Food + Social Highlights

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Munday munching <

Social highlights

Fit fash

– Let’s go shopping <

– @ All mother ‘Buzzers’ <

Alpha Mondays <


– Caitlin kini glute snaps <

– Summer OOTN attire <

– Charisse snaps in summer OOTD attire <

– Feeding the epic butt/teeny tiny waist <

– Yani S-curve front snaps <

– Amanda summer morning workout snaps <

Beach shenanigans <

Fun with the munch + Social highlights

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Fun with the munch <

Fit fash…

This summer <

– For all of the FitBuzzer mothers <

– Yes… You are fabulous <

– Fit Buzz follower Gia snaps <

– This < goes through your mind daily

– Throwback snap @ summer time again with Eriana <

– The sun is ready for you now… But are you ready for the sun? <

– Throwback summer snap with Caroline <

– Throwback… Building your epic butt/teeny tiny waist, just incase you get randomly snapped in your OOTD <

S-Curve Macronutrient Calculator (DONE-FOR-YOU)

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Hi FitBuzzers


We now know… (DONE



#1 How much you need to lift

#2 How much total calories to consume (For YOU)

#3 What to eat

#4 How to split your meals

#5 A guide on what types of food to eat and when (Below)


Exercise Day:


Breakfast:  (Slow digesting) protein/carbs

Mid-morning:  protein/fat

Lunch:  protein/fat

Mid-afternoon:  protein/fat

Evening (after exercise): (Fast digesting) protein/carbs

Pre-bed: (Slow digesting) protein/fat


Non-exercise Day:


Breakfast:  protein/carbs

Mid-morning:  protein/carbs

Lunch:  protein/fat

Mid-afternoon:  protein/fat

Evening: protein/fat

Pre-bed: protein/fat


(Read this doc if you workout at different times of

the day).


But now you need to know what YOUR ideal ratio’s of

carbs/proteins/fats (In grams) should be in order to build your

ULTIMATE ‘S-Curve’ physique >> Pics.


Well today, I have created a DONE-FOR-YOU calculator for

that too.


Download it here (See sheet 2)


Updated DOC <<< 

(Windows) <<<


Operation S-Curvers… Use that in conjunction with this weeks

meal plan upgrade. This was why the calorie amounts for the

meals have been left out.


The formula in short


1. Use the total calorie figure(s) that you create in sheet 1

2. Use the figures from sheet 2 to determine your macro-nutrient

intake (Amount in grams).

3. Split your meals up using #4 and #5 above (OSC members…

this is already done for you…)


Remember, it’s the processes that you’ll want to take note of

and implement (Such as the zig-zag calorie periods). The calorie

amounts are still just close estimates that can be tweaked

or measured (See previous email).


I’m simplifying OSC as much as possible from here on.


Now let’s build it!!


Tis S-Curve season…


Operation S-CurveIt’s More Than Just The Squat (Yes… it STILL is!)

Let’s Fix Your Butt… Outdoors

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FB messenger app:

Whatsapp/Viber: Reply for my #/Reply to send your #

Skype: chamileon857

Buzzo’s…. Monday…

Let’s begin.

The sunny season is here, so today, I’m going to put you through one of the new

bodyweight circuit routines on the Summer S-curve Challenge.

This method of training pushes your muscles to the max by doing circuit routines to failure.


Exercise 1 > 1 set > 10 – 15 reps

No rest

Exercise 2 > 1 set > 10 – 15 reps

No rest

Exercise 3 > 1 set > 10 – 15 reps

Repeat until failure!

This is a very different way to train, compared to what usually happens here on the


But it’s an ideal way to train if you’re going to be outdoors for most of your summer days.

Extras needed = A pull up bar, resistance bands & ankle weights (See the @fitbuzz

YouTube channel in Morebuzz <).

SSC bodyweight circuit routine

1. Hands raised push ups (This also acts as a warm up exercise)

2. Tricep push ups (Arms)

3. Ankle weight jump squats (Legs)

4. Rotary hold with resistance band (You may have seen me use a goal post and a tree… 

Just use anything that’s sturdy)

5. Reverse lunge to knee up with ankle weights

6. Band from above woodchoppers (You may have seen me throw/place the band on the 

horizontal part of a goal post)

7. Leg lifts with ankle weights

The routine is structured so that you use your energy efficiently, so that you don’t  burn out

too quickly. Such as the rotary hold exercise (Slow), which comes right after the fast moving

jump squats. And the upper/lower/upper body exercise structure.

Remember… These are workouts that you can do ANYWHERE.

Which is why your workout videos are recorded in unique locations.

But… Designed to make sure you continue to see results during the summer months.

Keep that butt moving!



