is because you’ll be turning your body into a fat burning muscle build machine using this approach.




That fourth day is a great day, because your body will soak up all the carbs that you feed it with. The continuous cycle will make your body store carbs as muscle glycogen instead of sending them off as body fat.


What to do if this approach works too well?


If you start to actually shred the fat that you’ve been dreaming about all this time, then you need to:


1) Increase your overall calorie intake

2) Add a few more high carb days right after the first one


If you do this, you may begin to build more muscle, while at the same time, losing fat.


Typical carb intake




Low days


  • 2160 calories
  • Protein  45% = 980 calories = 244 g
  • Carbs  30% = 650 calories = 163 g
  • Fats  25% = 530 calories = 47 g



High days


  • 2580 calories
  • Protein 30% = 800 calories = 200 g
  • Carbs 50% = 1250 calories = 333 g
  • Fats 20% = 530 calories = 57 g




Low days 

  • 1370 calories
  • Protein  45% = 620 calories = 154 g
  • Carbs  30% = 410 calories = 95 g
  • Fats  25% = 340 calories = 34 g


High days

  • 1770 calories
  • Protein 30% = 800 calories = 129 g
  • Carbs  50% = 890 calories = 219 g
  • Fats   20% = 350 calories = 38 g


Remember, this is just ‘typical’. You can work out your own total calorie intake in the lifestyle diet ebook. But in general, if you want to look 99% great and/or have troubles shredding fat, then these are the approaches to take to shake thing up. Start cycling….

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3 More Foods To Avoid To Keep’ Your Abs

August 17, 2012 by  
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Doritos, Nachos and Pretzels


In the last post we talked about why it’s bad thing to eat fried foods while on the quest to shred fat. As a reminder


- Frying foods strips the nutritional value right out of the food source

- Frying foods requires you to use refined oils that also contains a lot ‘bad’ fats


And unfortunately, the foods above are cooked in the same way.

Now, pretzels aren’t as bad as you would be consuming less fat. But they’re still a product of white flour. You’ll find out why that’s a bad thing in just a moment.

You could also go for ‘fat free’ potatoes too. And this would be ‘better’ to some degree. Yet, it still can’t replace the potatoes in their natural form. Do yourself a favor…. avoid.


Bacon And Sausages


In short… meat ‘products’. In today’s world, food companies always find a unique way to sell meat products to you disguised as the real deal. You know, real turkey, chicken breast and fish. Yes, there will be some improvement. But we’re talking about a reduction from 90% down to just 50% fat contained within these foods. So you’re still consuming a ton of fat, regardless of the reduction.

A large strip of bacon can contain up to 140 calories, 15 grams of fat and with half of that being saturated.

They may seem like interesting options from the offset, with all of the flash and flair that companies put behind it. But do yourself a favor and keep it natural. We have plenty of meal plans that make things interesting with the said natural foods mentioned above.


White Bread


Or should we say, white flour. Because that’s essentially what white bread is. A bread that has been grind down into this calories dense food source that is ready and waiting to be stored as fat as you eat it.

The best way to check is by reading the labels and looking for the words ’100% whole wheat’ or something similar.

The one place you will not find those words are on similar white flour ‘ab destroyer’ foods such as crackers, bagels, white pita bread and sugary cereals. The solution is simple… just go whole grain. Do that and you will indeed start to develop abs that look like these…



Here are some random FitBuzz tips of the week…

#1 Warm up with push ups, body squats, arm circles, pull ups.

By the way, do you know what can be more effective than warming up at the gym???

Warming up at home an hour or so before you hit the gym….


#2 Those who are on the specialization program will know this. Butt (Pun intended again) one thing you can do is sissy squat your way to a great set of quads….


#3 We did mention it once before this week. Butt (Pun intended), if you want to give your body a mighty shock, try the 20 rep 1 set squat with a relatively heavy weight. This itself is a test to see if you know what it feels like to train insane. Because you’ll be hard challenged to try to perform many more exercises after doing that….

