Useful Assistant Exercise Combinations (Exercise Series Part 1)

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There’s been some interesting talks with FitBuzzers this past week. From how to approach training once injury occurred to the effectiveness of weight training when the goal is to lose fat. Well, in regards to the later, just remember that you don’t always need to lift weights to get ‘hard bodied’. You can simply focus on intense cardio or sports. And when you do lift weights, you don’t always need to train in a way that makes you feel worse than when you entered the gym. It should actually be vice versa.

Back to the post title…

The best assistance exercises are those that contribute directly to the performance of the basic movements that produce the most benefit. 

Outsiders of the fitness lifestyle may often say things to you such as ‘Why do you always train? You look exactly the same…”

Well, just as a reminder to yourself

  • You train in order to maintain what you have achieved
  • You train to keep your body functioning well
  • You train for many other benefits, which I won’t get into here, because the list is long….


But the one special reason you train is so that you always make progress. And if you’ve been training for 3 months or more, you will know that the stimulation provided by the simple execution of the basic exercises (Squat, deadlift, bench press) alone is not enough to produce sufficient stress to cause further adaptation.

It’s a natural part of training, for progress to slow down over time.

This can sometimes cause a lot of frustration. Especially once your peers start to state that you’re losing ‘it’. So today I decided to start a new assistant exercise series in order to create some brand new fresh results from your workouts?

And today is just a brief introduction.


Assistance exercises work by either…


1.) Strengthening a part of a movement, like a partial deadlift – a rack pull or a halting deadlift 

2.) Are variations on the basic exercise, like a stiff- legged deadlift

3.) Are exercises which strengthen a portion of the muscle mass involved in the movement in a way that the basic exercise does not like the chin-up. 


Bench Press Plateau (Add chin ups) 


A great way to kill a bench press plateau is to add chin-ups to your workout. Chin ups add enough work to your triceps, forearms, and upper back that the contribution of these muscle groups to the bench press is reinforced for that extra push. Not to forget to mention that the chin up is a functional compound movement, which is always a bonus.


Deadlifting From Blocks 


If you’ve been following No Nonsense Butt Building, you would be well aware of the many variations of the deadlift exercise. All in aid to shift the load of the weight to certain muscle groups. One of those variations is to do the exercise while standing on blocks. This increases the load you’ll lift by adding the height of the block to the range of motion (the same effect can be obtained by using smaller than 17 inch diameter plates). This way, you’ll add more knee extension which leads to more stress to your quads.  

By placing the bar farther away, it requires more knee and hip flexion at the bottom to assume the start position, and the more acute angles require more hamstring extensibility to assume the start position with an extended lumbar spine. This makes it more difficult for inflexible people to get into a correct start .

And the fact that the shin will be in a more inclined position at the bottom also means that the bar will be shoved further forward than mid-foot if the block is very high, or if a decent back angle is maintained. This makes the start of the exercise a little more awkward, difficult, and will turn into more of a single leg deadlift if correct exercise form is not taken into consideration.  

This is one of those exercises that actually adds more stress than the standard deadlift. But remember, it’s also an exercise that doesn’t allow you to load up any serious amount of weight. Simply use them at sub-max loads to accumulate work, and to make the deadlift easier off the floor. 


Flat Back Good mornings (Targets hamstrings)


The basics


  • Your knees are unlocked
  • Your chest is up
  • Your lower back is arched
  • The bar is placed on your traps, held with your hands 


The movement basically consists of sliding your hips back to lower the bar down as far as your hamstrings will let it, before your lower back rounds out. The idea is to keep your back in extension for the entire movement. 

You always want to stay safe throughout the movement. A huge breath at the top held for the entire rep ensures greater spinal support. 



No Ez Bar Curls


EZ Curls are not nearly as effective as straight-bar curls for recruiting bicep contraction. This is because the degree of supination of the forearm and hand directly affects the amount of bicep in contraction. The EZ Curl bar does take the stress of supination off of the wrists and elbows, but it does so at the expense of a quality bicep contraction. The camber of the bar is specifically intended to decrease the supination of the forearm, and anything less than full supination results in a less-than-complete biceps contraction. So if you’re going to curl to get some bicep action going on, then a straight barbell is preferred.