> ***One Month Epic Butt/S-curve Foundation program May 2015*** <

(This is a good way to start if you’ve been here for less than 1 month)

>> S-curve Summer Challenge – Access to EVERYTHING  

(6 monthly payments)

(This is now the main program & for the S-curve Challenge. 

Why = Because it’s currently the most popular option)

– Pay monthly ($99) for 6 months.

– The option to pause at any one month and restart again should ‘life’ get

in the way.

– Access to every current/new program is yours for free during these six

months… But not given to you all on day one (Info overload), since your

regime will be properly tailored.

– You have 24/7 daily support over the 6 months via Skype/Whatsapp/Viber.

– On demand tailored video workouts for your eyes only.


Let’s workout + Social highlights

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Social highlights

TBT Fit fash

Hangry? <

Sometimes <

– Because it’s nearly cheat Friday <

– You are alpha female <

– Wake up… Morning workout snap < and then embrace kini season < like Amanda

– Or get upside down bendy like Claire <

– Yoga pants aren’t for yoga <

– Fit Buzz follower Stephy is embracing kini season <

– Sweat for the dress like Mishka <

– Steph gets tanned and color coded <

– Raya shreds to smexy <


Your Butt Is Getting Old… (The Fix)

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I had to highlight this topic again, since a new FitBuzzer asked about this last week,

in reply to a buttletter (See the archives on Morebuzz).

Hi Shaun… Yesterday you talked about how age could affect becoming S-curvish. 

Could you explain more?

I wrote a full article on this about 4-5 years ago on the first ever @fitbuzz website

(Still a fave to some… I’ve posted it on Morebuzz – top link).

But it’s this…

Your muscles begin to fade the moment you turn 18 years old (Amongst other things).

The more they fade, the harder it is to build and maintain them.

This is why you gotta start the lifestyle young. But then to maintain it throughout your life.

Your body can look great up until 70 years old if you do so. This I know for sure.

Your face? 

Well… Not currently specializing in formulas for that… Yet.

But living the lifestyle may prevent your face from falling to the floor, for sure.

The ‘fading’ is the reason why there’s a super strong focus on keeping you on the

fitwagon for 6-18 months at a time.

Flagship S-curve members have been at it since 2012 and are still here.

I’m talking ages…

38 but looks 25.

44 but looks 28.

So yes… ‘Maintaining’ is being proven day after day for sure.


Just make sure you don’t ever hesitate to start/restart. Because time is running away

and you can’t get that time back.

The only other thing to mention is that it’s about building for long term results.

No = Slow go cardio + Rapidily dropping daily calories by 100-500 ‘constantly’

(Also shrinks your butt).

Yes = Weight training + (optional) HIIT cardio + Structured nutrition (S-curve meal


The later saves your lean muscle mass… Mass that keeps the fat away… Mass that

allows you to workout less, once your muscle become mature (After 18-24 months

of consistent S-curve work).

Bookmark this and reply to talk about it.

Happy Pre-hump…


Today’s > ‘Morebuzz’

> 30 Day S-curve Bikini Challenge (Final Phase) 

S-curve Bikini Challenge Official Plans


Restarting your butt (+ Buttgress pic)

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> The 2015 S-curve Transformation Challenge

Got questions about anything? Reply, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, FB messenger 


Whatsapp/Viber: Reply for my #/Reply to send your #

Skype: chamileon857

S-Curve Challenge: Jan 1st – March 31st (5 Winners… Be one of them!)

Buzzo’s… Monday…


Social media channels

It was quite a beastly weekend connecting with FitBuzzers, S-curve members, friends

and associates over the weekend.

Namely via Instagram @fitbuzz and over on my own ‘Shaun Sinclair’ Facebook profile

(Add me… We do 121 chat sessions there sometimes).

So feel free to join in on the fun if you’re there.


That’s how long some FitBuzzers have been FitBuzzing. And it was inevitable that there

was going to be ups and downs along the way while living this lifestyle.

I know there have been, because it’s common/noticeable that you start the ‘now’ S-curve 

Challenge, fall off the wagon for a bit and then restart again. Which has been happening

recently, with seasoned S-curve members making a return.

It’s ok to fall off the fitwagon at times. I’m just making sure the reasons for doing so are


The above… Is why everything is now structured to support your long term S-curvish

goals. Because the long term view caters for results that you get to keep… For life!

It’s just that @fitbuzz is always finding unique and exciting ways to spice things up.

You’ll see what I mean tomorrow.

Hint: Take a look at the pre-post workout shenanigans album over in Morebuzz <.

Now… We’re going to have an S-curve reminder day, since ‘restarting’ is the theme

of the moment.

Let’s go….

– Vary your meal types regularly… More on this tomorrow… But it’s s must!

