The Aphrodite Workout (God of War Ascension)

April 14, 2013 by  
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FitBuzzer Kylee

Hello All!


I hope your weekend rocked!




It’s ladies first


The Aphrodite Workout <<< (ALL of the details are there)


Why ladies first?


Because that’s the ‘gentleman’ thing to do. So you’re going to have to wait

until Thursday fellas, for your Zeus workout.


There’s also a full length workout video to watch there too. It’s the home

version (long) sample of the main gym workout.


Anyway, think…


– ‘Workout’ design (More ‘How you do it’ than ‘what you do’)

– ‘Unorthodox

– ‘Results in 28 days’


– ‘Convenience’





Some new progress snaps <<



Keep on rockin’. If you have any questions, just reply back like you have

been doing, or add chamileon857 on Skype.


Beach season is near (Already here with some… FitBuzzer Dee from Brazil <<)


You… are… Aphrodite!

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  • muscle group workouts

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