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ANOTHER reason why you need to build muscle vs losing fat for best results

At lot of the emails I have been receiving lately have been geared towards ‘how to focus on improving certain body parts’. How to get more toned arms is a common question.

It’s quite ironic really, as a lot of the things I have been talking about this past month have been about how to progress past that 6 or 4 week training period.

You know, that period where you got your first taste of fitness. Where your body ached for 10 days straight. AND… where you experienced your first explosive results!

But then something happened. The results stopped coming. You lost your thrill. Followed by your motivation. Which is understandable. After all, you had nothing to look forward to every time you worked out.

What happened Fitbuzzers, is that your body adapted.

You see, your body is very smart, in a sense that it is very good at adapting to any environment that you place it in. Lifting weights is a prime example of this.

Youll lift weights and your body will adapt to ‘the lifting of weights’ after several weeks. That is also the reason why it’s hard to achieve noticeable results thereafter, because in order to change how your body looks, you have to lift weights. But your body already knows how to lift (and respond to) weights!

So how do you progress?

You lifted weights, you got your ideal body, but yet. Your arms lack in size or tone. Or your legs/butt are still too small or not toned enough for your liking (The 2 common problems for Fitbuzzers).

So how do you progress?

Well there’s 4 things you can focus on (And one thing to cut back on)


#1 Interval training (keep the body guessing)



As I mentioned earlier, your body is quite smart with it’s ability to adapt to change. So your goal is to out pace the pace at which your body adapts to change. Even when you feel that you are NOT experiencing a plateau.

The first point I have to make though is to again, state the goal of a typical Fitbuzzer. That is…


To get strong, lean and sexy for both men and women


And for the most part, that will be coming from an initial goal of fat loss.

Now, the idea of interval training whether that be in the weights room or on the bike, is to keep your body guessing. You will do this by changing the number of sets, reps, rest periods and other variables. Doing so will demand for your body to keep on adapting which in turn will force it to use more energy and burn more fat.

Why resistance training?

I talk about this in depth, namely throughout No Nonsense Butt Building. But I talk about it across the board. Nevertheless, the short version is this…

  • To increase your metabolic rate
  • For more calorie burning (Without losing stacks of lean muscle mass)
  • To promote protein turnover

With a focus on shorter workout periods. It’s simply the best form of exercise that will improve your body composition.


More energy used AND more muscle growth (Problem areas are now starting to wave goodbye)


#2 Specialization (cycling periods for better gains)


The base Fit Buzz workout for all of our workouts are based on strength training on the quest to getting strong, lean and sexy. You’ll start your training with light weights and then progress to heavy training. However, if you keep on progressing and lifting to your limit, one of the following things may happen…

  • You’ll burn out
  • Develop an injury
  • Or face a plateau

If you have become a victim to any of the above, then introducing a cycling approach to your training may just be your savior.

The 6 week time frame is enough time for a top level athlete to be taken from ‘good’ to ‘GREAT’ (It will probably take longer for you, but that’s OK). But if the training is too prolonged, they may become over trained and lose energy and well, not ‘look’ so ‘great’.

So the natural thing for you to do in your training is to take a step back after an initial 4-6 week push, start again with lighter weights after about a week before going full throttle again, steadily increasing the weight over the next 3-4 months. Keep repeating the pattern, but starting the new cycling with a heavier weight than the previous one every time.

I’ll cover this topic in a lot more detail throughout the specialization monthly updates in each of the related programs, simply because it’s too much to cover in a post like this. And because results will vary from person to person. Which is something I can address throughout the course of those programs.


#3 Muscle targeting (Shifting the load)


If you follow Fit Buzz on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, email or any other platform that we use. Then you would have recently noticed a lot of talk about shifting the load. This basically means to perform common or specific compound movements in a way that targets a desired muscle group.

This works for muscle building, because unlike fat loss, you can spot reduce to some degree. We know this is true because you only have to look at the majority of guys who lift weights to build muscle for size. Huge upper body’s, yet tiny little chicken legs. This is because they focused on the muscles that they wanted to improve. Not an ideal way to train. Yet, a factor that you can use to your advantage in order to fix those lagging body parts.