This is just a basic start to this series and we do of course cover many of the exercises in the No Nonsense Butt Building program. Except, we intend to go a little more detailed specific for this series. See you in part 2.



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7 Olympic Events To Watch For Fitness Inspiration

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If you found Fit Buzz via the website, you may have stopped by our about page. You would have learned about ‘Shaun Sinclair’ too. One key part of my history in fitness is that I was a sprinter once upon a time. I will always have a passion for the sport. 

You may have noticed that the Olympics will begin just 2 days from now. This is one of the best events you could possibly watch for fitness inspiration. A lot of the individual’s you’ll see at the Olympics are what many would call ‘real’ athletes. Unlike the usual fitness models/competitors that you’ll see.

This is also an important event to watch because a lot of the theories that we talk of are directly related to how many of these individuals train and how we teach you to train for that strong, sexy and lean physique.

There are also plenty of other sports to watch, even  if you aren’t into the typical track events. So in light of all of this, I have decided to create the top 7 Olympic events to watch for fitness inspiration.

Honestly, it won’t get much better than this. We’ll be keeping up with all things ‘Olympic’ over on the Facebook fan page too, just in case you want a snack preview of all the Olympic gems. But if you do want to keep up and be inspired. These are the events to watch.


(In no specific order)


#1 Gymnastics


It’s not very likely that you will build the body of a high performance gymnast just using creative bodyweight exercises with assisted weights (although possible). As gymnasts dedicate their whole time to their career, using many other techniques ( Weight training for strength and power for specific gymnastic movements… not size!) than just bodyweight exercises to build their bodies and are required to tick all of these boxes as a requirement: 

  • Passive flexibility
  • Active flexibility
  • Joint preparation
  • Static strength
  • Dynamic strength
  • And others.

However, the inspiration behind including gymnastics into this list, is to show you that, by incorporating the mindset and strength training progression (The core approach at Fit Buzz)  of a gymnast, you too can take your strength training to the next level and show all of the overly bulky muscle heads in the gym what true strength is all about. Oh, not to forget to mention that you will look great to match! Be sure to watch both the mens and women’s events. You may not build the strength and physique to these levels. But you can be sure that you can get close to it with the Fit Buzz approach. You will be inspired.


#2 Volleyball


Now, I’m definitely no volleyball expert, but as my background is in athletics, I do have a good understanding of the training methods that these individuals would go through. Just like gymnastics, these players would perform drills that mimic those movements that would actually be performed throughout a game.

I’m not an entirely huge fan of the sport either. However, the one thing that draws me back to the sport is the beauty of the physiques of those involved. Take a look…



Obviously, you’re not going to build a physique like those above from simply playing volley ball as part of your cardio workouts. But if you follow everything Fit Buzz, you WILL look like those volleyball players. Strong, lean and definitely sexy! Even if you don’t watch TV, just use one of the many TV channel apps on your smart phone (If you own one) to tune in for free and/or on the move.



#3 Speed Cycling


If you are a FitBuzzer that has been using the No nonsense Butt Building Program (Especially the specialization program), you would know that cycling is the easiest form of cardio to do when performing interval based workouts. After all, you are simply just sitting on your butt the entire time.

Now, lifting weights and feeding your body in the right way will indeed provide the bulk of your body changing results. But the truth is, it’s a combination of everything. 

Do you want some proof?

Just take a look at the legs of those individuals who take part in the speed cycling events.


Those legs weren’t just achieved with cycling alone, of course. But you can be sure that cycling definitely played it’s part. The main give away is the noticeable lean and slim upper body coupled with HUGE legs.


#4 All Sprint Based Events


Why all sprint based events?


Well, again, if you’ve been using the No Nonsense Butt Building program, you would be familiar with the sprinter vs marathon runner comparison that we gave. And why you should be including more sprints/intervals into your workouts compared to long/sluggish long distance running workouts. Here’s a snap shot…




Now, it’s not to say that you can’t build hard and dense muscle or curves training with long distance running. But if you want to be sure, just stick to hard sprints. 

Do you want some proof?

