The 6 Factors That Influence Your Daily Calorie Needs

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Now, last weeks emails were geared towards cardio and some of the effective ways that you can include cardio into your regime without comprising your goal to get strong, lean and sexy. I’ll cover cardio again at some point, but here are just a few extra tips in regards to cardio….


  • The more intense you go, the more fat you can burn (HIIT). If you keep at it on a consistent basis, you can burn up to an extra 5-8lbs within a year. Slowgress IS progress!!
  • If you’re going to do a jack sh*t workout to shred, choose weight/strength training, as it boosts your metabolic rate by up 7% and for much longer periods than HIIT (Cardio).
  • Cycle your workouts to keep the body guessing and to avoid any chance of over training (Basic, but most don’t do it).


These are just general tips. They’ll have to be tweaked for YOUR goals, as we are not created equal and will be at different levels of fitness. Hence the reason for Fit Buzz program’s.


The 6 factors that influence your daily calorie needs


Now, I’ve been feeding you a lot of ‘new’ info on how to get strong, lean and sexy. Especially in the past 6 weeks. But sometimes, you just need a reminder about the basic things that could be having an effect on you in regards to how you look at any given time. 

So if you’re currently unhappy about the way you look, then it’ll probably be due to one of these 6 factors


1) Gender


Are you not achieving the physique that you want? Well… it could be due to the fact that you have not taken your gender into consideration. If you’re a guy that is training to gain in size, you’re going to have to increase your calorie intake, much more than what a woman would have to. Women have a maintenance level of around 2000 calories a day compared to 3000 for men. This is because men carry more muscle mass then women.


2) Base metabolic rate


Your base metabolic rate is basically all of the energy that is used by your body except for physical activity, such as:


  • Breathing
  • Blood flow and circulation
  • Temperature
  • Cell construction and reproduction
  • Digestion


This will account for about 2/3’s of all the calories you burn in a day. So boosting your BMR via all things Fit Buzz is one way to ensure that you stay shredded.


3) Age


Your muscles begin to fade once you leave your teen years. This will lead to a slow down in metabolism over time. I meant it when I said Fit Buzz is a lifestyle. Live it like that and this will no longer be an issue.


4) Your activity levels


This is pretty self explanatory. If you do a sh*t load of running around, you’re going to burn a sh*t load of calories. Which means, you’re going to have to eat (Sometimes more, regardless of what your goal is). The free meal plan series has you covered there.

And if you do nothing, you’ll burn less. Which is OK if you’ve fixed your BMR. If not, you better get moving, because the fat will start to pack.


5) Your lean body mass


Earlier, I talked about boosting your BMR in order to stay strong, lean and sexy. You do that by separating your total weight by fat and lean body mass (More on this shortly).

But in general, the leaner you are, the higher your BMR will be. And you’ll look better too. This is the core focus of Fit Buzz and what all of those on the programs have been doing all year, by focusing on the 3 key formula:


1) Weight training

2) Nutrition

3) Cardio


Namely via the meal plans and NNBB program. So if you want to look better, focus on boosting your BMR.


6) How much you weigh


Size and weight play a major role too. You don’t just need food to grow or lose weight. You need it for energy too. So if you’re a big person, you’ll naturally require more calories. Just shred progressively to avoid the opposite effect, which is becoming fat all over again.

Stay tuned, because I’m going to be creating some simple excel apps that will help you accurately calculate your daily calorie needs, by simply inputting a few figures, just like I did with this strength training app


>  weight training program


But until then, always consider these factors when you aren’t looking your best.



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