The Meal plans and workouts to build abs and stay lean

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Since launching the Meal plans and workouts mini report series last week, there have been a couple of questions about it. I won’t reveal those just yet. I’ll simply help those individuals specifically as the issues aren’t really complexed. After all, it is quite simple.

  • 10-15 meal plans to stay lean (And build abs)
  • 5-10 new workouts to stay lean and strong
  • To be emailed ‘exclusively’ once a month

Which will help you create a strong and lean physique that you can keep. The main goal is of course to help you stay motivated over the next 12 months and beyond. Many of you have already received your first report and will of course receive a new set with new info next month. But today, I’ll share 2 meal plans and 2 workouts from the first report.


  • The meals can be cooked at home and no, you don’t need to be a master chef to prepare them. Some meals such as lunch and dinner have been prepared so that you are able to cook once and serve yourself 4 times (As long as you keep it refrigerated). Which of course will help you save time. Full ingredients and cooking directions have been given for these meals.
  • The first thing to remember is that you don’t need to ‘diet’. Dieting is what causes most people to gain weight over time, as explained here. Also, make sure that you read the lifestyle diet ebook, as that further explains the concepts discussed in that article. In short, if your goal is fat loss, then cut calories based on a percentage of your own weight instead of a common figure, such as 500 or 750 calories a day. By doing so you’ll reduce the chances of losing your lean muscle mass. Which you need in order to stay lean for the long term. In regards to meal plans, just adjust the calorie intake based on what your current goals are. 
  • The workouts are strength/weight training and cardio based. The workouts in this first report of the series are strength training and ab focused workouts (For beginners. Simply increase the rep/set range to 5×5 with a heavier weight to remain lean and strong). Which means that you will be training your central nervous system to keep your body ‘semi-hard’ for the times that you don’t workout (Develop strong, lean muscle without bulking up).
  • The strength/weight training workouts can be done from home as long as you have access to a set of dumbbells and or a barbell.
  • Each report will be different in nature but will have the same goal. Which is to help you switch things up, get lean, strong, sexy and of course to stay motivated throughout your fitness journey.

Meal plan no.1

Breakfast (6.00am-10.00 am) 


• 2 cantaloupe halves with 1 cup 1% cottage cheese

• One cup of green tea (Jasmine pearls) with 1⁄2 tablespoon of raw honey


Protein: 32g 

Carbs: 50 grams 

Fiber: 5 grams 

Fat 3 grams

Calories: 340


Morning snacks (10.00am – 12.00 noon)


• 3 hard boiled eggs

• One orange


Protein: 20g 

Carbs: 25 grams 

Fat 14 grams 

Fiber: 5 grams

Calories: 291


Lunch (12.00 noon – 2.00pm)


• Chicken guacamole

• Whole wheat pita bread

• 4 oz chicken breast sliced

• 2 tablespoons of gaucamole, lettuce, tomato


Protein: 32g

Carbs:  42g 

Fat 17g 

Fiber: 8g

Calories: 425


Afternoon snacks (2.00pm – 5.00pm)


• 6oz of fat free yogurt with 1 tablespoon of wheat germ

• 2 tablespoons of sunflower seeds

• 2 table spoons of sliced almonds


Protein: 14g 

Carbs:  34g 

Fat 16g 

Fiber: 8g

Calories: 312


Dinner (6.00pm-10.00pm)


• 4oz of lean turkey burger on a whole wheat roll, with one slice of 2% cheese

• Spinach and carrot salad with light balsamic dressing water


Protein: 38g 

Carbs:  38g 

Fat 14g 

Fiber: 7g

Calories: 409


Before bed-time meal (10.00pm- 12.00 midnight)


• 4 oz of cold shrimp with cocktail sauce


Protein: 22g 

Carbs:  12g 

Fat 1g 

Fiber: 1g

Calories: 142

Meal plan no.2 


Breakfast (6.00am-10.00 am)


• Pina Colada shake (Blend) – with one scoop of vanilla protein powder (20g), half a

cup of half fat milk (semi-skimmed), 1 frozen pineapple, 1⁄4 cup heavy coconut milk




• High protein banana bread

2 Eggs, 2 Tablespoon of Fat Free Whipping Cream, 2 Bananas, 6 Scoops of Vanilla

Protein Powder, 1/2 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract, 1 teaspoon of Banana Extract

• 1/3 cup of Water

• 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda



1. Mix everything in a blender. Blend until smooth

2. Poor the mix in a loaf pan

3. Bake for about 30 minutes at 325 degrees F.


Pina Colada

Protein: 33g 

Carbs: 43g 

Fat 12g 

Fiber: 2g 

Calories: 406 


Banana bread 

Protein: 25g 

Carbohydrates: 12g  

Fat: 1g 

Calories: 157 


Morning snacks (10.00am – 12.00 noon)

• 1 cup – 8oz of yogurt, 1⁄4 cup chopped pecans, 1% cottage cheese


Protein: 44g 

Carbs: 30g 

Fat 22g 

Fiber: 2g 

Calories: 482


Lunch (12.00 noon – 2.00pm)


• Grilled chicken salad with 4 oz of chicken, olive oil, vinagrette dressing, 1 slice of whole grain toast with whipped butter.