Well, just take a look at the sprinter Jessica Ennis vs long distance runner Amy Hasting



 Photo credit: Michael Scott


This is why intense anaerobic cardio activity is highly encouraged in all of the main Fit Buzz workouts/programs. Because we know that this is what will aid that much desired physique that consists of hard and lean curves. Not soft and puffy. Be sure to tune in to both mens and women’s sprint based events for some inspiration.


#5 Rowing



One of the core mantras that we have always used at Fit Buzz, is ‘The only way to train is to train insane’. Intensity is the name of the game. To date, we’ve only been able to communicate that message via words and images (And one video course). If you want a real life example and display of brute force intensity, strength and endurance, then be sure to watch the rowing events.

These events are highly competitive, especially during the last stages of the races. What you will see here is exactly how you should be training in the last few phases of your exercises. One… more …rep!


#6 Weightlifting/Powerlifting


Adding this event was an ‘almost’ no brainer. I say almost, because FitBuzzers are not powerlifters. And the ONE REP MAX isn’t totally relevant in terms of achieving a strong, lean and sexy physique. However, it can be great for determining how much you should be lifting throughout the progression of your strength training workouts. We have a detailed explanation of this HERE.

I wouldn’t say that this event is a must watch. It might even make you cringe. However, you can’t deny the feats of strength that will be on display in these events.


#7 Swimming


Swimming actually makes for a great cardio workout. It can also be very relaxing too. But just like Volleyball, the main reason to tune in to the swimming events is to…


1. Watch the intense competition

2. Admire the physiques (Men and women)




My background in fitness stems from athletics, so I know that the training techniques behind the majority of these sports is mostly the same. Just structured and geared in a way that will allow the said individual(s) to perform and be the potential best at their sport/event.

Some of these techniques have been incorporated into the Fit Buzz Programs too.

Athletics may not be for everyone and many won’t tune in, at least to the track events. But the Olympics however, hosts almost every popular sport known to wo(man). The Olympics is a mighty event that takes place every 4 years. Fit Buzz is about motivation, about super physiques and this is the one event where you will see a lot of it. Let the next 4 weeks be your fitness fuel to last you until the winter months.




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The 4 Pillars To The Fitness Lifestyle

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Living the fitness lifestyle is obviously more than just about becoming physically fit. In fact, there are 3 other key elements to add to being physically fit in order to truly be fit and happy. And so, I introduce you to the 4 pillars of the fitness lifestyle.


Pillar #1 ‘Physical’

Now, it has been stated time and time again that you don’t really know what you have until it’s gone. And I felt the brute force of this between 2007-2009 when I was part of a new internet start up business. You see, I had always been physically fit, coming from an athletic background. And the longest I’d stayed away from the gym was 12 months max. So I’d always have some kind of muscle mass and more often than not, be physically fit and healthy. So to be away from fitness for 2 years not only turned me into a walking zombie. It also shattered my health, which in turn melted my mental state (Because a healthy body = A healthy mind and vice versa) and my confidence to go with it! Which is a vicious cycle to be in, because you can’t be happy if you aren’t healthy, let alone ripped or shredded.

This will have a direct effect on your relationships or potential dates too. If you have a life partner, you better just hope they are supportive, because if they aren’t, they’re probably a bag of negative or ‘wrong’ energy. THAT… you don’t need! And if you’re dating, what new date potential wants to get with some one whose nuts and bolts are all over the place? But more on this shortly.

The main point here, whether you have taken up fitness or not, is that you need to (First and foremost) get your physical health sorted out to begin living the fitness lifestyle.

A few quick starter points

  • Wake up early, between 5.00am – 7.00 am (We are super mind and body fresh at this time of the day)
  • Go to bed early (9.00pm is ideal. But let’s be honest, you won’t hit the sack until 11.00pm. Which still isn’t bad)

Pillar #2 ‘Emotional’

OK, earlier I talked about relationships and dating. I’ve spoken briefly on this topic before, in terms of how this can have an effect on your fitness lifestyle. But the emotional pillar is more than life partner relationships. It’s about the relationships that you have with anyone in your close circle. But to point it out again. You simply can’t fulfill pillar #2 without sorting out pillar #1 first. It won’t be far on you, your partner or potential partner. You have to take care of no.1 first before even attempting to take care of anyone else.

