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2nd round of the S-curve Challenge < (Special on ’till end 

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It’s been a bit crazy so far this week, with all of the buttgress/buttstory

shenanigans going on in the hall of fame.

There’s also a new growing @fitbuzz Facebook page.

I’ll publicly reveal it a little later. But it’ll be a part of the new S-curve Challenge.

It’s reminder tip day, so let’s go…

– Limit your squat activity unless they’re unique variations of the generic



Generic squatting boosts size for your entire body. Especially your quads.

When you in fact want ‘butt’.

It also leads to a bulky waist. When what you really want is a teeny tiny waist.

Instead… Focus on hip extension exercises with moderate/heavy weights.

It’s highly likely that you struggle to build your upper butt. If so… Simply 

hyper extend on the following exercises…

> Standing hip extension

> Standing lunge

> Standing donkey kickbacks

> Go decline on the quadruped hip extension + Ankle weights

You probably struggle to shred your lower belly too. Here’s a fix for 

a short period of time.

> Hanging bicycles with ankle weights everyday for 10 days.

> Hanging half leg raises with ankle weights everyday for 10 days.

> Laying leg kicks with ankle weights everyday for 10 days.

The sunny season is getting closer. Reply for S-curve answers.



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