Protein: 32g 

Carbs: 30g 

Fat 18g 

Fiber: 7g 

Calories: 389 




• Home cooked Mint cream marinated chicken (This can make for 4 servings)



• 4 Chicken Breasts (6oz each)

• 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

• 1 cup plain low-fat yogurt

• 1/2 cup chopped fresh mint

• 1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger

• 3 cloves garlic, minced

• 1/2 teaspoon cumin

• 1/2 teaspoon chili powder

• Salt and Pepper



1. Combine yogurt, lemon juice, mint, ginger, garlic, cumin, chili powder, salt and pepper in a small mixing bowl and mix well.

2. Place chicken breasts in a large zip top plastic bag and pour marinade over chicken. Seal bag and let marinate for 24 hours

3. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

4. Place chicken on a baking sheet and bake for 30  minutes.

Protein: 48g 

Carbohydrates: 3g 

Fat: 4g 

Calories: 240 


Afternoon snacks (2.00pm – 5.00pm)


• 1 sliced apple

• 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter

• 1 cup of half fat milk


Protein: 18g 

Carbohydrates: 40g 

Fat: 17g 

Fiber: 6g 

Calories: 370 


Dinner (6.00pm-10.00pm)


• 4 oz of bison burger on a whole wheat roll with one slice of 2% cheese

• 11 cup of Jasmine pearls green tea

• 1 cup of peas can carrots

• 1 small plate of pinto beans


Protein: 51g 

Carbohydrates: 40g 

Fat: 13g 

Fiber: 9g 

Calories: 418 


Before bed-time meal (10.00pm- 12.00 midnight)


• 1⁄2 cup of fat free ricotta cheese

• 1 cup of frozen strawberries


Protein: 18g 

Carbohydrates: 24g 

Fat: 0.5g 

Fiber: 4g 

Calories: 161


Workout No.1 – (4 weeks) 

(Before you begin) Warm up


Barbell only squat (2 set/5 reps Work set warm up)


1 – Barbell Squats

  • 8 reps
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • Repeat 2 more times (3 sets total)
Barbell only Bench press (2-3 set/5 reps Work set warm up)

2 – Bench press 

  • 8 reps
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • Repeat 2 more times (3 sets total)

Barbell only Deadlift (1 set/10 reps Work set warm up)


3  – Barbell deadlift  

  • 8 reps
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • Repeat 2 more times (3 sets total)
4 – Pull ups with controlled descent
  • 10 reps
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • Repeat


Assistant exercises (1 set/5 reps Work set warm up)


5 – Barbell bicep curl

  • 10 reps
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • Repeat

6 – Push ups to 30 sec plank hold

  • 10 reps
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • Repeat 2 more times (3 sets total)


Want to build abs? Work them for 10 minutes at the end of your workout


7 – Hanging leg raise

  • 10 reps
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • Repeat


Warm down 



Workout No.2 – (4 weeks)

(Before you begin) Warm up


Barbell only squat (2 set/5 reps Work set warm up)

1 – Leg press (or barbell squat)

  • 8 reps
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • Repeat 2 more times (3 sets total)


Barbell only standing press (2-3 set/5 reps Work set warm up)

2 – Standing shoulder press  

  • 8 reps
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • Repeat 2 more times (3 sets total)


Bent over rows (2-3 set/5 reps Work set warm up)

3 –  Bent over rows 

  •  8 reps
  • Rest for 30 seconds
  • Repeat exercise 2 more times (3 Sets Total)


4 – Pull ups with controlled descent

  • 10 reps
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • Repeat


Assistant exercises (1 set/5 reps Work set warm up)

5 – Lat pull down

  • 10 reps
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • Repeat


Assistant exercises (1 set/5 reps Work set warm up)


6 – DB turned out bicep curls

  • 10 reps
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • Repeat


7 – Push ups  

  • As many as possible till failure
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • Repeat

Want to build abs? Work them for 10 minutes at the end of your workout


8 – Spider crawl to mountain climber

  • 10 reps/leg
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • Repeat 2 more times (3 sets total)

9 – Hanging leg raises

  • 10 reps
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • Repeat

Warm down 

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Stay-Fit Buzz Interview with Valeria Orsini

Learn how Valeria truly represents the term ‘Strong is the new skinny’ by remaining ‘soft’ yet ‘hard’ at the same time.




Stay-Fit Buzz: Hello and welcome to Now, your story is unique, as you have started out as a glamour model. Or, is that where your journey really began?


Valeria: Yes, you are correct I started off as a glamour model at the age of 18.

Stay-Fit Buzz: One of the main reasons we invited you over is because your physique is similar to that of a fitness models physique. Although slightly ‘softer’. We then found out from yourself that you’re a recently sponsored Nutri-sups athlete/model. How did that come about?

Valeria: Well one day I received an email from Josef.L the President/CEO of Nutri-sups about representing the brand. I was honored and taken by surprise, even though I’m lean, I’m not a fitness model. It was an easy decision, I love everything Nutri-sups represents.