– Eat a complete protein food (Contains a high number of amino acids) @ every 


The easiest way to do this is by carrying a whey protein shake the moment you leave 

your house in the morning.

– Do ‘bleep test’ style sprints = Lifts your butt + Helps to shred ‘fat’. I’ll be showing you 

how to do this @ video via your S-curve member video series page.

– I highlight the word ‘fat’ because you are losing fat… Not ‘weight’. Losing weight 

= losing more muscle. That of course leads to…

> A slower metabolism

> Harder to keep results

> You’ll look s***ter than before

The best way to focus on fat loss only, is by eating via the S-curve meal structure 

daily + Do the S-curve workouts. And of course, NO slow-go marathon style cardio 


– On that note… The plan that you’re given… DO IT DAILY @ impossible to not 

experience more than desirable results.

– Got emotional problems? Turn to the 121 chat sessions.

– Start your workouts by…

> Working on the body parts that ‘lack’.

> Doing the exercises you suck at.

– Wanna wack your butt with a compound exercise?

(= The heaviest possible weight you can use)

Do the sumo deadlift + Moderate weight + 8 reps/3 sets

The rep range is set that way to prevent injury. You’ll of course know all about that 

via the tips I tell you throughout the S-curve Challenge video workouts.

Reply if you wanna talk about summin. I’m ready for ya…


>> OSC – Access to EVERYTHING  (6 monthly payments)

– Pay monthly ($66) for 6 months.

– The option to pause at any one month and restart again should ‘life’ get in the


– Access to every current/new program is yours for free during these six months…

But not given to you all on day one (Info overload), since your regime will be

properly tailored.

– You have 24/7 daily support over the 6 months via Skype/Whatsapp/Viber.

– On demand tailored video workouts for your eyes only.


Q3 2014 Buttgress/Progress

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Fit Buzz follower Arora
10685414_700657266695603_5525834306096806387_nFitBuzzer Anna 

OSC Member Anne’s 3 week progress!
10277648_699670363460960_3220531538015143763_nFit Buzz follower Kelly

10509640_10154239201040462_5440580588170909064_nFitBuzzer Brittany
10659290_697062423721754_701641972443776605_nFit Buzz follower Stephy


It’s Not What You Do, But How You Do It (The ‘sexy’ rep)

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Hi FitBuzzers


Before we begin. ‘Looper’… that’s another cool film to watch, since some of you responded to the mention of my movie weekender this past weekend.


The ‘Sexy’ Rep


You know, talking about training in the normal sense can sometimes get down right BORING when coming from a typical ‘muscle head’ (Your response to the food emails is quite interesting :-D). That was one of the reasons why Fit Buzz was created. To add some brightness and entertainment to the weights room (And websites). Add Fit Buzz ladies, questionable skimpy gym wear and a great eye behind a camera lense and here we are. :-).

Ladies being afraid of the weight becomes a thing of the past (Guys, it just got a lot interesting for you :-D).

But if there is one aspect of training that you need to ensure that you get right, it’s the rep. An incorrectly performed rep can truly undermine and compromise the effectiveness of your routine, program or even some of the recent training tips that I’ve been firing your way.



(No science lesson here. I’m just simply going to tell you what YOU, the trainer, needs to know. Not the science major. That’s booooring!)

Now, you all know that the formula for changing your body via lifting goes a little something like this…


Heavy (increased) weight > Exercise in question > Correct form > A specific period of time to execute > A specified number of reps = The effective formula for change. 


And today, I want to feed your brain with the view of what really happens when you lift weights (Especially ladies). Because the whole ‘women that lift weights to get in shape’ just gets thrown around, with no real understanding of what’s really going on.


The Muscle Fiber


The ‘eccentric’… without getting too complicated, is the lowering part of the weight that is responsible for most of the damage to the muscle fibers which can lead to increases in strength/size.


That is… controlled reps. These changes happen due to exercise. 


However, your overall changes are controlled by the effects exercise has on your entire system. And then you have Growth Hormone, IGF-1, insulin and testosterone, all of which can be manipulated by what you eat and how you train. So it’s more than just a case of building and repairing muscle fibers to change your body.

Weight training actives growth hormone. A response that affects your entire body, not just one muscle fiber (An increase in GH helps build muscle and burn fat).


An Improved Central Nervous System


Many newer FitBuzzers such as Kristine Lopez have reported super increases in strength, but not so much in appearance (At least in the first few weeks). This is normal. All that has happened here is that your body has become more efficient.

So in short, there’s 2 things to think about when changing your body via ‘lifting’ is the goal:

  • The metabolic cost of exercises (The way lifting and eating affects hormones)
  • The local stimulation of muscle fibers


OK Shaun, understood. So I need to focus on my reps in regards to my ‘muscle fibers. How can I implement the above so that I can make real improvements?