Now, in terms of relationships with other people, you just need to follow a few simple rules if you want to fulfill pillar #2 and be emotionally fit and happy.

  1. If some one drags you down, verbally, physically or any kind of ‘…ally’, Cut them loose! (Friends, family or whoever. It doesn’t matter. They’re the wrong people. Cut them loose!)
  2. If someone continuously lifts you up. Bring them close. Reeeal close. They may not be that way to you forever. But they will indeed be the right person(s) to have around at the time.
  3. This may sound cliche. But follow your gut, always. Because it’s always right. Not doing so will lead you down a wrong path = emotional pillar fail.

Having great emotional balance with those you associate with is not always an easy thing to accomplish. But I can almost guarantee that following the above can get you their. Once you get this part of your being right, pillar #3 should become much easier to conquer.

Pillar #3 ‘Mental’

OK, so now you’re physically fit.

You look good…

You feel good…

Strangers now react to you differently in a new and positive way….

You’re attracting the opposite sex…

You’re getting laid (The opposite sex some how sense that too)…

You’re happily taken or happily dating…

You’re in the zone!

But you only got to this place because you conquered pillar #1 and #2. You see, fitness really is more than just being physically fit. Yes, once you become physically fit, pillar #3 becomes much easier, but you still have to work on getting mentally fit if you are mentally ‘ill’. Because if you are in the wrong place mentally, you’ll eventually back down on the fit and happy scale.

Being mentally fit in terms of lifestyle is more of a case of having things in working order.


– Do you have a daily planner?

– Do you have a plan for your fitness regime?

– Do you have a set plan for your short term/ long term goal?

That list could go on and on. But if you currently don’t have that kind of structure in place, then the 4 pillars are in danger of crumbling one by one… back to square one! Of course, in reality, all 4 pillars won’t be equal at all times in your life. They’ll move up and down as time goes on. But having that structure in place will allow you to achieve success in the 3rd mental pillar.

Everything will seem ‘in flow’ and you’ll find your creative sweet spot.

  • Switching up your routines and taking on new fitness challenges becomes a breeze
  • Being creatively romantic to your partner becomes a breeze
  • You can become instantaneously spontaneous, regardless of how much responsibility you have

But to achieve and succeed at pillar #3, you have to work at it. It will take months, sometimes years to get it completely right. Once you do, you really will be in a sweet spot.

Pillar #4 ‘Spiritual’

This is my favorite pillar of all


Because if you have reached this point, you truly will be one of a kind ‘fit’. Seriously. Life in 2011 and beyond is busy. Life in 2011 has internet + mobile internet + internet on airplanes = super duper noise for your brain. With all that mess, I can bet that most people don’t reach a true spiritual place. I’m talking about being thankful, meditating, being grateful, forgiving, studying (Most people don’t reach this place because of surrounding negativity). 90% of the time, the most spiritual place I find is the gym.

  • Working out opens up and clears my sweat glands
  • Big open spaces in the gym (It’s just me and the gym – when it’s quiet – mostly day time – It’s just me and the bar)

I would love to meditate, but I’m also a born westerner. So even if I manage to travel to places such as India, like mentioned in this post (Where real meditation happens). I still have a thing for the fast life, being a young guy and all. So my next best friend is the gym. Or simply a quiet park.

I’ve talked about living the fitness lifestyle before. But THIS… is how you live the fitness lifestyle successfully. It’s more than just getting physical and throwing a few dumbbells around.

If you ever feel like you at rock bottom, follow these pillars in the said order (although it probably won’t happen that way) and you will truly live a happy fitness lifestyle.

The key = Daily persistence = Magic

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Fit Buzz ‘Effective’ Ab Training (Protecting Your Back)

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Abs, abs, abs. Everyone wants to build a solid set of abs. Now, one of the reasons why I stumbled upon this topic again, is because a recent Fit Buzz Facebook fan recently replied to a comment to a question that someone asked. 

Now, it is true that you can build abs that way. Honestly, perform 50-100 crunches/sit ups a day and after a few months, you will have a visible set of abs. However, that certainly is not the most effective or safest way to build your abs. Fit Buzz is all about creating that ‘super’ physique. ‘Hard’ and not ‘soft’. And in the most effective ways to-date, without potentially damaging your back in the process. So the following is a short schooling lesson on the best approach to build your abs and why.


