How To Structure Your Meals To Avoid The Build Up Of Fat

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A lot of people are confused about how to eat, what to eat and when to eat. If that’s you, that’s OK. That’s why there’s a meal plan for abs mini series. Now, you’ve probably read a lot of ‘deep’ info out there about nutrition. Infact, if you’ve downloaded any of the main programs, you would have read and started to understand some of that info too, as it’s needed sometimes. However, you will notice that the SFB ‘deep’ info only goes so far.


Because the long term approach is a simple approach. That’s what will work best in this lifestyle. For your sanitys sake and for not annoying your associates sake .

So, all ‘deep’ info aside, here’s the practical break down of the contents of each meal.


  • Lean protein food source (See lifestyle diet ebook for a full list)
  • Slow digesting carbs (Yams, Potatoes <– Not bad carbs… visit the homepage to understand why)
  • Fibrous carbs (Veggies)


Then simply follow the lifestyle diet calculation (IT’S DONE FOR YOU).

1. Calories for the day

2. Lean protein in grams for the day

3. Fat and carbs with the calories you have remaining

(Manipulate carbs based on goal and body type)

Now, since the goal is to get strong, lean and sexy without the build up of fat (Remember, you can be ‘big’ and still be lean)


Then simply cut the starchy carbs in half or out completely to reduce or if you are hypoglycemic or very carb sensitive). If you are on the grow your glutes program, which requires the building up of muscle, then don’t cut anything. Just consume your daily calories as worked out from the lifestyle diet (In this case, simply increase the calorie in take that you have worked out, as your goal would be growth in this case).

Another thing you can do is to simply eat loads of veggies, as they are not calorie dense (This simply means that you can only eat a small portion of foods such as dark chocolate because you’ll take in a lot of calories from just a few bites of the stuff. But it would take  A LOT of veggies to reach that same calorie intake. This is great, because usually it’s your mind telling you that you just want to taste something. You’re not actually that hungry. Instead of suffering, simply snack on some fresh veggies).


Some other pointers 


– Avoid fat when fast digestion is required (It slows it down)

– Avoid eating fat when consuming carbs

– Eat a protein and carb food source for every meal (It’s sometimes best to eat proteins and carbs separately. But for the SFB meals, you’ll consume both – See page 31 of the lifestyle diet)

Every other article on this site will state that lifting weights is the better option than cutting calories (Doing both is actually best), when the goal is to lose fat and get lean (hard). And when it comes to muscle building, or simply wanting to gain weight (A common Fitbuzzer question), then focus on these few pointers…


  • Avoid eating heavy carbs towards bed time (But make sure you eat them within 3-4 hours after you workout)
  • Progress slowly (With the increase of weights that you lift and your increased calorie in take)
  • Start at your body-weight in lbs x 18kcal. Check the balance weekly. If you start gaining weight then keep eating the same amount of calories. If you aren’t gaining weight then add 500 calories. Repeat until you have your goal weight. (Note: Try not to focus too much on ‘weight’. Focus on how you actually look in the mirror. Your weight will fluctuate wildly at different times of the day, which can make that reading a little biased. Besides, the scale won’t tell you if you stomach is getting too puffy, or if your arms are getting bigger or more defined, or if your butt is actually changing shape)
  • Eat A-rated foods (80/90% of the time) = Eating clean
  • Cycle your workouts 


(The change of workout structure is actually a key part to the specialization programs.)

Training for strength (5 x 5) AND training for size (3 x 10) will ensure that you benefit from the best of both worlds.

Switching between both will ensure that you can actually maintain ‘leanness’ even with your new larger frame. As long as you are maintaining your calorie in take, you won’t be losing that hard earned ‘muscle for size’ any time soon, just because you decide to switch to a strength training workout.

There are some specific details that can help explain this a little more. Something that we cover in the monthly updates of each program. But there is no need to over complicate things. Follow all that’s mentioned above and you will grow your muscles large (Arms, butt, legs, chest) without storing too much fat. More muscle equals the more fat you’ll keep off over time, just focus on one thing at a time and progress slowly.

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51 Fit Buzz Info Tips From The Facebook Fan Page

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I always talk about consistency being one of the key elements to this lifestyle. So I thought I’d do something cool and put myself to the test, by testing how consistent I have been with providing daily info over on the Facebook fan page with a full post consisting of the key quotes/messages used throughout the page (to-date).

