5 Shred To Sexy Nutrition Hacks (Part 1)

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FitBuzzer associate Christina Lubysheva

Today is all about shredding to sexy.


Well… at least for the periods that you decide you want to shred.


(Remember, building an S-Curve physique is a game of metabolism 

manipulation. I go into detail on this topic in the OSC meal plans 

section – Explained in the OSC manual).


Because you’ll be ‘bulking’ for some parts of the journey too. (It’s 

detailed, but still only use that as a gauge. It’s all about the nutrients).


But again, today is all about shredding to sexy, because that’s the stage

most of you are at right now. It’s the hottest topic via the 1-to-1 Q & A



Now, one way to shred to sexy is by tapering your carbs in your evening

meals – Dinner (See arrow below).


  • Breakfast:  (Slow digesting) protein/carbs
  • Mid-morning:  protein/fat
  • Lunch:  protein/fat
  • Mid-afternoon:  protein/fat
  • Evening (after exercise): (Fast digesting) protein/carbs
  • Dinner: protein/NO CARBS <==========
  • Pre-bed: (Slow digesting) protein/fat



But what you can also do is taper your calories throughout the day.


However, you can’t eat like a typical westerner (If you’re from the west that



You know….


> No breakfast

> Big lunch

> Big dinner

> A late night snack


Not even with the S-Curve style meals that I’ve been feeding you…


(Here > Here > Here > Full archives HERE > ALL meals HERE).




We reverse the pattern…


> Huge breakfast

> Moderate lunch

> Small dinner (4 hours before bed… minimum)

> No late night snacks


There’s a few reasons for doing this…. (At least while you’re on a shred week,

or two).


1. You won’t store your breakfast as fat, since you’ve had a longer fast the

night before.

2. No big dinner means you won’t end up storing it as fat.




Because your metabolism slows down at night time. You also burn less

calories during this period too.


3. You tend to release more insulin at night time.

4. You’ll end up storing excess carbs as muscle glycogen instead of fat.






Calorie tapering is a simple yet very effect nutrition ‘hack’. It works!


Just make sure that you start your days early.


In fact, make sure you always start your days early. You’ll see why in the next



It’s a revisiting of a ‘hack’ that I’ve covered before.




I’m only going to post that newsletter IF…. you reply in the comments

section below to let me know

that you will try the above method for shredding to sexy….







The new t-shirts have been experiencing a ‘like fest’ these past few weeks. So

I’m going to come up with something cool and creative for you all. You’ll see


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