Stay-Fit Buzz: You also recently stated that you need to remain ‘soft’. Is that because you’re still active as a glamor model?


Valeria: Yes this is true, its a difficult balance. I still model for swim wear & lingerie lines, and they want to see soft & feminine looks, but I’ve never heard a client complain about me being too fit. I know my look is a little different from the years before, but I love it and embraces fitness & health.

Stay-Fit Buzz: What are the requirements to be accepted as a Nutri-sups athlete. And similarly, as a glamour model. Because it sounds like there could be a challenging balance to be maintained in terms of your physique?

Valeria: Nutri-sups has levels of athletes “Glamour models” that’s my category & it goes up to Fitness diva, and fitness model. Nutri-sups expects & helps us be in shape all year round have helped me step by step in my transformation. This company is truly a family, thanks to Jay L and Scalpa.

Stay-Fit Buzz: What kind of diet/workout plan have you been following so far to maintain your current physique?

Valeria: My diet consists of chicken, fish, greens/veg, oatmeal, nothing really special just the diet & portion control that has worked for years. Eating clean is very rewarding, your body is thankful and does what its suppose to. I train at Monsters MMA gym in Miami 5 days a week doing jiu jitsu & muay thai back to back. I’m obsessed with it, best cardio and I do weights 3x a week.

Stay-Fit Buzz: We recently created a new product called ‘No Nonsense Butt Building‘. It’s quite clear that you are not weak in that department. How much of that would you put down to genetics?

Valeria Orsini glute progression

Valeria: I mean I’m Colombian/Puerto Rican so keeping my glutes tight is important. Actually my glutes have grown thanks to the thousands of lunges & squats at Monsters. Im naturally muscular so I do owe about 65% to genetics.

Stay-Fit Buzz: Have you actually focused on strengthening your glutes specifically, which is something we know CAN be achieved, with certain approaches to diet and working out?

Valeria: Some days I dedicate my work out to abs & glutes but not enough attention to just my glutes to have a dramatic change, I’ve had an over all change.


Stay-Fit Buzz: That sounds about right, as that’s the same approach that we apply when it comes to building glutes, to change the shape and look of the surrounding muscles at the same time.

Stay-Fit Buzz: What do you enjoy more, glamour or fitness?

Valeria: I love dressing up having hair & make up and pretty things to wear but glamour never changed my life, fitness did. Fitness has change everything for me, the way I eat, look, and feel. Fitness has made glamour modeling even better, now I’m in better shape and always ready for my next job!

Stay-Fit Buzz: Do you notice much of a difference between the two?


Valeria: Of course but they also have their similarities… when I shoot glamour I feel like seductress & womanly, and when I shoot fitness I feel strong & unstoppable… but no matter what I’m wearing or shooting for, I always feel confident & sexy because I know I’m healthy and in the best shape of my life.

Stay-Fit Buzz: Finally, what are your short/long term goals?


Valeria: I want to continue down this road of fitness and continue to inspire & motivate girls/guys that if I can do it they can do it. Everyone can join me on this trip, its a long road and next stop “Fitness Diva”. Long term wise, well if you really want know stay tuned & follow me on my journey 😀 xoxoxoxo!!!!

About Valeria Orsini



Valeria is a glamour model and Nutri-sups sponsored fitness model


Connect with Valeria on Facebook:

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Connect with Valeria via email: [email protected]


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The No.1 Guide To The Muscle ups Exercise (Progression)

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Ok, so you’ve been mastering the pull ups exercise for the past several weeks, months or even for the past year. If you’re a recent Fit Buzz member, then you may have been using the Fit Buzz pull ups program. If not, then it’s never too late to learn by getting started HERE. (It’s one of the core ab exercises… remember) But if there’s one thing that will motivate you more than anything else, it’s witnessing real progress. I mention the benefits of mastering pull ups in the intro video here…


In short, you’ll build a strong and sexy back (for the ladies) as well as superior upper body strength, which of course adds fuel to the fire on the quest to get lean and strong. The beginning is always the hardest, but the order of progression goes something like this…

  1. 3 x 10 push ups
  2. 10, 8, 6 (3 sets) pull ups
  3. 3 x 10 reps of pull ups
  4. Weighted pull ups with a dip belt (This is where you add extra weight in the form of a weight plate to your waist, or a dumbbell between your ankles




             Fast forward….

             (35kg) <==That’s how much I can add to date :). And… 45 kg on dips!


Ok, I’ll stop showing off. I only state ‘my’ numbers to show YOU what’s possible. Because Fit Buzz is all about YOU! If you want to see some video evidence,  just ask in the comments below and I’ll happily record a new video for you.

Back to business…

The above is what your progress will look like after several months of working out. However, most quit too early and rarely reach the 3 x 10 pull ups mark. But if you are one of those rare gems that have mastered pull ups and want to progress to the next step (muscle ups… on a bar), then the following guide will help you get there. (Ladies, this exercise is for you too. In fact, you’ll impress a whole lot of people if you perform this exercise in front of a crowd, as a female!)