This all came about with a conversation I had with Fitbuzzer Carlimorgan several hours ago. She says she learns a lot from the page, but not the website. So I thought I’d bring you the best of both worlds for a day. 


**In no specific order of importance**



”Your tools for progress

1. The mirror

2. Photos

3. Measurements

4. How your clothes fit

5. Your friends and colleagues thoughts about your appearance

6. Opinions from strangers

7. Fat weight

8. Total bodyweight

9. Your lean body mass

10. Your body fat percentage

11. Your skinfold thickness


The best from the bunch are the opinions from ‘fitness friends’ and strangers. This is because your fitness friends probably only see you every 7-10 days if that, so they’ll will be one of the first to notice a real change, even if you haven’t. And strangers will perceive what they see within seconds of acknowledging you. And if it’s a positive reaction, you’ll know. Not that you care what anyone else thinks”



”Getting this is do-able. Keeping it is the challenge.

> Increase metabolism

> Work your Central Nervous System

> Let the lean muscle mass mature (12-24 months)”




”That’s right, you will build that 30% of your abs by lifting heavy s**t with certain compound movements…”




It’s an ab workout inside of a strength training based workout @EverythingFitbuzz, and this is the ‘look’ for that goal…”


Photo credit: C Withers Media ”



”OK, this could actually be kinda useful… @concept”




”Despite what you might have heard, it’s probably not a good idea to eat F-rated foods (Junk) on your quest to get lean. That’s why we swapped typical ‘crap foods’ for crap foods that have health benefits @ Lifestyle diet ebook”




”Sit ups and crunches aren’t totally bad, just remember that they’re not the most effective way to build abs… for the most part.”




”Remember, taking progress pictures is an important step in gauging progress. So which ever of our programs you’re using, make sure you’re snapping. Fortunately, we have cool ways of making your pictures look cool, with the likes of instagram… ”




”You got fat… that brought you to the right place. THE GYM! Muahahahauuur :D”



”Remember Fitbuzzers, ab exercises aren’t all bad. However, you don’t have to work them as hard as you may think…. 10-15 mins at the end of your workout will do.”



”As much as we’d like to say that we can build you a bumbum like this, the truth is, we can’t. For the most part, this is all genetic because of how her muscles are shaped and maybe has small amounts of GDF-8 for that muscle group. However, we can help improve what you do have, with a few proven tricks :-)”




”Remember, Strength = tension = tone (A constant solid looking butt) One of the key proven ways to first change shape of your butt is to hit those muscle fibers hard with heavy hitting weight lifting moves such as squats, deadlift and lunges. Those are exercises that everyone knows about. However there are indeed specific ways to target you glutes within those exercises.”




”• 45 percent low-glycemic carbohydrates 

• 35 percent protein 

• 20 percent fat 

• A diet high in fiber 

• And regular exercise (Stage 2) 


In general, that ratio will help you build up a solid body/butt and not bulk up or put on extra fat”




”Most girls want better looking glutes. Most guys want better looking quads. We teach you how to build both, even after you’ve built all your ‘newbie’ muscle :)”




”Remember, a long term life in fitness requires you to take 1 step back after taking a hard 2 steps forward to get results. Otherwise you could wear yourself out or force an injury. Cut back your loads @cardio and weights and build up the load again. Your increases will be small month by month. But that’s the whole point…”




For No Nonsense Butt Building we decided to focus heavily on ‘the details’. That is, to perfect every part of the structure to build a great butt and everything inbetween. Day-by-day, month-by-month. One area of focus is the warm up. Here’s a snippet…


• 30 arm circles (15 forward/15 backward) 

• 30 stationary marches 

• 30 step jacks or jumping jacks 

• 30 squats (3 x 10 sets) 

• 30 mountain climbers 

• (Riding an exercise bike is also a great warm up for the heavy squat that you will 

perform, due to your knees being exposed to a greater range of motion) 

• (Warm up on a rowing machine – Full range of motion involving the back, legs and 


• The workset warm ups”




”The smith machine is ok to start out with. But not for the on going progress of your butt building. It removes the use of the hips and turns it more into a leg press exercise. And you won’t be able to perform any of the methods taught in NNBB. Free weight barbell FTW.”