Even our recent interviewee Alice Matos from Brazil uses our approach in her training. Which is why we have given her the name Quad Queen.



Because she knows about how to shift the load. No B.S. going on here Fitbuzzers. Shifting the load works. You just need to track and note everything on your journey. And be patient. Creating a near perfect body can take anywhere between 12-24 months. But of course, we want to get you there in the quickest time possible, which is why we create program’s for that specific purpose.

If you still, for what ever reason fear the weights, then read this post and fear no more!

#4 Take extra supplements


The only reason that you need to take extra supplementation is to fuel your body of the nutrients it lacks from your natural everyday meals.

An example of this is your quest to refuel your body with ALL of the proteins that your body requires.



If you have had a read of the lifestyle diet ebook, you would have learned about ALL the common foods that you can consume and how they are rated from a health perspective, with A being the most highest rating and with F being the lowest. Now, you probably know that 70% of your results will be due to what you do in the 20 something hours when you DON’T workout (The workout is simply the trigger for change). Which means 70% of your results will be down to what, how and when you eat. You can follow the lifestyle diet ebook and get ‘good’ results. But in order to get ‘GREAT’ results, supplements may just be the way to go.


Well, most of the meals that you eat will contain ‘most’ of the nutrients required to refuel your body and supply it with sufficient energy. But those meals (for the most part) won’t contain ALL the nutrients that you need. Taking the right supplements at the right time can be the key to taking your physique from ‘good’ to ‘GREAT’, by supplying your body with the nutrients that it lacks to gain from your everyday meals.

One example of this is when you consume foods such as fish on the quest to supply your body of good fats Omega 3 and Omega 6. In general, you need a balance of both. But it’s very rare for any natural food source to contain a good balance of both. In which case, you turn to a fish oil supplement for the solution, which of course, should usually be consumed with your natural food source.

Supplements may sometimes get a bad rep in the fitness industry. But the fact of the matter is, they will work when consumed in the right way and with the right intentions and may just be what your body needs to go from ‘good’ to ‘GREAT’  (No, you cannot use supplements to COMPLETELY replace your everyday meals :P).


Less calorie cutting and more strength training


The reason why it’s a better idea to focus on strength training opposed to cutting calories to get lean, is because when you cut calories, you run the risk of cutting lean muscle mass along the way. And it’s not something that can easily be avoided. One of the main reasons is because you can’t spot reduce where you lose fat. So there’s a very high probability that you’ll lose some lean muscle mass if you decide to cut calories (Even when you cut them based on a percentage *The better option* opposed to cutting by a base number such as 500, 750 or 1000 calories per day).

Of course, you have to begin your journey by creating a caloric deficit. And of course, it’s best to create a caloric deficit AND weight train to get lean. But a long the way, try and make the shift towards maintaining a base caloric intake while performing strength training workouts to stay lean.

Doing so will at least reduce the risk of you regaining fat over the long term. Which for some Fitbuzzers may be the cause of the problem in regards to stubborn body parts.

Less lean muscle mass = more fat gain = you don’t know where that fat will end up = harder to lose it the next time you try

You don’t have to implement each of the above points in one go. Set some goals or simply use one of our programs to change your body from ‘good’ to ‘GREAT’. There’s only one major specialization program in place at the moment, which is for No Nonsense Butt Building (Get it firm/Grow your glutes/Grow your quads).

(The other main programs can be accessed via the page you’re on now or the lifestyle diet ebook page HERE)

However, each program that you see will come with special monthly updates, which will help you change your body from ‘good’ to ‘GREAT’. Improvements are introduced week by week, so it only gets better for you and all fellow Fitbuzzers.




One final tip…

‘Don’t run if you can walk, don’t walk if you can stand, don’t stand if you can sit, and if you sat, might as well lie down and take a nap.”


”Cut back on your workout frequency, sleep a couple of hours more per night, take a nap every now and again. And like magic, you may notice your body change from ‘good’ to ‘GREAT’ ” – REST


What are your stubborn body parts?

Have you recently faced a plateau?


Leave your thoughts in the comments section below

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