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> The 2015 S-curve Transformation Challenge

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Buzzo’s…. TGIF…

The week isn’t totally over yet, but it has been a beastly one. The important thing

for me is that the newsletter(s) continue to help you with your ‘today’ issues.

Now, a lot of topics get covered via all 121 chats on a weekly basis. So today, we’re

going to go over some S-curvish ‘facts’.

Let’s go…

Your ‘fat’ is shredding

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The process for becoming S-curvish is all

science (Stuff you don’t need to know about).

And results? Well… They just come. Simple as…

And right now, there is a continuous flow of new S-curve members reporting a 2-5 kg

‘fat loss’ within the first 3 weeks. Just like Anne, who I trained in person (See S-curve

Challenge page for results and ‘Morebuzz’ for the said text reports).

However, YOU are shredding ‘fat’ the…

Correct way

> Structured/Tailored weight training + Nutrition

> Maintain a base calorie intake (Whether losing or gaining)

> Some HIIT cardio

Not so effective way (Notice how I didn’t say ‘wrong’)

> Dropping daily calories by max 500 daily… Eternally :O

> A lot of ‘slow-go’ cardio sessions

> Very little weight training

Remember, the goal isn’t to lose weight. Losing weight also means losing muscle.

Muscle… Which keeps the fat away AND makes you look ‘soft lean’. The focus is fat


To become S-curvish, you are…

Effectively feeding muscle + Reducing a build up of unwanted fat

That’s what will happen if you follow this weeks ‘popular’ simple S-curvish meal plan

example… For the day.

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For new OSC members (As of July 23rd 2014) –  Access to every current/new

program is yours for free during these six months of becoming S-curvish.

 >> OSC – Access to EVERYTHING  (6 monthly payments)

– Pay monthly ($66) for 6 months.

– The option to pause at any one month and restart again should ‘life’ get in the


– Access to every current/new program is yours for free during these six months…

But not given to you all on day one (Info overload), since your regime will be

properly tailored.

– You have 24/7 daily support over the 6 months via Skype/Whatsapp/Viber.

– On demand tailored video workouts for your eyes only.




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