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Last week… It was super active via coaching video and voice calls.

Yes… I speak to you directly via your tailored videos. But the communication

barrier gets knocked right down once it gets to live chat.

Just… Soooo many questions disappear.

Any how… Some stuff to help you along today @ your S-curvish bikini season body.

– Eat a complete protein food at every meal (Chicken/Turkey breast, egg whites, 


– Struggling but ‘pump’ @ appearance? Focus on hitting your upper butt 

(Hyper extended lunges, 45 degree abductions, hyper extended standing hip 


– Wanna keep your waist small?

Umm… Duuuh, yaaa!

Then limit your ‘heavy’ squat activity. It leads to a bulky waist.

– Get two sets of ankle weights for your outdoor/travelling workouts.

– High mono/poly saturated fat foods… Make sure you eat them at breakfast/lunch 

only (Unless your plan states otherwise).

– Struggling results? Go for high reps/sets/exercises and workout days for a while 

(Many of you know this as the Aphrodite Butt Building routine).

– Wear brighter colors

Got questions about anything specific? Reply! I’m ready for ya.



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