The #1 Reason Why Your ‘All Natural’ Diet… Isn’t

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This month we added part 2 to budget foods for abs, with the follow up budget foods for abs: Customized diet plan. And it was there where we explained how to go about improving the quality of your diet.

Why would you want to improve the quality of your diet?

Because you literally are what you eat…

”Change is one of those guaranteed constants”

That statement holds true for everything in life. Everything changes. The current becomes the old. The old die to make way for the new. Sorry to sound like a depressed FitBuzzer, but it’s true. And the same holds true to how your body works when you consume food. As you read this… old cells in your body are dying and new cells are being created from the foods you eat. Therefore, as the saying goes… you are what you eat. Which is why when you eat trash, you’ll look like trash. And when you eat well, you’ll well… look well. Which is why it’s pretty important to take that fact seriously. Because it’s not only the short term affects you have to worry about. It’s the long term affects too, all of which we discuss in the plan.

Improving the quality of your diet

I already talked about how most big chain supermarkets will spam your brain full of foods with unregulated labels such as “antibiotic free,” “hormone free” and ”low fat” all in order to get you to buy. And a more recent concern is the labeling of foods that have been labeled natural, yet have actually been genetically modified. The real affect of these GM foods has yet to be fully confirmed or researched as yet. The main thing we do know is that most of those foods will end up as processed foods on your plate, which of course leads to a lower quality food score. But in order to really improve the quality of your food just take it back through history, to where it first came from.

“Did this food come out of the ground or off of a tree/plant?”  

If yes = Natural A rated food source.

Or ‘‘Did this food source walk, swim or fly once upon a time?”

If yes = Natural A rated food source

The life of an An orange

Let’s start from nutritionally bad to nutritionally good.

  • An Orange =  A Rated food source  (Grown from the roots of the earth) – Also a great post workout food source too. (Most fruits are).
  • Unsweetened Orange jam/jelly = Tastes great on that sliced bread. But it is now a B Rated food source, because the orange has been processed. It’s no longer ALL natural.
  • Orange juice = Has been processed further, even less natural. Now a C rated food source.
  • Orange juice + sugar = Naturally this will lower the once A rated orange to a now D rating.
  • Orange meringue = More sugar. More fat. Heck, this once fine orange has now ended up as an F rated food source (Which isn’t all bad actually. Remember the rules of the Budget foods for abs diet plan?)

Now, we have mentioned this before. But the majority of your calories should…

1. Come from A rated food sources
2. Come from slow digesting food sources

That is the main way to gauge how natural the foods in your diet are. However, you also need to know where and how to buy these foods and what to look out for.

How to avoid GM or unregulated labeled foods

Now if course, it is important to add variety to your diet. However, for the most part your diet will need to be clean. The the only way to be sure that your diet truly is all natural is by buying certified organic foods (Learn more about that here ). There are 2 ways which you can do this.

#1 Do more of your shopping at a health food store – You’ll find a ton of natural foods with a lot of variety to match compared to your high street supermarket

#2 Demand labeling for genetically modified foods – Alternatively you could contact the FDA and demand for this in your state. The agency will be accepting comments on the ‘Just Label It’ petition until February 18.

I could dig deeper into this topic, but for now, that covers the basics on how to ensure that the foods that you eat really are natural.

For more more on this topic feel free to check out Budget foods for Abs and/or Budget foods for abs: customized diet plan


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