Tasty, zero calorie water (New reports/Case study results)

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Fit Buzz associate Dee

Hi FitBuzzers


Sex, weights and protein shakes. You all go bonkers when that is the

theme of the day, so that’s the phrase that will stay.


I know you love to see new progress pics and cool, practical and simple

meal plan ideas (Infact, I have some more for you today).


But instead of a progress picture, I’m going to share some data with you.

Data that will confirm why you are doing what you are doing, in your own

workouts or the Fit Buzz workouts/program’s.


The focus? Your butt


This is just one area of the body that FitBuzzers, no matter how long they

have been in fitness) are trying to fix (I’m looking at you Anna-loanna,

Estefania… :D).


First tip…


Make sure you actually take action on the tips I’ve shared with you over

the past several months.


Yes, I know about 80% of you take action, which I’m truly happy about

(Most normal people do NOTHING).


So thank you for being a kick ass action taker.


Butt (pun intended), if you aren’t seeing results, just go back to a tip, or

part of the program you’re using.


Anyway, here’s a report (1 of 3 – The rest are coming next week) I created

that uses electromyography (One of the most precise methods) to analyze

muscle activation that can be targeted to fix your butt/S-Curve.


EMG guide – No Nonsense Butt Building – Upper leg focus


In short? No more guess work.


This report will show you what parts of NNBB you should be ‘tweaking’ to

suit your current goals/weak areas that need fixing. This report #1 focuses

on the No Nonsense Butt Build exercise variations. You know, the hard

hitting exercises that cause the change to happen. Give it a read…


No more boring water?


You all know the importance of water when it comes to building the physique

of your dreams.


But at times, your gallon a day everyday day (The amount you’ll need varies)

can get little boring and seem like a chore (Not cool). So today, I have

provided you with 3 recipes that will add some spice to your water. The best

part? Zero calories (Almost)!


Download it here (There’s an extra *very popular* simple snack in there too)


And if you’re anything like me, I’m sure you often cringe at the thought of

drinking sweetened water (D,E,F rated food/beverage). Because you know

(in the back of your minds) what it’s going to do to your body.


Like I said to FitBuzzer Miss Brown on Monday in our training session….

Just keep it clean… At least during a period of serious shredding.


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