”Remember, part of the formula for effective butt building is to shred ‘surrounding’ muscle groups to create an illusion”





”No, lifting weights will not kill your flexibility. Perform the exercises properly and it will probably improve it…”




”Our buddy Miss Orsini 


Notice that muscular strip that runs down the body from the chest all the way down the leg/thigh…. You can get lean and keep your curves. That ‘3D’ effect we talk of in No Nonsense Butt Building. ”




”Tip: Your fat loss results will plateau. It’s simply a normal reaction by the body because of how the body works. When it does, just start eating a little more :).”




”Wanna know why we place a strong focus on workout structure? Because walking into your workout not knowing what you’re going to do is a sure way of ending up with less than best results.”




”Do you want to keep some size on that behind? Well, don’t ‘lifestyle diet’ or drop any calories at all (Stick to the same daily eating plan/structure). Just strength train only….”




”Yes, we place a strong emphasis on the journey and of course results. But you don’t have to let fitness take over your life. And your partner doesn’t have to drown in your passion for fitness. They can simply join you on your journey too.”




The 45/35/20 (Proteins/Carbs/Fat) ratio of nutrients provides the optimal hormone profile:


• Low and controlled insulin release 

• Slightly elevated glucagon levels 

• Increased growth hormone 

• Low cortisol levels 


= Build muscle, but without the build up of fat”




”If you measure your body fat and there’s no change (or it increases), you haven’t failed – you’ve simply produced a result. As long as you’re taking action, whatever result you produce is “performance feedback..” It may not be the result you wanted, but it’s still valuable feedback. You’ve learned something: You’ve learned one way that doesn’t work.”




”Remember, your goal is to build lean muscle mass aka muscle mass that sticks. Because once you do, you can start to choose how and when you want to workout…”




”Weight training exercises that utilize large muscle groups like the back and legs are extremely effective for stimulating the metabolism and for stimulating the hormones that increase fat burning.”




”It’s an abs and butt exercise (With a few tweaks @butt building). If you always look straight ahead and always keep the bar close to your shins, then your back won’t arch”




”As strange as it may seem, the deadlift movement should be seen as the go-to movement of the big compound lifts more than the squat. Simply because it’s a more natural movement. Think about it. It teaches you to lift things up and put things down…. properly. SFB NNBB simply teaches you how to start shifting the load with the correct lifting structure, depending on what kind of butt you want :)”




Photo credit: Dan Reshef

There are several techniques used to shift the load to your butt. Just remember, when performing the deadlift, that this is your ‘getting into position’ position. Lean back, knees inline with bar (3-4 inches away from it), arms locked, head and eyes locked looking forward, lift up.”




”You don’t need a gym to do any of our workouts. Heck, you don’t even need a bench. But it would be a good idea to get one @ long term investment”




”- Create a caloric deficit (Lifestyle diet ebook)

– Nutritional timing

– HIIT cardio

– Shift the load (Within the structured workout)”




”Maximus, Medius, Minimus… Your butt will now simply be, Central Nervous System trained muscles with a tiiiny layer of fat on top :).”




Tip: Create an illusion, Change shape of surrounding muscles to change appearance of butt, train near to failure for growth, train for strength to tone. ”



”Remember Fit Buzz Ladies, you can still look sexy even if you go for the more athletic look… ”




”This is why you workout Fitbuzzers. So that your clothes are happy to hug you while making you look extra good at the same time with SFB follower Paula Lewczuk on the right ”



• High reps and light weight = Lactic acid burn and no muscle tone 

• Low reps and heavy weight = Increased strength = Tension and muscle tone


Tone or growth, which butt you choose is up to you…”





”Your 2 important friends for the day. The jug and the bar…”




”Remember Fitbuzzers… you might be busting ass, to build an ass. Just make sure you relax your ass, so that your ass can have some fun…”




”Remember Fitbuzzers. Butt building is also about building all other muscle groups too. Because when you hit one muscle group, like a rain drop falling into a puddle, the ripple effect surges throughout @Separation and shape ”




