Let’s take your butt to the moon

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We’re having a challenge butt Friday again…

Yup… We’re gonna take your butt to the moon and back.

If you succeed, I’ll know what regime to put you on.

If you fail, I’ll know what regime to put you on.


Let’s go!

#1 Feet raised tricep push ups

Hands 4-6 inches apart… Thumbs should touch your forehead… And tuck your elbows

in. Ouch!

3 x 7 reps

#2 Feet and shoulder raised single leg barbell hip thrust

3 x 8 reps

#3 Chin up > Hanging half leg raises with ankle weights (Combo exercise)

2 x 10 reps

#4 Squat x 10 > Calf raise x 60 reps = 3 sets (1 set feet pointed straight, then outwards,

then inwards)

#5 Hanging bicycles with ankle weights ’till failure

I’ll see you when you get back from the moon (In good pain).

Happy TGIF… Reply to ask about stuff.


It’s super active in the 121 coaching sessions right now. And the silver/gold programs

seem to be popular due to the live video chats via Skype.

So again… Just ask about stuff if you have questions, because it makes your tailored

plan much more precise.



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