#4 Fitness…. Because it makes you last longer


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5 Foods To Avoid To Consistently Have Abs

August 13, 2012 by  
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I say consistently, because a lot of what we do in this Lifestyle just requires you to be consistent. Whether that’s with your training, your habits and/or with the foods you eat. So this is simply a detailed reminder about those foods that you need to be avoiding in order to avoid the build up of fat. Because fat is what is hiding that strong, lean muscle.

This isn’t always an easy thing to avoid in the summer months of holidays, sun, sea, sand and fun. So here’s some Fit Buzz refocus.



#1 McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, (Some Barbecues)



All of these places fry their foods. Which is not a good thing if you are trying to build lean muscle or hard sexy curves. Because these foods are high in calories and fat (The bad kind). A high amount of calories from one meal is never a good thing. It’s better to spread your total calories over several meals throughout the course of the day. But let’s take a closer look at a base meal from one of these culprits. Let’s choose McDonalds.


Large Fries



Hash Browns


Big Mac



These stats are mostly based off of a 2000 calorie diet. Every FitBuzzers goal will be different. But it’s quite easy to see that a daily calorie intake of 2000 is nothing, especially if you’re trying to build some hard curves (Or size) from previously being a generally slim individual.

Also, take note of how much calories are being consumed from these food sources. If you eat large fries, hash browns and a burger in one meal, you’d have up to 1000 calories or more coming from this one meal. This one meal that is high in saturated and/or trans fat!

That’s huge. And for the most part, you’ll generally eat more, especially if you’re a naturally large individual who is trying to shred the way to hard curves. I won’t know your exact calorie intake, as you would have worked that out in the Lifestyle diet ebook calculation. But if you are a generally large individual who is trying to shred the way to lean muscle or hard curves, then your daily intake will be around the 2-3000 calories mark. Which means you do not want up to half of your calories coming from these types of food. Let alone one meal!

The other point to factor in when eating fried foods, is that frying food destroys the good nutrients found in food. Especially the Essential Fatty Acids found in food. And if you’re eating out (McDonalds or elsewhere) you can almost guarantee that they’ll be using margarine’s that have a relatively high level of trans fatty acids contained within them. Unlike the lard(s) that was once used for frying food.

It is a good idea to add a cheat meal or two a week, yes. But do yourself a favor and stay away from fried foods. Especially those not cooked by you.


#2 Dunkin Donuts And Krispy Kremes



Both of these really do taste delicious. But before you decide to get addicted to these, understand the damage you could be doing to your quest to get strong, lean and sexy.

One of the first things you should know about donuts and pastries, and one of the things that is rarely mentioned about them, is that these places actually deep-fry their tasty pastries. And you now know the cons of frying foods. So you can stick donuts and pastries into that category.

To make matter worse, is that these donuts contain fat AND B/C/D rated refined sugars. Do you know what this means?

Well, here’s an example…


  • Small donut = approx 175 calories/ 11 grams fat
  • Large donut = approx 200 – 400 calories/23 grams fat


Which in short, means that up to 50% of the calories you consume here will come from fat!

And then we have the actual flour that’s used to make these donuts. White flour, which means more refined foods. Remember, the more refined a food source is, the more that it would have been stripped of it’s natural nutritional value. Yes, the more natural a food is, the  less tastier it will be. But at least you’ll be avoiding the build up of unnecessary fat, which is what is hiding that beautiful muscle underneath.

Oh, and consuming these things are bad for your teeth as well. If those fall out, then you won’t be eating much at all :O

Avoid… or at least limit your consumption of them.


#3 Baskin Robins, Haagen-Dazs, Ben and Jerry’s



Ice cream is great. It’s refreshing, it’s great to eat in summer and can be considered ‘sexy’ food… IF, you know what I mean ;).

Yet, your typical tub of ice cream will be loaded full of fat, refined sugars and artificial colors. And the fat intake gets even more dramatic with the most favorable brands of ice cream.

The brands above do taste great, especially Baskins. But the consumption of these ice creams comes at a cost. 1 cup equalling up to 660 calories and 20-50 grams of fat!