”’Shifting the load’… Shifting the load simply means to perform exercises (Mostly compound) and tweak the movement of those exercises so that your glutes experience the majority of the impact. Toned butt, bigger butt, bigger quads? There are many variables in between to reach either of those goals. Hence why there’s a complete program. Fix your boootyyy 🙂 :P”




”There are numerous activities that you can choose to do for our NNBB cardio intervals program. But the easiest and most accessible of them all is probably cycling…”




”- Isolation exercises suck

– Isolation exercises don’t suck

Well, you might have heard us say both. They can suck, if you’re just starting out. However, they can become great after your first 6 weeks or so, once you’ve built your newbie muscle/lean meat (Yup, I said lean meat. You Fit Buzz animals :))”





If you are naturally slim, you won’t get bulky. You will simply pack on the meat and muscle that your body has been missing within the first 6 weeks of any of our programs.”




”One thing you didn’t see in the previous fb post (sample workouts) was the inclusion of supersets and tri-sets. And the push up is one of the common exercises included in those, namely with the bench press exercise.”




”The real way to spot someone is to not spot them at all. Most people rarely push themselves to the limit and real fatigue is only in the ‘mind’ for most people. So the goal is to make them ‘think’ you are helping with motivational words and an extra lift. And without realizing it, they actually lifted the weight without your help.”





”It’s better to cut a percentage of your calories than a raw cut of 500/750/1000 calories per day. This may not affect a larger individual with a huge calorie intake. But it would certainly affect a smaller (often skinny fat) individual who has a calorie intake of only 2000 daily. @killrapidfatlossandstarvationperiods

The percentage method is the safe way and will save your lean muscle and metabolic rate. @avoidthecommonyoyo(lose weight and get fat again)diet”




”You will only look semi-hard when you are not working out. Not totally hard. You gotta be dead for that.. (Angelica Mielczarek).”




”Abs are built in the kitchen (For the most part). But guess what? Glutes are built in the kitchen too… @not all elements to the formula are equal”




The squat exercise for abs… not sit ups or crunches. Just watch the abs video series to learn more. Now… those lower abs are hard to build. But be consistent and I can assure you, they WILL come. If you do want to crunch your way to abs, go for the incline bench crunch. This will target your lower abs @isolation.”


And that concludes your day in a life of SFB on Facebook 🙂 (To-date). I know that many Fitbuzzers are making great progress by just implementing some of the simple tips spread across our web platforms. I know simply because of the responses I receive every other day (And the progress pics here & here). And I know some are in heavy work in progress mode on one or two of the programs. Either way, that’s SFB in a nutshell. It’s not just about the results, it’s about the experience from achieving those results. Whether big or small, just be a rockin’ Fitbuzzer all year round. Your friends and associates will thank you for it :).

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Post workout meals to avoid fat and keep your abs

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Eat, sleep, work, rest, play… is the lifestyle diet formula. And if you start correctly as a new fitbuzzer, then not much should change to your current lifestyle if you do it right. Because all you are really doing is just adding specific eating habits/meals/workout sessions and slotting them into your existing daily plan.

Moving on…

Unsurprisingly, the top questions I have been receiving have been geared towards nutrition and how to avoid the build up of fat. One of those questions was from fitbuzzer Ebrima… asking how to avoid insulin spiking sugar post workout. So today I’ve decided to post just a few meal plan ideas just for the times after you workout (Afternoon/Evening) and towards bed time. You can check them out below.


  • Breakfast:  (Slow digesting) protein/carbs
  • Mid-morning:  protein/fat
  • Lunch:  protein/fat
  • Mid-afternoon:  protein/fat
  • Evening (after exercise): (Fast digesting) protein/carbs
  • Pre-bed: (Slow digesting) protein/fat


Post workout meals (Part 1)


Post workout drink (To be taken within 30 mins)


Red Velvet Cake Shake 


  • 1/2 cup cooked beets
  • 1 scoop of Ice Cream Sandwich Protein Powder
  • 1/4 cup blackberries
  • 1 cup ice
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 cup Almond Milk
  • 1/2 cup Egg Whites




Roasted chicken breast with spinach 


  • 4 large fresh chicken breasts, boneless and skinless (average 8oz per
  • breast)
  • 4 cups fresh spinach
  • 2 Tbsp of garlic
  • 1/4 cup walnuts crushed
  • Salt
  • Fresh ground black pepper
  • Olive oil (not extra virgin)