#1 Fix your mindset


This is the one thing that you need to get right if you want to learn how to get yourself over the bar with nothing but raw upper body strength. In fact, you don’t need much strength at all to execute one muscle up. It’s more about technique + mindset then actual strength. The first thing that will help you here is that satisfactory feeling that you already have from being able to perform 0 to up to 30+ pull ups. This helps because success encourages self belief and makes you feel some what invincible.

The second thing that you need to do is change your mindset from executing a slow performing exercise (pull ups) to an explosive exercise (muscle up). When you approach the pull up bar to perform a pull up/chin up, your goal is to pace your strength for a series of reps with a focus on perfect exercise form. But for the muscle up your intention will be to jump onto the bar from the ground or a box and then to lift yourself up and over bar in one swift movement.

The mistake that most people make is limiting themselves to thinking that their body is not capable of performing certain movements. Heck, even I used to do this. The first step to kill this mindset is by finding a gym buddy to push you up and over the bar when you reach the top of the pull up movement. Once you get over the bar, you’ll realize that the muscle up is simply a dips exercise only with your hands in a more horizontal position. Nothing incapable about that exercise, right?

However, you won’t always have help at your disposal and you’ll eventually have to learn to get over the bar on your own. The best way to get there is by progressively getting there.


#2 Progress with the movement


The best way to start with muscle ups progression is by standing on a box, high enough so that your head can nearly touch the bar when you stand on it. This basically means that you would be cutting out 50% of the pull up movement from the dead hang position. Allowing you to focus the remaining 50% on getting yourself over the bar.


The goal

The first goal is to perform just one or two muscle ups.

Movement and technique

As I mentioned before, it’s all about technique rather than strength. Heck, I couldn’t even do one muscle up at one point, even though I was able to perform max reps with an added 34kg dumbbell at my ankles. Again, it’s all about technique.

Step 1 – Kick your feet forward

By kicking your feet forward, you instantly create a swing back and seated ‘like’ movement. This pushes your body back and away from the bar, rather than under the bar. Which then drives energy to your upper back.

Step 2 – Push your chest forward

Remember, this is one explosive movement, so your goal here is to use ALL of your energy and strength in one swift movement. This means that you’ll end up with your chin way over the bar at the top of the movement. In that split second, you will then push your chest forward, following on from kicking your feet forward. This then causes your elbows to point up and backwards. It is at this point that all of that built up kinetic energy will be ready to help you execute the muscle up.

You may have to pause for a second or two, but that’s ok, as you’re just learning the movement. But once you’re at this point, it’s safe to say that you’ve performed one muscle up on your own. :).

That’s the basic starting point. From this point, you simply keep practicing on a box until you’re comfortable to jump onto the bar and perform muscle ups from the ground. Once you’ve mastered the movement, you can start performing muscle up dips between each rep too.


Is there more to conquer after the muscle up?

There sure is, but I’ll leave that until another post. The only other thing I need to mention here is to make sure that you perform this exercise on a bar that has plenty of head room above. 

Push ups, pull ups, muscle ups… these are exercises that anyone can master, guys or girls. Just follow everything as I’ve described here, or in the program and I can assure you, you will master the bar and become a part of a very elite crowd.


You can view the full program here ==> pull-up-workout

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Free Body Check Review: What Do You Struggle with in Fitness?

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Every few months I take time out to find out what I can help you with in this fitness lifestyle, at this current time. If you’re interested in finding out how I would improve your physique or any issue that you have, follow these instructions.

Step 1: Leave a Comment Below

In your comment, include these three things:

  1. Tell me about the number one thing you struggle within fitness. It could be your diet, structuring the right workout, how to get rid of those final layers of fat, what type of cardio you should be doing, how to lift weights for the best results, etc. Be as specific as possible.
  2. Tell me how you think you can do better with what you struggle with. I want to know what you think the problem is and your ideas for solving that problem.
  3. Leave a link to your current progress picture. Link to the page or any page that you’d like me to take a look at. (e.g. It could be a link from any social network you’re on)

If you don’t include each of those three things, then I’m only going to respond to those who include all three, first.

Step 2: I’ll Leave a Review

Once you leave a comment, I’ll take a look at your progress picture and reply with these three things:          1.   My honest first impression of your physique.                If you’re not prepared for critical feedback, then maybe you shouldn’t do this.          2.  What I think stands out about your physique                I’ll let you know something that I like about your physique and where you have an advantage          3.   How I think you can do better.                I’ll give you my best advice as far as getting better at what you struggle with. As we get going, leave reviews on your fellow commenters’ comments as well. Let them know what you think so we can all improve from lots of feedback.

If we get 100 comments…

If this post gets 100 comments, I’ll tell you about the number one thing that I struggle with in fitness. It’s something that I don’t like to talk about because I know it’s a big weakness of mine. I even push for it over any other thing in my workouts. If you want to know what it is, start by leaving a comment..

