‘How’ you get butt doesn’t matter

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Buzzo’s… Tues…

This is a topic that was raised yesterday. The query being…

”But… I hear different things from different sources on how to get results”

It’s all about the S-curve here. Just take a look through the hall of fame via ‘Morebuzz’ <.

Anyway… To answer the query….

All that matters is…

Are you getting the desired result (The right way)?

Is my life changing for the better?

This goes back to the spiritual, emotional, mental & physical elements of S-curve

building that I spoke about a few weeks back.

And as you’ve seen in recent newsletters… Many S-curve members needs, weigh heavily

on the spiritual, mental & emotional side of things.

So that’s where a lot of the focus is right now. Which of course helps when it’s time to get

physical with S-curve building.

Am I being coached along?

All that matters, is that you’re being coached properly…

– Being followed up on?

– Getting s*** done on the dates that are stated?

It’s all about monthly structure now. So that’s what we track. All via your member page.

Remember, it’s all about setting a plan and sticking to it. No detours. That causes you

to fail.

The detours you’re allowed to make?

– Your own S-curve meal ideas (Because you don’t have to follow the given ones ‘exact’)

– A chosen sport for HIIT cardio

– A chosen sport for fun

Does this sport help balance/improve my S-curve building shenanigans?

The recent sport @fitbuzz is badminton. It truly is a great HIIT cardio sport.

But the sport you choose must be good for YOU. Again, this goes back to the spiritual

side of things.

S-curve member Monica (See hall of fame) started doing mud runs this weekend. I’ll get

a full report soon. But that works well for her, along with yoga classes.

To conclude

It doesn’t matter if you hear conflicting advice.

All that matters, is that the program you start, produces the results that you desire.

And then all of the details above.

‘Appy Tuesday.




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