You should be able to make 4 servings from this

  • Calories: 407
  • Protein: 55g
  • Carbohydrates: 4g
  • Fat: 19g


Late night snack


Almond coconut bars 

  • 5 scoops chocolate Protein Powder
  • 1/2 cup Flax Seeds
  • 1/2 cup Almonds, sliced
  • 3 TbspNon fat cottage cheese
  • 3 Tbsp of Stevia
  • 1/4 cup Water
  • 1 teaspoon Canola Oil
  • 1 teaspoon Coconut extract
  • 2 teaspoons Almond extract

You should be able to make 4 bars from this mixture

  • Calories: 282
  • Protein: 27g
  • Carbohydrates: 12g
  • Fat: 14g



Post workout meals (Part 2)


Post workout drink (To be taken within 30 mins)


Almond milk and whey protein (Whey protein because of the low protein content in almond milk)




Chicken Fajitas


  • 4 Chicken Breast (6oz each)
  • 1 Lettuce, finely chopped
  • 1 Onion, Cut in wedges
  • 1 Green Pepper, Cut in wedges
  • 1 Red Pepper, Cut in wedges
  • 4 Tbsp of Salsa
  • 1 Tbsp Olive Oil
  • 4 Large Whole Wheat Tortillas
  • Salt And Pepper


Will make up to 4


(For 1 Tortilla)

Calories: 277

  • Protein: 47g
  • Carbohydrates: 39g
  • Fat: 4g


Post workout meals (Part 3)


Post workout drink (To be taken within 30 mins)


Hydrowhey + multivitamin supplement (Alone)




3 – 4 (Grass fed) Bison Burgers



  • 1 lbs of Ground Buffalo
  • 1 Tbsp of olive oil
  • 1 chopped onion
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1/4 cup oat bran
  • 1/4 cup cooked, mashed sweet potato
  • 1 teaspoon oregano
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper


(For each burger)

  • Calories: 143
  • Protein: 22g
  • Carbohydrates: 6g
  • Fat: 2g

Late night snack


Casein and whey protein together (Taken alone)


How much to consume?

  • 200lb male – 40 – 50 grams
  • 120 lb female – 25 – 30 grams


Remember, it’s simply a case of refueling your body with fast digesting nutrients immediately after you workout. Because this is the only time of day when your body is literally screaming to be re-fed. And where you are allowed to give insulin a mighty spike without having to worry too much about it affecting your overall fat loss results. Another important point to make is that none of this will matter if you are not consistent with your daily nutrition. Because the foods that you eat for the other 20 something hours will determine how you will look most of the time. Getting that wrong may ultimately mean that this ‘window of time’ will be a waste of time. Be consistent Fitbuzzers!

Eat your dinner meal 2 – 3 hours after this period. And if you still feel like a snack before you go to bed, then the slow digesting snacks above will be great in order to slow down the starvation period that you go through when you sleep.

If you are worried about how to drop or even increase the calorie intake of the said meals. It’s simple, just eat more or less of the meal plan contents. If you want to get specific about that, simply leave a message in the comments section below and I’ll respond to whatever you ask.

For the purpose of this post, I deliberately left the directions out on how to prepare the above meals, as it would make for an uncomfortable long read. However, the full directions are included in the monthly updates HERE and HERE. Heck, these are only 3 half meal plans out of 120 or so that I’ll be posting over the next year or so, so feel free to email directly and I’ll send them to you.


To conclude


  • A rated foods
  • The right types of foods eaten at the right time
  • Along with your desired calorie intake

That’s how you avoid the build up of unnecessary fat in order to stay lean and ‘keep’ your abs. 

One other thing I want to mention is that it’s not always ‘70% abs are built in the kitchen’ or 80% or whatever. It’s all three keys combined in order to create the best result. And it will vary from person to person, because we as human beings are not equal.


These posts will help too if you have yet to read them.


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How to Structure Your Diet for Abs And Tone

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One of the hot topics over at Fit Buzz Q & A (emails/messages between YOU and Fit Buzz ) is ‘How to eat based on when I workout ?’. Or simply ‘what to eat ?’. Well, the lifestyle diet ebook is free, so if you haven’t done so, give that a read. The other thing you can do is jump on the meal plans for abs series train. But today, I’m going to give you the simple break down to that first question ‘How to eat based on when I workout ?’