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The 7 Step Fat Loss Formula That Never Fails (Part 1)

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Since running Stayfitbuzz I have communicated with many individuals. Some were already quite successful in their fitness journey, while some were just starting out. In fact, I feel like name dropping from a random list:


  • Meni Fotara
  • Zorica Nalbantjan
  • Meera Hirani
  • Andrew Harrell
  • Ale Rodriguez
  • Bruna Gomez
  • Gloria Herrera
  • Sylwia Czauderna
  • And more….


Either way, they all caught the Stayfitbuzz. Because regardless of the results or current levels of fitness, they have come along to stick it out for the journey. That’s the approach and mindset you need if you want to succeed in this fitness lifestyle.

However, nothing is perfect and the world changes daily. Does that mean that no plan can be perfect? Well, I’ll let you argue about that in the comments. But before you get there. I want to give you a 7 step fat loss formula. A system that if followed can only fail if you fail to use the system.

Let’s get into it…


What we know (And have covered so far, here, here and here)


  • Eating less will work, but only up to a certain point (You ate A LOT less, but you didn’t magically disappear? :))
  • Becoming active via strength training/weight training and cardio is a vital part of the formula. But then you probably faced that dreaded 6 week sticking point where no changes happened.


#1 Stop fooling around and decide what the hell you want


I gave a brief introduction to goal setting in this post. But the first thing you’ll need to do is write down what you want to achieve manually, on paper. Not on a computer. Because there’s something magical about physically writing things down that helps you remember things and why it’s important. If so, great, because you at least have an idea of where you want to go, instead of following a tunnel to nowhere.


#2 Know your starting point


Remember Rippley from the accelerate your fat loss post?

Her stats

  • Weight: 200lbs (She obviously weighs more, but 200lbs for example sake icon_smile.gif )
  • BF%: 20%
  • BF: 38lbs
  • Lean body mass: 166lbs
  • Wants to lose: 20-25lbs


Yes, she may have a long way to go before reaching her ultimate goal. But she at least has established her starting point… with objective measurements. Which basically means that she will be recording all of the above stats on her progress reports (I’ll create these for you at some point soon)


#3 Take some freakin’ action already


Now, the reason you found your way to Stayfitbuzz is because you wanted to find a proven model for fat loss that you could simply copy and paste. If so, great, because that’s the smart and fast approach to success. You don’t want to model what everyone else in the world does, which is to lose weight fast and gain it right back. And so, you have Stayfitbuzz 🙂 (The posts and programs).

Now, it is true that varying factors (e.g genetics) will of course yield a different result for every individual that follows the programs. But that’s OK. The main point about following a proven model is that you will be able create your best physique in the quickest time possible.

Because you are unique it will mean that you will have to experiment with the ‘proven’ formula somewhat. That’s OK too. As long as you follow each process, you will be victorious.


#4 Keep on taking action


Now that you have the proven formula, you have to keep on acting on it daily and weekly each step of the way, because a goal without action is useless. Quit the talking and start doing. Again, the majority of people out there will talk. But when you look at the amount of people who actually see a goal through to the end, then you’re looking at a handful. Be one of those in that handful. Whether it’s turning a change into a habit, getting yourself into the gym at least 3 times a week or cutting junk food from the shopping list. Just keep on doing it. If you take your eye off the ball, you’ll lose.


#5  If it works, keep on doing it


I may have mentioned something in the ‘formula’ that should have worked well for you, but didn’t quite work as well… for YOU. You decided to tweak a small thing and like magic, the results blew you away. What ever that process is, just keep on doing it. 

If what you do isn’t working, then go back to the formula, identify where you went wrong, repeat the proven aspect of the formula and try again or tweak. Just don’t go around in circles repeating the same mistake over and over. It can become a deadly habit, that if not cured can affect you for life.

The ability to sense whether something is working or not will take some trial and error. Just make sure you know what you are looking for when you are making judgments. Again, once you find a process that works with what you learn here on SFB and from your own reports, then stick to it. Don’t change it. If any Naysayers try to question your approach, then screw ’em. Because you know what’s what. You’ve seen you’re journey, they haven’t.


#6 The program isn’t crap, it may not just be for you


No matter how popular a program may be, there is no program out there that caters to EVERYONE. So it’s not uncommon to hear the positive and negative views about a certain program. If a program doesn’t work for you, even our own, then try something else. Don’t be bitter and quit. In fact, quitting is the worst thing you can do, because it keeps you at ground zero… forever! You’ll always produce a result with any form of action. Some results will be great and some won’t. It’s as simple as that. Just use the not so great results as feedback for your eventual great results, which for many of you will be to strip away that final phase of fat. The only time you have to worry is when you can’t notice that something isn’t working.


#7 Be persistent


Yes, I know that you know this by now. But it’s true. Smart consistency and persistence will take you to your goal physique. Persistence, because you may have to change your approach more than once to hit your ultimate formula. Whether that’s with the timing of your meal plans, the types of foods you eat, where fat tends to build up most or whatever. Keep a smart eye on everything.

But most of all, be honest along the way. If you’ve been doing something for too long, then it’s OK to quit something, as long as you change the direction. Just don’t get into a habit of jumping onto every single program out there one after the other. That will get you nowhere.

