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>> OSC – Access to EVERYTHING  (6 monthly payments)

(This is now the main program & for the S-curve Challenge. 

Why = Because it’s currently the most popular option)

– Pay monthly ($66) for 6 months.

– The option to pause at any one month and restart again should ‘life’ get

in the way.

– Access to every current/new program is yours for free during these six

months… But not given to you all on day one (Info overload), since your

regime will be properly tailored.

– You have 24/7 daily support over the 6 months via Skype/Whatsapp/Viber.

– On demand tailored video workouts for your eyes only.

Buzzo’s… Post hump…

It was all about S-curve munchies and Avengers – Age of Ultron


You should definitely go and see it if you’re a fan of the first movie.

The one theme I do like about these super hero movies, is the theme of

‘getting s*** done’!

And that’s what happens once you become an S-curve member.

**You turn into a super hero**

– People begin to look up to you.

– You inspire EVERYONE within your close inner circle (This happens a lot 

with S-curve members).

– They think you have super powers because you got insane 3-4 week results.

But all you really did was get s*** done. That’s who you see in the > hall of fame.

Get s*** done-rs.

But that last point is what today’s headline is about.

I forgot abutt this…

Yesterday, I highlighted that you can win a complete video workout regime.

Tailored just for you. Packed with actionable tips.

ALL of them relate to you and the things going on in YOUR life (This is now

an EXTRA prize on the 6 monthly program too btw).

But what I didn’t mention is how you would end up winning that prize.

You win it by…

**Getting the best 4-5 week S-curvish transformation (Buttgress/Shred to 


I of course, give the formula and the daily ‘push’.

YOU… Just gotta get s*** done.

S-curve blueprint tips

– Tailored daily exercises are mandatory on the S-curve Challenge. But you 

can also do ‘efficient’ jack s*** workouts during challenging times.

> Lower body compound exercise

> Upper body compound exercise

> Lower body compound exercise

> A few isolation/ab exercises

The workout structure is an efficient use of your energy.

– Do…

Mon/Weds/Fri + Mon/Thurs/Sun workout weeks. The later is what you do 

when your workouts become a super challenge for you @ more rest needed.

– Tricep push ups…. These will shred the fat off your upper arms, super fast.

You need to progress to this exercise though. It’s fudging hard! I’ll show you 

how on your tailored plan.

Reply for chatty chat chat.




> ***One Month Epic Butt/S-curve Foundation program April 2015*** <

(This is a good way to start if you’ve been here for less than 1 month)



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