The Muscles That Make Up Your Abs


Everyone talks about abs. But just what ARE the muscles that make up the ‘abs’ as you see them above.


Rectus Abdominis: The actual ‘pacs’. 6, 8 or even 10 depending on what you’ve been genetically blessed with, starts at the top from your sternum, leading all the way down to your pelvis.

Your Obliques: These are the muscles that give the appearance of separation from your torso to lower back, quads and glutes. And of course exist to rotate and stabilize your torso.

Your Weight Belt: Also known as the transversus abdominis. Without this, your guts would be falling right out of you :O. So yes, it holds your insides together.


There are 2 reasons why you will want to focus on bringing out your oblique and transversus abdominis muscles.

  1.  To give the appearance of a smaller waist (Remember the illusion info from No Nonsense Butt Building? ‘Illusion’ plays an important part in developing the ultimate Fit Buzz physique
  2. Spine and lower back support


Isolation vs Compound Movements For Building Abs


The main section of your abs, known as the 6 pac (Rectus Abdominis) is actually one entire muscle group. This is something that I’ve mentioned in the Crazy abs video series. Because of this, it doesn’t make sense to work your abs with isolation movements such as sit ups and crunches. Which is why compound exercises for abs work best. Because your abs are a muscle group just like any other on your body. And as you now know, muscles are designed to work best as an entire unit. Not on their own.




It is a good idea to include some isolation movements into your ab training routine, in order to target and activate all the muscle fibers in this area (Those mentioned above).

But in doing so, you must perform all ab exercises with a concentration on protecting your lower back. Because if you screw up your lower back, you are FINISHED… literally.


How To Build Abs While Protecting Your Lower Back


Your ultimate goal?


To build strong hip flexors AND abdominals!




Well, with your hip flexors, you are able to work your abs from the lower end with a greater range of motion compared to crunching downwards from your upper body. However, a high level of hip flexor activity can have a negative effect on your lower back as the (Psoas < Hip flexor muscle) is attached to the lower spinal vertebrae.

The key thing to do to prevent this is to stop your back from arching as you perform an ab exercise. The main way to do this is to build a strong set of abs.

(Test for ab strength: Perform a hanging leg lift exercise from a pull up bar. If you can raise your legs up without arching your back, then you have strong abs)

In short, if you want to protect your lower back (Prevent the vertebrae around your psoas rubbing together, causing damage to your discs) you’ll need to build a balance of both ab and hip flexor strength while performing the ‘good’ exercises in the right way. But first, let’s eliminate the ‘bad’ exercises from your routine.

The exercises you’ll want to avoid are as follows:


• Hanging leg raises with an arched back 

• Lying straight-legged leg raises

• Sit-ups (While someone or ‘something’ is supporting and holding your feet in place)

• Straight legged sit-ups 

• Machine based ab exercises (They suck) 

• Torso twists (These exercises, for the most part are pointless) 

Note: The majority of people will perform the leg/knee raise exercise using their hip flexors for the bulk of the movement, with very little help from the abs. The better approach is to perform the exercise in a hunchback position, with a concentration on pulling your pelvis towards your upper body. Yes, the exercise will be more challenging (Which is a good thing). But at least you’ll be giving both your hip flexors AND abs something to do. The exercises below will help to protect your lower back on your quest to build abs with ab specific training.


So, which exercises SHOULD you perform?



The Most Effective Exercises For Abs


Well, to begin with. You’ll want to perform exercises that provide the most resistance for your abs. So it makes sense to mostly target your abs from the lower part of your body, as your legs are much heavier than the muscles/limbs that make up your upper body. Followed by a few of the MANY (isolation type) exercises that you can perform to target your abs. (Remember, the goal of isolation is to activate as many muscle fibers as possible to bring out your internal/external obliques. And that should be your ONLY reason).

Take No Nonsense Butt Building for example. The main focus of that program is to simply perform just a few exercises in a varied and structured way over time. And NOT many exercises performed in a half heartedly manner. That’s how you build a perfect Fit Buzz Butt. And that same approach is how you will build perfect Fit Buzz abs.


