What’s my butt doing wrong? (Save this)

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Today’s > ‘Morebuzz’

First… An idea that’s been in discussion, on and off, for a while now… And one that’s

been happening on a smaller scale for some time…

– An ‘exotic’ location holiday

– Workout themed + post workout fun

– 1 – 3 days

– Group coaching

Is that something you would ever do? A trip like that? Is that something you would love 

to do once a year?

Because if it is and if there’s enough interest, it may just be an event to prepare for in the

not so distant future. Reply with your thoughts.

Second… The new summer workouts are on the way.

Every year, @fitbuzz discovers new & effective ways to train.

These discoveries are then created into structured/tailored workouts.

This is partly the reason why the results keep on coming quicker and quicker year after

year here.

The recent explosion in results came around Sept/Oct. Around the time the Venus and ABB

regimes came into existence.

So, I think it’s time to create more explosions.

What is my butt doing wrong?

That’s probably the most popular question that’s come through this week.

That is… Soon to be S-curve members wondering why they don’t have that ultimate bum 

bum bootaay!

I could tell you to go and look in the hall of fame. But what I think you need to hear is…

#1 What’s causing lack of buttocks

#2 The ‘what to do’ to fix it

– Building abs that are too bulky…

This gives you a rectangular shaped torso and kills the S-curve. Which means you get

a ‘ruler’ butt.

– Focusing on heavy squats…

Some variations will aid butt growth. The generic version will probably make your waist


– Not doing enough butt targeted exercises…

The butt is too big to isolate completely. But there are exercises that can get you close

to isolation.

The ‘initial’ fix (short version)

Skinny > building an S-curvish butt

– Focus on short intense and heavy hitting weight training workouts 3 x a week.

– Split routines.

– Very little ‘cardio’ activity.

– Doing the above will force you to eat more… Embrace it!

– Follow the S-curve meal structure exact (See ‘Morebuzz’).

High BF% > building an S-curvish butt

– Weighted bodyweight exercises/workouts to failure.

– Follow the S-curve meal structure + your base calorie intake (Only decrease your intake

‘slightly’ if you have a BF% of 30 and above).

– 2 HIIT cardio sessions a week.

– No starchy carbs in your evening meals.

That truly is the short version. It’s also a version that’s not tailored.

There are no tweaks and nothing is gauged.

It’s not DONE-FOR-YOU (Needed for busy FitBuzzers).

There’s no one with solid experience coaching you along.

EVERYONE walks into this with a different set of dilemmas EVERY TIME (Seriously).

And that’s what you’ll need your S-curve member page for IF, you want quick 3-4 week

results that sets you up for superior long term results that you get to keep.

It’s Thursday… Let’s make it a great one.

‘Appy days.



> ***One Month Epic Butt/S-curve Foundation program May 2015*** <

(This is a good way to start if you’ve been here for less than 1 month)

>> OSC – Access to EVERYTHING  (6 monthly payments)

(This is now the main program & for the S-curve Challenge. 

Why = Because it’s currently the most popular option)

– Pay monthly ($66) for 6 months.

– The option to pause at any one month and restart again should ‘life’ get

in the way.

– Access to every current/new program is yours for free during these six

months… But not given to you all on day one (Info overload), since your

regime will be properly tailored.

– You have 24/7 daily support over the 6 months via Skype/Whatsapp/Viber.

– On demand tailored video workouts for your eyes only.



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