Now, like we said, it’s not a bad thing to have a cheat meal or two in your week. And going for a fat free or a less sugary option might just bore your taste buds to death. But like with everything else in your life. Moderation is key. And in this case, you’ll need to moderate how much of those ice creams that you consume if you want to stay lean and sexy.

Fat-less alternatives with the taste to match?


- Fruit sorbet

- Frozen Yogurt

- Just read the labels on the ice-creams you shop for


#4 Sweets


If you’ve read the Lifestyle diet ebook or budget foods for abs, you would have learned about crap foods for fat loss. Which are foods that are generally perceived as ‘bad’ foods, yet contain some great health benefits.

And one of the reasons why some of those are considered bad, is because they are calorie dense. Which basically means it’s very easy to stack up on the calorie numbers from eating just a small amount of sweets, candy or chocolate. 

But these foods should be avoided, not just because of the high calories, fat, bad carbs and their insulin spiking nature (which leads to a build up of fat). But because of the lack of extra benefits such as minerals, vitamins and fibers. All of which are an essential formula on the quest to add variety to your diet, as mentioned in the previous couple of posts.


Other reasons included


  • Destroy your immune system
  • Hypoglycemia (Getting zapped of energy)
  • A decrease in growth hormone
  • Can lead to diabetes
  • Allergies


#5 Fruit Juice And ‘Sweetened’ Drinks


We spoke about these in this video. But it’s never a bad thing to mention it again as a reminder. But if you are trying to shred, you’ll want to avoid drinking your calories. Because what tends to happen is that you’ll  drink excess calories on top of all of the solid foods that you’ll eat on a daily basis.

Back to fruit juice…

We’ll keep this short… avoid them, because they’re full of refined sugar. And you know what that means.



Final Note


Remember, even if you have a high metabolism and tend not to put on any extra fat from consuming these foods, you’ll still want to lower your consumption of them. Because they’ll still have a negative effect on your health if you go sweet food crazy.

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4 Regions To Move To, To Stay Lean And Build Abs

August 6, 2012 by  
Filed under Top Fit Buzz Bodies (Interviews)


You don’t have abs… yet? Well guess what? The reason isn’t because you aren’t eating fat to lose fat (Yes, you should be eating fat to lose fat, which I’m sure you know by now). The reason is because of where you live! 

So what you need to do, is pack your bags and ship yourself off to one of the 4 regions below!

OK, maybe you don’t need to ship yourself over. Maybe just a visit. However, one immediate thing you can do is adopt some of the things that the individuals that live(d) in these countries do to stay lean, despite their unusually high levels of fat in take.

And of course, we’ll learn why they’re able to do this, as opposed to why us typical westerners can’t.

Now, before we move on ahead, let’s just remember that this lifestyle benefits us, not just in terms of how we look, but also in terms of how we function. In short, how to prevent heart disease and obesity. Both of which run rampant in humans who are located in the western side of the world (US, UK, Europe, Australia). Mostly due to the heavy promotion of processed foods.

We once created an article titled ‘The caveman diet’. It was there where many FitBuzzers discovered the power that a varied and natural diet can bring to the body. In fact, we have more variety than ever in today’s world. It’s just that what you ‘need’ isn’t always heavily promoted. If it was, then all of the kids would be running around fit and healthy and obesity and heart disease wouldn’t be an issue. It may also be due to the fact that many healthy foods are perceived as boring, tasteless or expensive. But they don’t need to be. And you certainly don’t need to be as restrictive as you may think in terms of the foods you eat in order to stay lean. But more on this later.




Eating fat to stay lean is not a new concept. But let’s look at some more evidence of why eating fat won’t make you ‘fat’ by looking at how our ancestors (And even current day folk)  consumed foods in different regions around the world.


Southeast Asia/Pacific Islands (Close to Australia)


If you have visited any of the countries in the the South Asian region, you’ll instantly notice that the folks that live there generally ‘look’ better than us westerners. And in some cases, regardless of age! Better looking skin, hair and overall general appearance. Despite the fact that most countries in that region are still considered 3rd world countries.

