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S-Curve Challenge: Jan 1st – March 31st (5 Winners… Be one of them!)

S-curve Challenge Finale <

See today’s Morebuzz < for everything extra.
Buzzo’s…. March…

Yup… It’s a new month. February is over, which means summer is closer.

It also means that we’re going to have the first ever S-curve Challenge winners.

There’s been a lot of activity within the S-curve program. So let’s discuss the

topics that have been raised.
You can manually stop/start your monthly payments

On the 6 month payment option when starting the S-curve Challenge (Or any

monthly payment option actually). I can too.

So don’t let that option hold you back if you’re going to start (It’s structured this

way to benefit you). Especially if you have the right mindset @ the long term

view for S-curve goals.
Everything is DONE-FOR-YOU

This is old news. But as a reminder… You don’t have to calculate or work

anything out once you start.
> Just do the workouts I set for you for the month.

> Do the daily exercises I set for you via your tailored videos.

> Follow the S-curve meal structure
The only thing that’s remotely close to ‘calculating stuff’ is the two weeks

of gauging grams/calories. You get shown how to do this (Super easy).

I’ve left a screen shot of the ‘calculating parts’ of S-curve nutrition over in

‘Morebuzz’… Just so you can see what I’m NOT making you do.

This is a very active upgrade month @ #1 month foundation program members.

So we’re gonna cover some tips to help keep you on the right track, set you

up for month #2 AND push for your best 4-6 week results.
– Warm up with exercises that are similar to those that you’ll do in the actual 

workout(s). Then stretch at the end of the workouts. This is effective for weight 

training workouts.
– Experiencing stubborn butt /S-curve growth?

Do this…

> Go for 4 workouts a week.

> Increase the weight so that you fail to reach your reps/sets.

> Drink your recommended daily water intake everyday without fail.

> Sip on a whey protein shake throughout the entire day for 4 weeks straight 

without fail.

> Increase your starchy carb intake. Just make sure you eat them at 

breakfast/lunch only.

> Limit your squat numbers and stick to super low in fat Venus meals (If 

you’re on the S-curve Challenge).
– Look for super variations of foods that you already eat when shopping 

(See food labels). It makes a big difference @ S-curve results.

Now reply and talk to me. It’s time to get busy!



>> OSC – Access to EVERYTHING  (6 monthly payments)

– Pay monthly ($66) for 6 months.

– The option to pause at any one month and restart again should ‘life’ get

in the way.

– Access to every current/new program is yours for free during these six

months… But not given to you all on day one (Info overload), since your

regime will be properly tailored.

– You have 24/7 daily support over the 6 months via Skype/Whatsapp/Viber.

– On demand tailored video workouts for your eyes only.


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