Your initial plan may not workout, that’s OK. Heck, the original plan for Stayfitbuzz isn’t on the same course as originally planned.

If so, you can just switch, because there are countless strategies to adapt to in this industry. It’s just that the StayFitBuzz formula is a proven approach… that you’re allowed to be flexible around :). Take the fundamentals and apply the 7 steps to create your own ultimate formula. And when you need an extra boost, Stayfitbuzz will always be there for you.


To conclude


Your tools for progress

1. The mirror

2. Photos

3. Measurements

4. How your clothes fit

5. Your friends and colleagues thoughts about your appearance

6. Opinions from strangers

7. Fat weight

8. Total bodyweight

9. Your lean body mass

10. Your body fat percentage

11. Your skinfold thickness


The best from the bunch are the opinions from ‘fitness friends’ and strangers. This is because your fitness friends probably only see you every 7-10 days if that, so they’ll will be one of the first to notice a real change, even if you haven’t. And strangers will perceive what they see within seconds of acknowledging you. And if it’s a positive reaction, you’ll know. Not that you care what anyone else thinks :). You can agree to disagree. Either way, these will be your tools for progress. Stay tuned for part 2.


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The Top 24 Reasons to Live The Fitness Lifestyle

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The fitness and health industry is a growing ‘trend’ at this current time and it is developing in many interesting and unique ways, targeting all kinds of key groups of people. But even with this ‘trend’, there are still some nay-sayers who point a negative finger at fitness. I have never perceived fitness as a ‘trend’, but below you’ll find 24 reasons why we do what we do and why you should keep on doing what you do. Let’s get into it…


#1 Health is ‘perceived’ as wealth


It doesn’t really matter what you do for a living. But the fact is, that people associate ‘material’ things with riches and wealth. Unless you are a leader and/or well known individual in your industry, then for the most part it will be in your interest to dress up like the guy on the left on your rise to wealth, if that’s what you’re after (OK, maybe not to dress up  the same as him :D, maybe just his expensive watch). This is because most new people you encounter will only take what you say seriously based on how you look (Expensive gear, watches etc.).

Now, if you look good naked, you will definitely look good in clothes. The baggy suit vs non baggy suit is a good example of looking good in clothes that fit well.

(Obviously ‘this’ man is not out of shape. But the fact of the matter is he looks more ‘expensive due to well fitted clothes, which is what will happen when you are in shape)

Just like Kelsey Byers said in her interview ”Now that I’m in shape, I tend to look good in anything I decide to wear”.

If you were a former skinny guy, your trousers will now fit (You may now be able to abandon the belt), your shoulders and strong back would have fixed your posture making you look strong and authoritative and even a ‘cheap’ suit can be made to look rich simply because you are body rich (No more looking like a high school student whose mom bought two sizes up to grow into).

If you were a former fat girl, your clothes will now show your new curves. And people (especially the guys) will remember you for it.


#2 People like to buy from beautiful people


You probably don’t think about this much, but it’s the truth. People like to buy from beautiful people. Think about any business or entity that requires an offline (or even online) human interaction/transaction to take place. Now think about who those people are. Let me do the hardwork for you:


  • Waitresses
  • Gym staff
  • Air hostess’
  • Receptionists
  • Fitness show booth staff


This list could go on. But it would be safe to say that anyone who fits the description of those roles are individuals who you could call societies perception of beauty. And the reason is obvious. People like to buy from or be associated with beautiful people. So get body beautiful.


#3 Improved confidence


Now, looks aren’t everything. Heck, even some ‘good looking’ people lack confidence. But being in the best shape of your life some how makes you look more attractive, thus improving your confidence.

(Above: Natalie Cassidy)

This can range from:

  • Being more comfortable in the clothes you wear
  • A new natural ‘glow’ to your character
  • The way you carry yourself


#4 Being healthy makes you attractive


You can love a person regardless of their flaws. If they improve on them for their own benefits, great. But if they begin to slack and do nothing about it, then it can and will often lead to you perceiving that person in a different and less attractive light. Which often leads to relationship troubles and break ups. If you take up the fitness lifestyle your partner will have one extra reason to show off his/her trophy.


#5 Being healthy reveals character traits


Picking up dates or attracting the opposite sex is not always about looks. Looks is often what gets people to notice you, but to hold ones attention, you have to bring more to the table then looks alone. Being healthy shows that you are dedicated, motivated, self disciplined, goal oriented, structured  and always seeking progression. Ambition is always a pro trait in the eyes of the other sex and in todays world, where the pressures to stay looking young (especially for women) is at an all time high, then living a fitness lifestyle will indeed keep you ahead of the pack.


(Above: Kim dolan, aged 40+)

Photo credit: LHGFX Photography 


#6 Being fit opens up opportunities

A prime example of this was revealed in the interview we done with Sara Solomon. She decided to take up the fitness lifestyle, got into shape and on one random day in the gym, she was approached by a top trainer who encouraged her to compete on stage (Even though she didn’t know what that was at the time). Fast forward to today and she’s now landing multiple magazine covers, writing articles for fitness websites and much more. All because she decided to live the fitness lifestyle.