The reason is that they simply eat more natural foods. And one part of that has to do with a diet that consists of a high intake of coconut fat (Approx 65-70% of their total calorie intake!). Coconut fat contains a high of 90% saturated fat, yet you’ll be challenged to find any obese individuals in this region. Yes, western influences have begun to plague these places with huge brands such as McDonalds and Burger king setting up shop in these places. However, these places tend to only exist to cater to the western tourists.


Fat can be good. Those in Southeast Asia/Pacific Islands are not…



Eskimo Regions


We haven’t visited any of the places in this region yet. But we know that historically, these individuals ate/eat a variety of types of fish. Which of would mean that they consume high levels of fat. Yet it’s not a region that’s known for developing heart disease or type 2 diabetes or other diet related illnesses/diseases.


Fat can be good. Those who live/lived in this region are not…

The Mediterranean


This is the part of the world that is most often associated with oily or foods that are high in fat. We once had a FitBuzzer writer send us some meal plans from that region. Yes, there is a lot of fat in some of the foods, but again, it tends to be from natural, unprocessed kinds. Oh and if you hadn’t noticed, these are often perceived as healthy, long living regions.


African Tribes


We know a bit about ‘tribes’ and the whole ‘tribe’ thing has been brought back into popularity in recent years, with related reality TV shows, ambitious business start ups and the like. Many of those involved in those endeavors have mimicked how the ‘real’ tribes men used to eat. Raw meat, blood, milk and others, which of course would lead to a high  intake of fat. (More than twice the amount that us westerners consume). Yet these individuals were super lean.


Fat can be good. Those who live/lived in this region are not…


The main take away here, is that all those who lived or still live in these regions eat 1) Natural and 2) A variety of foods. No processed foods! So your goal isn’t to avoid fat, it’s simply a case of limiting the amount of processed foods that you consume.


How To Find Your Unprocessed Fat


This part is easy. Take a look at the natural foods listed from Ratings A – C in the Lifestyle diet ebook. 

Animal based foods = Go for grass fed meat (You are what you eat, but you are also what they eat. And they should be eating the foods that they should naturally be eating).

Plant based foods = Cocoa butter, Coconut oil (These contain a high amount of saturated fat, yes. Your goal is to simply gauge how much you consume. Variety is the key here. And keep in mind that your diet can allow for 20-40% of your calories to come from ‘fat’)


To keep it simple, you just need to eat a variety of fats from your food sources and limit the amount of fat consumed from processed food sources. Do that and you’ll obtain a good balance. In fact, that rule applies to your carb and protein intake too

The meal plans for abs series is always being updated, but here’s some food combo ideas to keep things interesting.


  • Nuts/Seeds + Yogurt
  • Nuts/Seeds + cereal (A rated cereals – Natural food stores)
  • Nuts/Seeds + salad (Fresh salad too, as salad is mostly boring and tasteless. You can snack on a lot of veggies, but you WILL get bored of munching away if you can’t taste anything)
  • Olive oil/Flaxseed oil + Protein shakes


How To Eat Clean And How To Keep On Eating Clean


FitBuzzers speak to us on a daily basis. FitBuzzers seem to love the motivation that we provide. Which is great. But one of the main dilemmas that FitBuzzers face is not how to eat clean (Lifestyle diet ebook)… but how to ‘keep on’ eating clean. The solution is pretty simple. Just simply follow the 3 rules listed below


The 3 rules 


  • Don’t shop on an empty stomach (On another note, don’t train on an empty stomach. Just a reminder :))
  • Plan your meals at the start of each week (You now know how to structure your meals and what each meal should consist of. We’ve even laid the meals out for you HERE)
  • Perform dinner > dessert shopping on your travels to the supermarket (Those who have the budget foods for abs ebook will be familiar with this method of shopping. You simply buy the foods in the outer isles of the store first before shopping into the middle isles. The outer isles consist of all of the A-rated foods you have come to know from the Lifestyle Diet ebook, such has lean meat, veggies, fish and low/non fat dairy products. While those in the middle consist of mainly processed, B-rated and lower rated foods. However, don’t completely avoid the center isles, because this is where you’ll find those high in fiber cereals, beans, dark chocolate and nuts that offer a variety of healthy fats, oils and seeds


Once you follow these 3 rules, you’ll start to find that D, E and F rated foods will actually make you feel sick, even from just looking at them. But as mentioned above, it’s not a good idea to be completely restrictive with the A-rated foods that you eat.




