The Ultimate Reason Why Your Workouts Suck

April 18, 2015 by  
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I talk a lot about nutrition in Fit Buzz world, as that is one of the major 3 keys that you will have to focus on if you want to get strong, lean and sexy. But one other part of the formula that you could be getting wrong is your workout. The order of how you are doing things to be precise. But let’s fix that, so that is no longer an issue.

Now, every workout that you perform will consist of a big lift. You will perform the squat exercise for every workout as well as the dead-lift and bench press for that same workout. You will then perform the squat, barbell row (Or power clean) and press exercise for workout no.2. Since this is a 3 day workout, it means that you you’ll do workout no.1 twice a week for one week and workout no.2 twice a week for one week. And you”ll perform the exercises in this order:




The reason for the specific order is because the squat exercise works 250+ muscles in your body, which will help warm your body up for the following exercises. The upper body exercises are performed 2nd to let your legs and back rest before performing the 3rd pulling exercise. And of course followed by any assistant exercises thereafter.


Why will I start to become stronger overall in all of my muscle groups training this way?


Because of the order of strength progression…


You’ll probably notice an overall strength increase once you get to that intermediate level. But another reason the exercises are ordered in such a way is due to the order where you’ll see strength gains first.


The larger the muscle mass required for a particular movement, is the movement where you’ll see the quickest gains.


So you’ll probably see your squat numbers go up first, followed by the deadlift, then bench press. All of which will help target your butt muscles.


Back to the order of exercises


One other reason for working your (Chest, back and shoulders) first is to ensure that you get the most efficient workout possible. If you start your workout by performing isolation exercises that target your biceps/triceps, then you’ll pre-fatigue them, which will prevent you from getting a good chest and shoulder workout. If you hit your biceps first before your back, then you won’t get the most effective back workout.

Another thing you need to do is to focus on the exercises that target the areas of the body that require the most work. If your calves are lacking, then work those first.

And remember, you only have to perform a few basic moves and the variations of them to build your butt. There are tons of variations to choose from, all of which will be included in current and future NNBB workouts, in a structured way. But for your benefit, these are some of the core exercises that you can perform for each muscle group, when in doubt.




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