It doesn’t matter if you are a Fitbuzzer newbie or a pro, the structure is always a good thing to always be thinking about.

‘How to eat based on when I workout ?’

When to workout?


Now, it doesn’t really matter what time of day that you decide to workout, as long as your body is well rested and/or fed for the workout. Workout periods are as follows:

Very early morning (6.00-7.00am)


If you are going to workout at this time of the day, then make sure that you have eaten a late night meal such as cottage cheese or even Casein. As you awake, you can consume fibrous carbs such as vegetables (How much isn’t important as they are not calorie dense. The complete opposite in fact) or fruits. Fruits wouldn’t usually be a good food source to consume due to their sugary nature (Even though they are A-rated and natural). However, this is ideal for a pre workout meal and especially a morning meal.

The reason for this is because you have just slept for several hours and have put your body through a ‘starvation period’. Starvation periods are what you want to avoid as they can lead to fat gain over time. It is at this time of day where your insulin levels will be craving to be spiked and this time of day along with any other pre-workout time period is the ONLY time of day where you should purposely spike your insulin levels. This is because your body will require the extra energy for the depletion that will occur during your intense workout.

If you are going to workout this early in the morning, then avoid the slow digesting A rated carb meals, such as Oatmeal or Potatoes. These carbs can take anywhere between 8 -10 hours to completely digest. So it’s clearly not ideal in this scenario.

In general, you’ll want to fill your body with a minimum of 10 grams of fast digesting carbs (fruits) before you workout.

In regards to protein avoid the slow digesting proteins such as chicken, turkey and meats. Opt for fast digesting proteins such as almond milk, whey protein powder and semi-skimmed milk (If you want to reduce calories even further you can avoid semi-skimmed milk and combine Almond milk and whey protein together, to avoid the extra fat). Again, 10 grams.

What ever your calorie in take goal is, just simply reduce (or increase) the meal plan content of any meal plans you follow at Stay-Fit Buzz e.g


3 egg omelettes with whole eggs, onions, peppers, cheese and mushrooms

1 medium lean chicken sausage

1 cup of jasmine pearls green tea

1 orange

Protein: 36g

Carbohydrates: 29g

Fat: 19g

Fiber: 5g

Calories: 410

Simply eat 1 or 2 omelettes instead of 3. And do the same throughout in each of the meals. If you want to workout how much calories to consume, head over to the lifestyle diet ebook.

Early morning workout (10.00pm – 12.00pm)

If you decide to workout at this time of the day, then you can follow the above scenario. However, if you decide to wake up much earlier, then it would be in your favor to consume a slow digesting carb/protein meal, such as Oatmeal with flaxseeds. Then ensure that you consume fruits, whey protein or vegetables 1 hour before and after you workout.

Early evening workout (5.00 – 7.00 pm)


As long as you have eaten a full lunch meal, then again you only need to ensure that you consume fruits, whey protein or vegetables 1 hour before and after you workout. This will of course be followed up with a slow digesting dinner meal 2 hours after this period. The reason for the consumption of fast digesting food sources is so that your body can fully absorb the nutrients that it very much requires following an intense workout session. Consuming any other food sources during these periods will only slow down digestion.

Late evening workout (7.00 – 10.00 pm)

After a full lunch and an afternoon snack. Simply consume one more afternoon snack after 5.00pm. Another heavy slow digesting meal may not be needed. This is because it takes at least 8-10 hours for a heavy slow digesting meal to completely digest. Eating one more snack will ensure that you are not putting your body through a starvation period and to ensure that you keep your energy levels up throughout the day.

Consume fruits, whey protein or vegetables 1 hour before and after you workout, followed by a dinner meal. Unless you decide to go to bed shortly after your workout, in which case, a late night snack will suffice.

Simply add this structure to the workout and meal plan structure from any of the programs you are currently on at Stay-Fit Buzz and you will be well on your way to building a strong, lean, toned physique!

Extra tips

Don’t eat this when consuming carbs


Nutritional timing is key. But one sure fire way to avoid the build up of fat, whether you are trying to grow muscle or trying to get lean, is to never combine fat with carbs in your meals. The logic behind this rule is that consuming carbs will of course trigger Mr.insulin. Spike him too much and you’ll eventually start storing unwanted fat around your body. Since that is the case, why would you want to add EXTRA fat to that process?