Well, it still comes down to level of intensity, volume and variations of this…


  • Strength/Power   1 – 5 reps 
  • Hypertrophy (size) & some strength 6 – 12 reps  
  • Local endurance/ little size  12-20 reps  
  • Abs & Calves    10-25 reps 


The goal? To choose a rep style that causes damage and also has a high metabolic cost.




The FitBuzzer Super Tension Rep



That is…


  • 4 seconds at the lower part of the movement
  • 2 seconds coming back up
  • Hold for a moment and don’t fully complete the rep, to then continue performing the following reps in this fashon
  • Identical reps via the entire set! (No cheating, just do it!)


Now, I know what you’re thinking.


Duuuuh, eeaaaasyyyy….


But I’d bet my last protein stack that you rarely ever perform your reps this way. Let alone for an entire set.


I bet this looks familar….


  • Complete first set correctly
  • Reps begin to speed up on second and third set
  • Form starts to fade, you cop out and skip the last few reps (Coward)


Yes, it looks familiar and don’t try to deny it!


This happens because of an increase in lactic acid and a drop in pH (of your blood) which basically screws with your systems ability to activate your nerves.


The Benefits


Performing your reps this way will initially mean that the loads you lift will decrease. But over time….


  • Your central nervous system will gain a dramatic boost
  • You’ll be able to lift the same weights, but in a more controlled fashion, which leads to more stress (Which is the goal)
  • You’ll end up performing fewer sets per body part, yet you’ll feel the burn, much hotter than ever before


This is your instant action challenge for the next 24 hours!


That is, to perform your exercises/sets using the Fit Buzz super tension rep. 


Confused about how perform these reps with certain types of exercises? Well, let’s use the squat exercise for examples sake, especially since many of you are currently building that butt!


Key Fit Buzzer super tension rep factors


  • To choose a moderate to high rep range as this causes mega metabolic demand
  • Focus on full range of motion for every rep


The squat


You can find the full description of the squat HERE


  • Choose a weight that you can squeeze out 10 reps with
  • 4 seconds lowering down to the bottom of the movement
  • 2-3 seconds on the way up


However, you don’t go all the way up at the top of the rep on these reps. Instead, you hold the position near the top for just a moment and then continue on to the next rep.


Remember this….


I bet this looks familar….


  • Complete first set correctly
  • Reps begin to speed up on second and third set
  • Form starts to fade, you cop out and skip the last few reps (Coward)


Well, that’s what will begin to happen here. But you must NOT let it happen! Yes, you’ll probably fail (And horribly) when you first start to train this way. But over time, your system will adapt and before you know it, you’ll be knocking out heavy weights at 10-15 reps max!


The key is to focus on progressive overload when training this way.


Who should train this way?


The Fit Buzz physique is for those who want to get strong, lean and sexy. If you want to get lean, then this is not an ideal way to train. But if you want to grow your butt for example (I’m looking at you No Nonsense Butt Building FitBuzzers – Kristine Lopez :-D), then this is the way to go. 




Progressive overload, that means to always increase the weight, right?


Not always. It could mean…


  • Increasing your reps by one the following week
  • Doing 2 sets of 8 reps with a weight that you could only do one set with before
  • Doing 2 sets of 8 reps with a weight that you could only do one set with before, but reducing the rest period between sets

I current suck performing my reps this way. What can I do when my super tension set is done?


You could add forced reps, negative reps, end the set or drop the weight slightly and finish the set. But in general, push to your max and just end the set. It’s a game of steady progression.


How many reps should I perform for upper/lower body exercises?


  • 8-12 for upper body
  • 15 – 20 for lower body (Towards your peak periods of mastering this style of training)


What about for small/large body parts?


  •  8 – 10 sets per body part on back, legs and chest
  •  6 – 8  sets on tri’s, bi’s and shoulders



Fit Buzz Black Friday One Week Special (Day 3). 59% off for all the popular Fit Buzz 

programs (Down 6%)

You can get started here   Fit Buzz Black Friday one week special (Day 3)



Social highlights Sunday + RECAPO/RECOUPO

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RECAPO/RECOUPO aka The weekly recap

Monday – Does your a** feel full?

Tuesday – The devils in the detail (Strike through) a**

Wednesday – Setting the stage for your a**

Thursday – Hey… Epic Butt/Tiny Waist-er

Friday – Your a** should follow up


Social highlights Sunday

Fitfash classics

Going heavy <

Operation super <

Getting fed <


– Out on the town party attire <

– Gruny takes a POV kini snap <

– Renee takes a snake belly snap <

– Becoming S-curvish… So that when the weekend hits <

– Cally wears the S-curve right for OOTN <

– When FitBuzzers mid workout snap <

– Cally snapping in workout attire <

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