The Good Exercises


  • Bicycles
  • Weighted stability ball crunches
  • Hanging leg raises with a rounded back (Not arched)
  • Decline bench hip thrusts
  • Squats
  • Oblique crunches
  • Front squats
  • Hanging knee raises with a rounded back (Not arched)
  • Stretch cable crunches


So, When Should You Work Your Abs?


Here’s the simple formula…


Upper body day 

At the end of your workouts. This works best because you won’t be exhausting your abs as much on these days. If you exhaust your abs too early on in your workout, you won’t be able to perform your 10-15 minute ab workout in the most effective way as described above.

Cardio day

This works best because cardio is mostly ‘light’ work compared to strength training/weightlifting. So you should have enough energy at the end of this workout to perform a 10-15 minute ab workout.

The only day that doesn’t work best for ab specific training is on your full body (heavy compound) workout day.




  1. You’ll be giving yourself a great ab workout with the big lifts such as the squat/deadlift
  2. You’ll be totally exhausted by the end of these full body workouts. The only thing you’ll want to do is go home and refeed and rest your body. The Fit Buzz way.


To Conclude


If you’ve performed any of the so called ‘bad’ ab exercises, you would have definitely experienced the lower back pain as described on this page. And if you want to look after your back for the foreseeable future, then everything described here will help you achieve that, which ever program you’re on.


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15 Steps To Get ‘Hard Bodied’ And Kill The Soft/Puffy ‘Look’

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Sometimes, all you need to succeed is just a reminder of what you need to do. Because there really are no secrets to success. It’s simply knowing what to do and to simply keep on doing it (in short). And that’s with most things. Not just to get a strong hard physique.

That’s the core reason why Fit Buzz works. Because our long term goal is fitness motivation. And motivation works, because it gets you off of your a** to do what’s needed :).

Another thing that works well is setting rock solid short term/long term goals. So, today ive decided to create a list of action items. Actions that you probably know you should be doing, but for whatever reason, are not, in order to kill the soft/puffy ‘look’ and build strong hard curves. As that’s the no.1 concern to most FitBuzzers of recent.


Fit Buzz Action Item #1


Don’t work out on fumes. Always workout with fuel.


Fit Buzz Action Item #2


Prepare your meals a day or week in advance. Doing so means that you have one less thing to think about from your weekly to-do list. The working life may be busy than ever before in 2012. Fortunately we have tools and technology to make that easier (take advantage of your mobile apps and get more s*** done).

Also, youll decrease the chances of snacking on the wrong foods during your busy mornings and pre-workouts. Turn preparation into a habit and consistency with eating the right foods will be a concern no more.


Fit Buzz Action Item #3


A fitness lifestyle is simply a lifestyle change. Yet, you’ll have to get off the ‘easy’ train and feel some pain to get that ultimate Fit Buzz physique. Which basically means you’ll have to bust your a** and train insane.

Now, working out at an insanely intense pace for weeks on end is not realistic. You can only keep that up for several weeks at a time. Follow this goal setting post and focus on a 6 week cycle. This is basically a training format top athletes use to get into tip top shape before a competition.

You simply work at your best rate for 6 weeks, take the 7th week off for rest. Analyse your results. And then do the same thing all over again.

In terms if strength training, that means to start at a heavier weight than you did for the first 6 week cycle. By the 60th or 90th day, you’ll experience results like this….


Fit Buzz Action Item #4


Workout in a no nonsense gym, where everyone is there for one core reason. To get results.


Fit Buzz Action Item #5


Always know exactly what you are going to do in your workouts, before you workout. Going mindlessly into your workouts is the classic sin of the majority. Make sure you are in the minority. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It’s that simple.


Fit Buzz Action Item #6


I’ve said this before, but you really are what you eat, literally. I won’t give the full explanation here as this is an action item list. However it is mentioned throughout the lifestyle diet ebook and no nonsense butt building.


Fit Buzz Action Item #7


Use music to fuel that drive to push for those last few reps. As that’s what will trigger most of your results from heavy lifting. Whether the goal is training for strength or size.


