5 Foods To Avoid To Consistently Have Abs

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I say consistently, because a lot of what we do in this Lifestyle just requires you to be consistent. Whether that’s with your training, your habits and/or with the foods you eat. So this is simply a detailed reminder about those foods that you need to be avoiding in order to avoid the build up of fat. Because fat is what is hiding that strong, lean muscle.

This isn’t always an easy thing to avoid in the summer months of holidays, sun, sea, sand and fun. So here’s some Fit Buzz refocus.



#1 McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, (Some Barbecues)



All of these places fry their foods. Which is not a good thing if you are trying to build lean muscle or hard sexy curves. Because these foods are high in calories and fat (The bad kind). A high amount of calories from one meal is never a good thing. It’s better to spread your total calories over several meals throughout the course of the day. But let’s take a closer look at a base meal from one of these culprits. Let’s choose McDonalds.


Large Fries



Hash Browns


Big Mac



These stats are mostly based off of a 2000 calorie diet. Every FitBuzzers goal will be different. But it’s quite easy to see that a daily calorie intake of 2000 is nothing, especially if you’re trying to build some hard curves (Or size) from previously being a generally slim individual.

Also, take note of how much calories are being consumed from these food sources. If you eat large fries, hash browns and a burger in one meal, you’d have up to 1000 calories or more coming from this one meal. This one meal that is high in saturated and/or trans fat!

That’s huge. And for the most part, you’ll generally eat more, especially if you’re a naturally large individual who is trying to shred the way to hard curves. I won’t know your exact calorie intake, as you would have worked that out in the Lifestyle diet ebook calculation. But if you are a generally large individual who is trying to shred the way to lean muscle or hard curves, then your daily intake will be around the 2-3000 calories mark. Which means you do not want up to half of your calories coming from these types of food. Let alone one meal!

The other point to factor in when eating fried foods, is that frying food destroys the good nutrients found in food. Especially the Essential Fatty Acids found in food. And if you’re eating out (McDonalds or elsewhere) you can almost guarantee that they’ll be using margarine’s that have a relatively high level of trans fatty acids contained within them. Unlike the lard(s) that was once used for frying food.

It is a good idea to add a cheat meal or two a week, yes. But do yourself a favor and stay away from fried foods. Especially those not cooked by you.


#2 Dunkin Donuts And Krispy Kremes



Both of these really do taste delicious. But before you decide to get addicted to these, understand the damage you could be doing to your quest to get strong, lean and sexy.

One of the first things you should know about donuts and pastries, and one of the things that is rarely mentioned about them, is that these places actually deep-fry their tasty pastries. And you now know the cons of frying foods. So you can stick donuts and pastries into that category.

To make matter worse, is that these donuts contain fat AND B/C/D rated refined sugars. Do you know what this means?

Well, here’s an example…


  • Small donut = approx 175 calories/ 11 grams fat
  • Large donut = approx 200 – 400 calories/23 grams fat


Which in short, means that up to 50% of the calories you consume here will come from fat!

And then we have the actual flour that’s used to make these donuts. White flour, which means more refined foods. Remember, the more refined a food source is, the more that it would have been stripped of it’s natural nutritional value. Yes, the more natural a food is, the  less tastier it will be. But at least you’ll be avoiding the build up of unnecessary fat, which is what is hiding that beautiful muscle underneath.

Oh, and consuming these things are bad for your teeth as well. If those fall out, then you won’t be eating much at all :O

Avoid… or at least limit your consumption of them.


#3 Baskin Robins, Haagen-Dazs, Ben and Jerry’s



Ice cream is great. It’s refreshing, it’s great to eat in summer and can be considered ‘sexy’ food… IF, you know what I mean ;).

Yet, your typical tub of ice cream will be loaded full of fat, refined sugars and artificial colors. And the fat intake gets even more dramatic with the most favorable brands of ice cream.

The brands above do taste great, especially Baskins. But the consumption of these ice creams comes at a cost. 1 cup equalling up to 660 calories and 20-50 grams of fat!

Now, like we said, it’s not a bad thing to have a cheat meal or two in your week. And going for a fat free or a less sugary option might just bore your taste buds to death. But like with everything else in your life. Moderation is key. And in this case, you’ll need to moderate how much of those ice creams that you consume if you want to stay lean and sexy.

Fat-less alternatives with the taste to match?


– Fruit sorbet

– Frozen Yogurt

– Just read the labels on the ice-creams you shop for


#4 Sweets


If you’ve read the Lifestyle diet ebook or budget foods for abs, you would have learned about crap foods for fat loss. Which are foods that are generally perceived as ‘bad’ foods, yet contain some great health benefits.

And one of the reasons why some of those are considered bad, is because they are calorie dense. Which basically means it’s very easy to stack up on the calorie numbers from eating just a small amount of sweets, candy or chocolate. 

But these foods should be avoided, not just because of the high calories, fat, bad carbs and their insulin spiking nature (which leads to a build up of fat). But because of the lack of extra benefits such as minerals, vitamins and fibers. All of which are an essential formula on the quest to add variety to your diet, as mentioned in the previous couple of posts.


Other reasons included


  • Destroy your immune system
  • Hypoglycemia (Getting zapped of energy)
  • A decrease in growth hormone
  • Can lead to diabetes
  • Allergies


#5 Fruit Juice And ‘Sweetened’ Drinks


We spoke about these in this video. But it’s never a bad thing to mention it again as a reminder. But if you are trying to shred, you’ll want to avoid drinking your calories. Because what tends to happen is that you’ll  drink excess calories on top of all of the solid foods that you’ll eat on a daily basis.

Back to fruit juice…

We’ll keep this short… avoid them, because they’re full of refined sugar. And you know what that means.



Final Note


Remember, even if you have a high metabolism and tend not to put on any extra fat from consuming these foods, you’ll still want to lower your consumption of them. Because they’ll still have a negative effect on your health if you go sweet food crazy.

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  1. What are the nigeria foods one needs to be avoided?

  2. gail says:

    thank you. 😀

  3. Jasmin Lopez says:

    Beer also as well as wheat. :/


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