Butt bonding

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> ‘Morebuzz’

Buzzo’s… Post hump…

Yesterday… There was a lot of talk about bonding.

That is indeed the case right now. And yesterday’s buttletter did indeed trigger ’emotional’

email replies.

It’s probably the reason why the long term S-curve program is the most popular option right


It’s always been this way actually. Since many Fitbuzzers have been buzzing since 2010.

It’s just more official now and things have improved. They always will.

So yes… You are pretty much like family :D.

Butt bonding

Now… Don’t be afraid to spill the beans on your personal life. Just add me on FB or go to

the first link in ‘Morebuzz’ to learn more about mine.

Because it helps when it comes to fixing the…

– Mental

– Emotional

– Spiritual parts of you

Not just the physical parts of you (S-curve).

In fact… The first 3 are the reasons why you ended up here in the first place @ probably.

For me, it was the ‘mental’ that put me here in this lifestyle (Now professionally). Again,

you can read the ‘then’ story in ‘Morebuzz’.

This is one aspect of the S-curve formula that I haven’t talked about much in the buttletter.

But it’s super important.

All four of those elements need to be in sync and working properly for you to get the best


– If your mental game fails, your confidence gets low, you don’t eat properly and boom… 

You become skinny fat or underweight (Obese in severe cases).

– If your physical game fails (Falling off the fitwagon), you lose your groove, confidence 

gets low, you turn into an emotional wreck and it’s twice as hard to get back on the fitwagon 

(Which is one reason why 121 sessions exist).

– If you’re emotionally unstable (Relationship issues are very common amongst S-curve 

members), then you end up doing f*** all… Laying in bed all day, feeling sorry for yourself.

All of these issues are currently happening RIGHT NOW with your fellow members.

But they are constantly being fixed.

It doesn’t matter how strong the relationship is between you and ‘buzz’ at present.

Just… Don’t be afraid to get your personal issues off ya chest.

It always leads to good things.

Reply to talk.



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