Fit Buzz Action Item #8


The mirror is great. It’s better than the scale for reasons I’ve mentioned ALL over this site and on our social profiles. However, gauging your progress via taking pictures is the better option, because you’ll look at yourself every single day. Which means you are half blind to the actual changes that are happening. Also, most of your lean mature muscle building results will take time (slowgress) and its epically (Wait, is that even a word? :|) hard to build everyday self motivation by starring at an almost exact ‘you’ from yesterday (which is why stayfitbuzz exists so that you can compare yourself with what you don’t currently look like – search/add ‘shauntls’ on Instagram).


Tip: This is the ONLY time where you SHOULD compare your self to others. For motivation sake.


Fit Buzz Action Item #9


Don’t forget to sleep. Yes, it’s a basic tip. Yet, you are still probably committing this ultimate sin, by not getting enough of it. For some strange reason, the minds of the majority think that the temporary pump that is experienced during the workout is ever lasting. When of course, it is not. Sleep more and your body will thank you for it in the form of body changing results.


Fit Buzz Action Item #10


Find yourself a training partner, unless you workout in a popular gym. Because you will struggle to push yourself for those last few much needed reps on the big compound lifts such as squats or the bench press/seated dumbbell press.


Fit Buzz Action Item #11


Wear clothes that compliment your physique. Yes, it is true that a strong, healthy body will look good in almost any garment. However, that only really applies to those individuals who have developed truly outstanding muscle groups such as glutes, quads and shoulders. Because these are huge muscle groups that are hard to hide. If you are naturally slim, yet have developed a great shape. Then you are going to have to dress to show it. Otherwise most clothes that you buy for your size will look baggy on your superb physique. Which will make you look pretty ordinary.


This is important, because how the ‘public’ responds to you can give you a real motivational boost (or killer) as well as a mighty confidence boost. With confidence being the real benefit, because a confident YOU will improve your career opportunities, your relationship with the opposite sex and your ability to transform the lives of others (very important), amongst other things.


Fit Buzz Action Item #12


Kill the use of machines and start using the barbell more. Some machines are good, in that they allow you to use multiple joints that can be worked at the same time. Yet, is still inferior to barbell based movements. This is because the pattern of the movement is determined by the machine and not YOU… (The individual biomechanics of YOU).


Every ‘male’ FitBuzzer will want bigger quads. (Check out the Alice Matos interview). And most are told to hit the machine that targets your quads ONLY. Yet, quadriceps and hamstrings always function together at the same time in order to balance the force you put upon them on either side of your knees. So clearly, the machine has lost touch with the way the human body works in this scenario.

If you switch to barbells, you can at least make the necessary adjustments to the movement in question. Which is why No Nonsense Butt Building works. With what we like to call ‘shifting the load’.


Fit Buzz Action Item #13


Just lift some heavy weight dammit. You’ll become a lot harder and more dense because of it. No magic pill required.


Fit Buzz Action Item #14


Fear of the weight is not the real issue. Fear of knowing how to use the bar and lift the weight is. Use Stayfitbuzz and the program’s in order to learn how to perform every necessary weight lifting move properly. For your own safety. (… Not joking around, this is serious).


Fit Buzz Action Item #15


The reason that isolated body-part training on machines doesn’t work is the same reason that barbells work so well, better than any other tools we can use to gain strength. The human body functions as a complete system — it works that way, and it likes to be trained that way. It doesn’t like to be separated into its constituent components and then have those components exercised separately, since the strength obtained from training will not be utilized in this way. The general pattern of strength acquisition must be the same as that in which the strength will be used. The nervous system controls the muscles, and the relationship between them is referred to as “neuromuscular.” When strength is acquired in ways that do not correspond to the patterns in which it is intended to actually be used, the neuromuscular aspects of training have not been considered. More barbell action please.


I have another 15 or more Fit Buzz Action Tips to share with you. So stay tuned.