Because a long term or ‘Lifestyle’ diet actually needs a strong balance of the following 6:


  • Carbs
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Water
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

All of which you will not find in just A- rated foods. Which is why the A-F list was created.

The main thing you need to do is just ensure that you limit the amount of processed foods that you eat. And not to avoid fat.

As you learned earlier, our ancestors in those 4 regions got by just fine and were super lean and healthy, despite their high level of fat consumption. The reason is because their diet consisted of natural ‘unprocessed’ foods. In fact processed foods are still a relatively ‘new’ thing. As is obesity and heart disease for people who live in those regions. And of course, it’s not hard to put two and two together in that instance.

The Lifestyle Diet ebook is a start. There is no magic ratio that will work for everyone. Just focus on your total caloric intake and eating healthy foods as described here and in that ebook/FitBuzz programs. Just calculate your approximate caloric range for weight maintenance and fat loss from that ebook and over time, you’ll know what does and doesn’t work. In fact, you’ll have plenty of ammunition to play with as most of the programs here contain continuous updates. Updates that contain new things for you to play with. Because amongst all of this self testing, we still have to battle with the bodies ability to adapt to change. And the fact that our bodies are continuously changing over time



To conclude


You don’t need to avoid fat. You just need to make sure that the majority of the foods that you eat are from A-rated food sources and that your fat intake is varied and that it makes up for about 20-40% of your calorie intake. For a full break down of ‘fat’, you can always check out the Guide to necessary supplementation. And remember, protein also equals variety. Carbs equals fiber and Vitamin C.


Fat does not make you fat. Consistently eating processed foods does.



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Useful Assistant Exercise Combinations (Exercise Series Part 1)

July 30, 2012 by  
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There’s been some interesting talks with FitBuzzers this past week. From how to approach training once injury occurred to the effectiveness of weight training when the goal is to lose fat. Well, in regards to the later, just remember that you don’t always need to lift weights to get ‘hard bodied’. You can simply focus on intense cardio or sports. And when you do lift weights, you don’t always need to train in a way that makes you feel worse than when you entered the gym. It should actually be vice versa.

Back to the post title…

The best assistance exercises are those that contribute directly to the performance of the basic movements that produce the most benefit. 

Outsiders of the fitness lifestyle may often say things to you such as ‘Why do you always train? You look exactly the same…”

Well, just as a reminder to yourself

  • You train in order to maintain what you have achieved
  • You train to keep your body functioning well
  • You train for many other benefits, which I won’t get into here, because the list is long….


But the one special reason you train is so that you always make progress. And if you’ve been training for 3 months or more, you will know that the stimulation provided by the simple execution of the basic exercises (Squat, deadlift, bench press) alone is not enough to produce sufficient stress to cause further adaptation.

It’s a natural part of training, for progress to slow down over time.

This can sometimes cause a lot of frustration. Especially once your peers start to state that you’re losing ‘it’. So today I decided to start a new assistant exercise series in order to create some brand new fresh results from your workouts?

And today is just a brief introduction.


Assistance exercises work by either…


1.) Strengthening a part of a movement, like a partial deadlift – a rack pull or a halting deadlift 

2.) Are variations on the basic exercise, like a stiff- legged deadlift

3.) Are exercises which strengthen a portion of the muscle mass involved in the movement in a way that the basic exercise does not like the chin-up. 


Bench Press Plateau (Add chin ups) 


A great way to kill a bench press plateau is to add chin-ups to your workout. Chin ups add enough work to your triceps, forearms, and upper back that the contribution of these muscle groups to the bench press is reinforced for that extra push. Not to forget to mention that the chin up is a functional compound movement, which is always a bonus.


Deadlifting From Blocks 


If you’ve been following No Nonsense Butt Building, you would be well aware of the many variations of the deadlift exercise. All in aid to shift the load of the weight to certain muscle groups. One of those variations is to do the exercise while standing on blocks. This increases the load you’ll lift by adding the height of the block to the range of motion (the same effect can be obtained by using smaller than 17 inch diameter plates). This way, you’ll add more knee extension which leads to more stress to your quads.  