#7 Being fit encourages personal development


Most of you who read this will be in some profession or another. And if so, you will be fully aware of the importance of diversifying all the sources of plenty in your life: opportunities, knowledge, friends, networks, investments, risks, health (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). Being in great shape can clearly open up opportunities as seen above. But one of the even greater things to come out of those opportunities is the personal development that comes from it. You’ll make new friends (Some life long), your network will grow (Some colleagues may become life long too) and you simply improve as a person. That great health that you have developed for yourself will shine into your professional life. And I can assure you, people WILL notice and your name will be out there by word of mouth. The best part of all however is the new opportunities that you will develop for others.


#8 You could find love


“Love is miserable. Marriage is miserable. And sex is great. Yeah, that’s about right for me right now. No, there is quite a separation between the two as far as I’m concerned. I think that sex is really sex and love is love. If you happen to love the person you’re having sex with, that’s tremendous. I really see a complete separation between the two. They’re totally unrelated.”

”You know why people search for love? Money’s man made. Power’s often man-abused. Yet love, in its purest essence, is what we’re all/should be born into. That feeling of knowing someone appreciates you more than you appreciate yourself doesn’t have a dollar sign attached and is beyond words, beyond music, beyond everything.” – Marvin Gaye


The topic of love is a big one and can be explored in many different ways. However, I won’t do that here. What I can say though, is that most people want that feeling of love in their lives. And if you take up the fitness lifestyle and have followed this post up until now, it’s safe to say that you could just find the love of your life on your journey. You are what you think about most, so love may find it’s way to you because of that. But more often than not, it will hit you when you least expect it. Either way, putting your new fit and healthy self out there is a sure fire way to find love.


#9 You’ll encourage others to become fit


This is probably one of the best benefits of becoming fit and healthy and is probably one of the main reasons you are on this website. A typical stranger may visit Stay-Fit Buzz and download all of the information that’s on offer. However, I know that from experience, won’t be enough for someone to take action on their new found knowledge. This is the reason why you can see a Hall of fame and member area above, because it is there where you’ll find real progress from real people who are active in the SFB community.


The information educates (important), but transformation and progress motivates


Motivation, which is one of the keywords in our slogan.


#10 Being fit makes you more productive



We know that exercise will increase your stamina and push you to get more out of your day. But it will also make the day at work more pleasant too.


Moment of Clarity

  • Diet
  • Weightlifting
  • Cardio workouts
  • Meditation


All of these are super aids for clearing your head and improving your self actualization. Once this happens, you will actually start looking forward to the day ahead.


Equals mission accomplished = A happy lifestyle, all because of fitness!


Which leads to an improved self esteem

Countries like the USA are built on confidence. And this is what you will become. People feed directly off of it and they will respond to you in a positive manner. Once this happens the boss man may start shining the green light on you which may lead you to take on greater responsibilities and gain more respect from your co-workers.


**The fitness lifestyle will improve your day-today-life**


#11 Tolerate more pain and ache no more


Exercise increases the level of endorphins in your body. Which acts as the bodies natural killer of pain. I’ve talked about the importance of stretching quite a lot on this site, but doing so will nullify those super aches that you tend to suffer from as you age. Especially back pain (Which can be brutal). As long as you perform the exercises outlined here with full range of motion and in a progressive manner, you’ll find that your aches will go away and that your flexibility will be improved.


#12 Child birth will become a breeze (For the ladies)


If you stay fit, shooting out those babies will become less of a traumatic experience.


#13 You will have super energy (Like me icon_smile.gif )


I personally know a lot of people that are absolutely shattered after a day at work. But this should not be so. Especially for young people (50 and under). This will not happen once you become gym fit. You will be ready to do so much more in the evening hours which in turn gives you more time to get a lot more done in your day (obviously).


#14 No more stress


Physical or emotional stress!


  • Rocky Relationships
  • Bad friendships
  • Crappy work colleagues


Will affect you no more!


#15 No old peoples home for you


The majority of you here will be aged 60 and under. But for those who are creeping past the big SIX ZERO, get pumping now. You’ll turn into a Duracell battery and keep going like Mr Bruce Forsyth.


#16 You will get beautiful sleep


Working your muscles, the insane way will help you sleep and you will have no choice but to relax in the late hour. It really is that simple. It gets even better when you start taking up (beneficial) non-fitness activities such as meditation and yoga.


#17 Fitness will make you last longer (Guys AND Gals)



The reason why I included the ‘AND Gals’, is because I’m not talking about the correlation (or studies) between male impotency and exercise and how exercise can help prevent it. I’m talking about actually lasting longer from an endurance perspective. Therefore, this relates to both males and females. If you take up the fitness lifestyle your sex life will improve for the following reasons:


Improved cardio endurance

If you build a strong, clear heart and improve your lung capacity, your body can therefore function for a longer period of time. Most if not all sexual encounters will have elements of (HIT) action going on throughout. HIT activity will always return back to low intensity activity. The bonus here is that you’ll now be able to knock out multiple rounds of high intensity action throughout.