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How To Select Foods/Calculate Calories (Simple Method)

July 2, 2012 by  
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Last week, I again described what the general make up of your meals should consist of. Knowing what to eat has been made easier due the meal plans for abs series that was created in the 2nd quarter of this year. But today, I just wanted to share some other simple tips that will help you along in preparation for those meal plans. And to start turning simple everyday tasks into natural habits. (Looking at you Fitbuzzer Kerry Mckjunkin ;-))


How To Calculate Your Calorie Intake (The Simple Formula)


You already know that a reduction in calories AND resistance training is the best way to go for rapid fat loss and lean muscle building. The lifestyle diet ebook shows you how to calculate what your calorie intake should be in order to lose fat. But instead of heading back to the lifestyle diet ebook every single time, just to remind yourself of what your daily in take should be, just do this…


  • Your body weight in pounds x 11


  • Example: 195 lbs x 11 = 2145 calories


Most people who weigh that much AND whose physiques consist of mostly fat and not muscle, would certainly eat more than 2145 calories per day (On a normal day). That’s how one would permanently remain at that weight. Match the drop in calories with a Fit Buzz Strength training program and you WILL begin to look like a super Fitbuzzer within months and build lean mature muscle within 12-16 months instead of 24 months.

I recently mentioned not to over obsess about exact numbers/figures (Especially in regards to the scale) and that’s why the above calculation works well.

  1. Because it’s only an estimate of what your calorie intake should be
  2. It’s something that you can work out on the fly (Pull out your iPhone and work it out)

Remember, these are just simple things that you can do and don’t take into account other important factors such as ones activity level (Other articles such as this do, or other Fit Buzz programs). This is all in aid to prevent your mind from making things more complicated than they need to be.

Is your progress running at a slowgress pace? Well, understand that slowgress IS the best progress for super long term results… And more importantly, slowgress IS ‘progress’ (If you ACT, then you are ALWAYS producing a result, good or bad. Aim for 1-2lbs fat lost per week)



Buy More of These Foods In This Order (Carbs)



The ‘simple’ list


Here’s another table from The Guide To Necessary Supplementation ebook. Those Fitbuzzers from the Facebook fan pages would remember this chart. Simply eat more of the carbs on the right.



By buying your foods in this way, you’ll have the carbs in your kitchen that you should be eating most of the time. Because experience proves time and time again, that if there is food in your kitchen, you WILL eat it.

Of course, nutritional timing is important on the quest to getting lean. And even eating the right kind of carbs at ‘any given time’ on a consistent basis  isn’t an ideal approach to staying lean (at least in the first 2 years of building up lean mature muscle).

You’ll only realistically be ‘in the zone’ (100% strict on diet and intense training) for several weeks at a time. This a lifestyle change. Not a quest to turn you into a robot. So if you are going to slip up every now and again, you might as well do it with the foods that actually benefit you 70-80% of the time. As well as getting that necessary fiber and vitamin C, which you can only really obtain from carb based foods.


Note: You will slip up and you should. As being too strict can turn you into that rebellious kid whose parents tried to protect them from the badness of the world, only to rebel and jump further into that badness not realizing the long term consequences. In other words, keeping a diet that’s too clean and tasteless will only make you want to eat more of the bad foods in batches of binges.


Buy More of These Foods In This Order (Proteins)


The main thing to consider when buying protein food sources is that you are buying ‘variety’. Some food sources such as rice and beans won’t contain a great amino acid profile on their own, but together they do, which is why you often see them coupled together on main dishes.


The ‘simple’ list




Buy More of These Foods In This Order (Fats)



Most of you will know that you need to be avoiding trans fatty acids as much as possible (Pop corn, onion rings, donuts). But for the sake of this post, I’ll just describe the order of which food sources (Essential Fatty Acids) that you should be buying most/least of. (EFA’s are worth buying in supplement form. The lucky Fitbuzzers would have had these fed to them in the childhood years by the elders :)).


The ‘simple’ list






To conclude


The main point of all of the above is to simply prepare you for the kitchen when creating these Fit Buzz (And future) meal plans. Because things won’t be perfect all of the time.


– You’ll be tired from work

– Your girlfriend/boyfriend may dump you

– You’ll get depressed/stressed

– Your favorite team may lose

– You’ll have random days of spontaneous fun (Possibly cheat)

– This list is endless


Because of this, it’s better to prevent than to detect when things start to go south in regards to how you look and feel. And that starts with the preparation of the foods you store in your kitchen.

Yes, Fit Buzz is your source of daily motivation (I know because of the daily messages :)). But for all other times of the day when Fit Buzz isn’t directly present in your life, follow the above.

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