By placing the bar farther away, it requires more knee and hip flexion at the bottom to assume the start position, and the more acute angles require more hamstring extensibility to assume the start position with an extended lumbar spine. This makes it more difficult for inflexible people to get into a correct start .

And the fact that the shin will be in a more inclined position at the bottom also means that the bar will be shoved further forward than mid-foot if the block is very high, or if a decent back angle is maintained. This makes the start of the exercise a little more awkward, difficult, and will turn into more of a single leg deadlift if correct exercise form is not taken into consideration.  

This is one of those exercises that actually adds more stress than the standard deadlift. But remember, it’s also an exercise that doesn’t allow you to load up any serious amount of weight. Simply use them at sub-max loads to accumulate work, and to make the deadlift easier off the floor. 


Flat Back Good mornings (Targets hamstrings)


The basics


  • Your knees are unlocked
  • Your chest is up
  • Your lower back is arched
  • The bar is placed on your traps, held with your hands 


The movement basically consists of sliding your hips back to lower the bar down as far as your hamstrings will let it, before your lower back rounds out. The idea is to keep your back in extension for the entire movement. 

You always want to stay safe throughout the movement. A huge breath at the top held for the entire rep ensures greater spinal support. 



No Ez Bar Curls


EZ Curls are not nearly as effective as straight-bar curls for recruiting bicep contraction. This is because the degree of supination of the forearm and hand directly affects the amount of bicep in contraction. The EZ Curl bar does take the stress of supination off of the wrists and elbows, but it does so at the expense of a quality bicep contraction. The camber of the bar is specifically intended to decrease the supination of the forearm, and anything less than full supination results in a less-than-complete biceps contraction. So if you’re going to curl to get some bicep action going on, then a straight barbell is preferred.

This is just a basic start to this series and we do of course cover many of the exercises in the No Nonsense Butt Building program. Except, we intend to go a little more detailed specific for this series. See you in part 2.



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7 Olympic Events To Watch For Fitness Inspiration

July 24, 2012 by  
Filed under Top Fit Buzz Bodies (Interviews)

If you found Fit Buzz via the website, you may have stopped by our about page. You would have learned about ‘Shaun Sinclair’ too. One key part of my history in fitness is that I was a sprinter once upon a time. I will always have a passion for the sport. 

You may have noticed that the Olympics will begin just 2 days from now. This is one of the best events you could possibly watch for fitness inspiration. A lot of the individual’s you’ll see at the Olympics are what many would call ‘real’ athletes. Unlike the usual fitness models/competitors that you’ll see.

This is also an important event to watch because a lot of the theories that we talk of are directly related to how many of these individuals train and how we teach you to train for that strong, sexy and lean physique.

There are also plenty of other sports to watch, even  if you aren’t into the typical track events. So in light of all of this, I have decided to create the top 7 Olympic events to watch for fitness inspiration.

Honestly, it won’t get much better than this. We’ll be keeping up with all things ‘Olympic’ over on the Facebook fan page too, just in case you want a snack preview of all the Olympic gems. But if you do want to keep up and be inspired. These are the events to watch.


(In no specific order)


#1 Gymnastics


It’s not very likely that you will build the body of a high performance gymnast just using creative bodyweight exercises with assisted weights (although possible). As gymnasts dedicate their whole time to their career, using many other techniques ( Weight training for strength and power for specific gymnastic movements… not size!) than just bodyweight exercises to build their bodies and are required to tick all of these boxes as a requirement: 

  • Passive flexibility
  • Active flexibility
  • Joint preparation
  • Static strength
  • Dynamic strength
  • And others.

However, the inspiration behind including gymnastics into this list, is to show you that, by incorporating the mindset and strength training progression (The core approach at Fit Buzz)  of a gymnast, you too can take your strength training to the next level and show all of the overly bulky muscle heads in the gym what true strength is all about. Oh, not to forget to mention that you will look great to match! Be sure to watch both the mens and women’s events. You may not build the strength and physique to these levels. But you can be sure that you can get close to it with the Fit Buzz approach. You will be inspired.


