I got my ass kicked, you will too (video)

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(Fit Buzz associate Dee)

Hi FitBuzzers


Guys, the Zeus workout is here….


Seriously, don’t do this 28 day workout unless you are prepared!!


Watch how I got my ass kicked by the Zeus workout (Sample). 


> Video from today (Zeus workout + Progress pics (It’s eye candy ladies!) :D.


Ladies, some of you have already started on the Aphrodite workout. 

It’s a little different than the Zeus workout. But even that kicked 

my ass ( And I’m a dude :O).


Aphrodite workout (Home workout sample video) <


Note: Congratulations to all newer FitBuzzers who are getting results from the 

FREE S-Curve building course!!!! (I’m looking at you Laryssa Makowski :D)


Second, a few new T-shirts/Singlets 


A few new T-shirts <<


Incoming search terms:

  • Jen Selter Before and After

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