So the logic behind ‘no fat’ while eating carbs is to reduce the ease at which your body is able to store fat, which is probably the no.1 dilemma that most Fitbuzzers struggle with.

  • If you are eating fat, limit your carbohydrate intake to less than 10 grams in that meal.
  • If you are eating carbs, limit your fat intake to less than 10 grams in that meal.

Potatoes are not bad carbs

Potatoes are not bad carbs (Filling, full of vitamins, minerals and generally low in calories). You can eat white potatoes and include them into your diet and still stay ‘ripped’. Yes, they do rate highly on the Glycemic Index, however, different potatoes read differently. Simply go for baking potatoes or yams if you are on the quest to stay lean and/or if white potatoes don’t agree with how your body responds when you eat them. One other thing to point out is that eating potatoes with a lean protein will lower the GI too.

What you need to avoid doing, especially if you are a fan of eating out, is to avoid eating a loaded potato (A potato with extra nutrients added such as butter, sour cream, bacon). Most potatoes on most meal plans will be ‘loaded’, because potatoes are a generally bland food to eat. In fact, most A-rated natural food sources are (Which is why the meal plans for abs series was created to fix that). Eating potatoes any other time than just before a workout is just fine… just don’t load them up with degraded food sources.

– Potatoes are not bad carbs


If you have followed any recent updates at Fit Buzz, you’ll know that variety is key to the workouts in order to keep the body guessing and to build your best body and keep it that way. (Interval training/New workouts). But another place you need to add variety is in the foods that you eat. The guide to necessary supplementation can help with that. But variety doesn’t start there. It starts where you buy your foods. And for most, that starts in the high street supermarket. The problem here is that the high street supermarket will…

  1. Lack in the variety of foods (You need variety in order to refuel your body of all or most of the nutrients required achieve the ‘look’)
  2. Lack in A-rated food sources (Those found in the lifestyle diet ebook)

Buying whole grains is a prime example of this. Shredded wheat is probably the option that most will go for when the goal is to consume 100% whole grains. But if you take a look around the surrounding shelves, you’ll find that shredded wheat is probably the ONLY 100% whole grain option that you have. The others contain refined carbs, usually to better the taste, because A-rated foods are mostly tasteless. In this case, you can add fruit to your bowl of shredded wheat.


You could opt to shop in a health food store. The first thing you’ll notice is a much greater variety of A-rated foods. The most important thing however, is the fact that you will be adding that much needed variety to your diet. Because it’s vary rare to find all the nutrients that you need from just one food source.


One occurrence I see with some Fitbuzzers is to hear them say ‘Ohhh… this isn’t working’. This will mean one of 2 things:

  • They are a newbie to fitness and expect results in just 3 – 4 weeks (You will get good results in that time, but not GREAT results. Unless you are a top level athlete, which most are not).
  • They are a seasoned Fitbuzzer and require some specialization to their workouts, variety to their diet or better yet, REST! Rest, because for the most part, if you train 3 – 4 times a week and have been doing so for several weeks, you will be looking at the catabolic version of YOU 70-80% of the time. If you want to see what the 95-100% YOU looks like, then take 7 – 10 days off (2-3 weeks for some people on a growth program) from training while maintaining the same food intake. The results will surprise you. This is because training puts your body in a high stress state and there’s a good chance that you won’t be getting the required daily rest after training for several weeks.

Whichever the case, just be consistent with the Fit Buzz approach to fitness. Each program will be different. But the ‘formula’ for each will be the same. With the latest introduction being the monthly up dates to the meal plans for abs and the No Nonsense Butt Building Specialization program.

The key thing to remember about all of this is to start forming habits. Because your habits will soon become ‘the norm’. No crap foods in your cupboards or fridge, the workout is just something that you ‘do’ and now that Fit Buzz is here, there’s always something fun to look forward to 🙂


If you want to see progress pictures from our very own Fitbuzzers, then head over to the Hall of fame at the top of this page. And in the meantime, just keep an eye on your emails, because some newer Fitbuzzers are currently on their way to the Hall of Fame very soon.

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