#2 Volleyball


Now, I’m definitely no volleyball expert, but as my background is in athletics, I do have a good understanding of the training methods that these individuals would go through. Just like gymnastics, these players would perform drills that mimic those movements that would actually be performed throughout a game.

I’m not an entirely huge fan of the sport either. However, the one thing that draws me back to the sport is the beauty of the physiques of those involved. Take a look…



Obviously, you’re not going to build a physique like those above from simply playing volley ball as part of your cardio workouts. But if you follow everything Fit Buzz, you WILL look like those volleyball players. Strong, lean and definitely sexy! Even if you don’t watch TV, just use one of the many TV channel apps on your smart phone (If you own one) to tune in for free and/or on the move.



#3 Speed Cycling


If you are a FitBuzzer that has been using the No nonsense Butt Building Program (Especially the specialization program), you would know that cycling is the easiest form of cardio to do when performing interval based workouts. After all, you are simply just sitting on your butt the entire time.

Now, lifting weights and feeding your body in the right way will indeed provide the bulk of your body changing results. But the truth is, it’s a combination of everything. 

Do you want some proof?

Just take a look at the legs of those individuals who take part in the speed cycling events.


Those legs weren’t just achieved with cycling alone, of course. But you can be sure that cycling definitely played it’s part. The main give away is the noticeable lean and slim upper body coupled with HUGE legs.


#4 All Sprint Based Events


Why all sprint based events?


Well, again, if you’ve been using the No Nonsense Butt Building program, you would be familiar with the sprinter vs marathon runner comparison that we gave. And why you should be including more sprints/intervals into your workouts compared to long/sluggish long distance running workouts. Here’s a snap shot…




Now, it’s not to say that you can’t build hard and dense muscle or curves training with long distance running. But if you want to be sure, just stick to hard sprints. 

Do you want some proof?

Well, just take a look at the sprinter Jessica Ennis vs long distance runner Amy Hasting



 Photo credit: Michael Scott


This is why intense anaerobic cardio activity is highly encouraged in all of the main Fit Buzz workouts/programs. Because we know that this is what will aid that much desired physique that consists of hard and lean curves. Not soft and puffy. Be sure to tune in to both mens and women’s sprint based events for some inspiration.


#5 Rowing



One of the core mantras that we have always used at Fit Buzz, is ‘The only way to train is to train insane’. Intensity is the name of the game. To date, we’ve only been able to communicate that message via words and images (And one video course). If you want a real life example and display of brute force intensity, strength and endurance, then be sure to watch the rowing events.

These events are highly competitive, especially during the last stages of the races. What you will see here is exactly how you should be training in the last few phases of your exercises. One… more …rep!


#6 Weightlifting/Powerlifting


Adding this event was an ‘almost’ no brainer. I say almost, because FitBuzzers are not powerlifters. And the ONE REP MAX isn’t totally relevant in terms of achieving a strong, lean and sexy physique. However, it can be great for determining how much you should be lifting throughout the progression of your strength training workouts. We have a detailed explanation of this HERE.

I wouldn’t say that this event is a must watch. It might even make you cringe. However, you can’t deny the feats of strength that will be on display in these events.


#7 Swimming


Swimming actually makes for a great cardio workout. It can also be very relaxing too. But just like Volleyball, the main reason to tune in to the swimming events is to…


1. Watch the intense competition

2. Admire the physiques (Men and women)




My background in fitness stems from athletics, so I know that the training techniques behind the majority of these sports is mostly the same. Just structured and geared in a way that will allow the said individual(s) to perform and be the potential best at their sport/event.

Some of these techniques have been incorporated into the Fit Buzz Programs too.

Athletics may not be for everyone and many won’t tune in, at least to the track events. But the Olympics however, hosts almost every popular sport known to wo(man). The Olympics is a mighty event that takes place every 4 years. Fit Buzz is about motivation, about super physiques and this is the one event where you will see a lot of it. Let the next 4 weeks be your fitness fuel to last you until the winter months.




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