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***For men and women who want to get strong, lean and sexy***

Hello All Fitbuzzers

And welcome to Stayfitbuzz.com



The present


Many of you that visit this website would have been familiar with our popular fan page Fit Bug America . Due to the same reasons stated recently, we won’t be operating on that page for the foreseeable future. (Our new page is here). However, we of course have a presence in more places than Facebook .



Google +

Skype (You can add Head Fitbuzzer Shaun on chamileon85)

And of course via email

HOWEVER… Stayfitbuzz’s creation was born out of what you all loved about FBA. (Yes, that’s right, you can still call us FBA for short).

And if you browse around the website, you should be familiar with a lot of what you see. Because we pretty much copied and pasted everything from the FBA fan page. But with a lot more.


The New


The fan page is back up. But here are some of the things that you can now do on Stayfitbuzz.com

  • Upload your progress pictures without having to email them to us
  • Share your fitness goals, pictures, videos withe the FBA community
  • Get featured on the StayFitbuzz.com hall of fame
  • Create groups
  • Watch video interviews of athletes who you aspire to look like
  • Stay updated with weekly updates from those physiques you loved seeing on FBA
  • Actual supplement reviews from us along side user feedback from the FBA community
  • The T-shirts are back!
  • The Fitbuzz anabolic/metabolic food is back
  • And of course, our FREE 5 part video series

Here are the first videos of each:

Bodyweight exercise and diet plan: http://www.fitzspiration.com/starter-diet-info

Build Fit Buzz Crazy Abs: http://www.fitzspiration.com/fit-buzz-crazy-abs-special-foods-for-fat-loss

Build FBA muscle: http://www.fitzspiration.com/get-ripped-fast

We’ll expand on this soon. But for now, it’s everything you loved about FBA, but done better :).

So who am I & what gives me the right to show you how to get strong, lean and sexy?

Here’s a brief introduction:

My name is Shaun Sinclair:

I’m a former pro- (track) athlete and I’ve been a full-time fitness author for the past couple of years as well as a devoted gym member for 14+ years.

I also run a fitness website that gets 1+ million visitors per year, called Stay-Fit Buzz. It teaches men and women how to get lean, strong and sexy with a focus on fitness fun.

I simply got the ball rolling with one blog and has since grown into a following of 10,000+ dedicated fitness individuals.

In 2011 I started a popular Facebook fan page and launched member requested programs such as ”Budget foods for Abs”, ”Stay-Fit Buzz Pull ups program” and of course ”No Nonsense Butt Building”. Which, combined, will truly aid in the goal of building the lean, strong and sexy physique that you can actually ‘keep’.

To stay updated with everything Stay-Fit Buzz, just enter your BEST email address on the form below.




Shaun and Team Fit Buzz




Science is great. Proven methods can be too. But the best gauge of progression is the mirror and/or the scale. You’ve either lost weight or you haven’t. You’re either ripped, or you’re not. The mirror and the scale will tell you both.



What’s current, new and popular @ Fit Buzz?

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>> http://www.stayfitbuzz.com/fit-buzz-email-archives

>> Operation S-Curve (The complete Fit Buzz challenge)

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