Muscular endurance and strength

One of the major benefits of strength training (Which is included in all of our workouts) is that you’ll actually be able to start puling off some of those positions that you can see in the picture above. Quite simply, any position that requires you to hold your body in a position for a short period of time will now become a breeze.



Seriously, think about all of those sexual encounters you have where one of you complains that ‘you’re not a rag-doll (usually the lady)’ and that your body simply can’t stretch that far. Well as long as you stretch as described in our workouts and take up programs such as yoga, then pushing that back bone an inch or two more will be an issue… no more.


The benefits that fitness can have on your sex life is obvious, which is great. And if you match that along with strength training, then you may find that you only need to reduce your calorie intake just slightly, if at all, to maintain the ultimate lean and strong Fit Buzz physique.


#18 The Fitness Lifestyle Will Lower Your Blood Pressure


A high blood pressure is the starting point of potentially having a heart attack. You will literally be dead within minutes once pressure bust pipes. Regular exercise will prolong your life greatly. Here’s a visual example of why having a high blood pressure is dangerous.


#19 Junk food will start to taste bad



Unfortunately, most people are forced into this benefit due to bad health and obesity, which is at an all time high in the US. I discussed why this is, in this post. Either way, if you take up the fitness lifestyle and start consuming mostly A-rated foods, then those foods that are high in sugar/fat (cakes, buns) will make you want to spit them back out in a flash. Seriously, it’s like you can feel the effect of what it will do to your body before it has even gotten around to doing it. I personally experienced this with soft drinks, which I stopped drinking back in high school. My best friend is water!

(Note: You don’t have to turn into a party pooper and  eliminate all foods that aren’t A rated. You just need to ensure that you are consuming A-rated foods 80% of the time).


#20 You could save money


Once you have educated yourself about the lifestyle diet, strength training and cardio, then you’ll start to notice that most of the foods you used to eat at work were not only unhealthy, but also damaging to your pocket too. Home cooking is a great solution and contrary to what most believe, it won’t take up your time. You simply cook once (Which takes time), but then you are set up for the next 4-5 days. There is plenty of food for thought in the lifestyle diet ebook if you’re in need of that. The best part about home cooking is that you’ll save a ton of $$$ in the process.


 #21 You always have something to look forward too



For some people, looking forward to a workout is the next best thing to looking forward to Friday night. If you take up any kind of class or are following one of our strength progression programs, then it’s safe to say that you will be looking forward to growth and satisfaction. I experienced this first hand when I started to create the Fit Buzz pull ups program. Seeing myself increase my pull up numbers week after week urged me to keep going back for more. And in more recent months, I have been able to truly conquer the muscle up exercise, on a bar (The rings are easy. But the bar is something to be proud of). This progressive and challenge oriented mind set is a much better experience than following the crowd and the image above, which unfortunately describes the majority of the working nation. (Who can draw the fitness version to that image? :))


#22 No one can mess with you


Now, I’m not one to encourage violence, but if you take up the fitness lifestyle and/or decide to take up a martial arts class, it’s safe to say that you’ll have the mind set and physical strength to ensure that no one will be able to mess with you should a situation arise. The main benefit here however, is the mind set you develop and not the physical strength. Yes, you may begin to ‘look’ strong, which often times will make people think twice anyway. But the mind set taught in most martial arts is to learn how to prevent physical altercations with a said angered person. Not how to defend yourself from one. Nevertheless, if you develop a lean, strong (and sexy) body, it’s unlikely that anyone will want to mess with you.


#23 It helps you deal with anger management


The beauty and innocence of the ‘perfect’ life truly is over once you become a teenager, and life becomes even more eventful as the years go on. I always do state that you should try to retain that ‘kiddy’s’ mind frame as long as you can (Which is one way of keeping in touch with the young crowd as you age). But that is always easier said than done as life will take its toll, and everyone’s pain threshold is different.

Any how, my point is this…

  • Rocky Relationships
  • Bad friendships
  • Crappy work colleagues

All of these situations can make your blood boil to new heights and cause serious anger (For years after in some cases). But rest assured. You don’t need to attend any anger management classes. All you need is the gym.

A few screaming strength training workouts will be plenty to get that built up anger off of your chest. The best part about all of this is that you will be killing two birds with one stone.


1. No more anger (The initial anger may actually help you push more weight )

2. You get to build a better body. Which will obviously make you feel great. Mentally and physically.

Win, win!!!


#24 It helps you develop beautiful kids


”You can’t party your life away

Drink your life away

Smoke your life away

F**k your life away

Dream your life away

Scheme your life away

Cause your seeds grow up the same way”


As a parent, you will know how important it is to instill great ethics into a child’s mind in the early years. What they learn in the early years will continue on into the rest of their lives. However you live your life in their early years will greatly reflect right back on to them. If you live and eat like crap, they will live and eat like crap. But if you live the fitness lifestyle and your kids see mommy and daddy training hard after work and cooking healthy meals, then they will follow suit and do the same and you will develop beautiful kids.


To conclude


I could probably list some more and if I’ve missed any important ones, feel free to fire away in the comments section below. But if anyone in your current network or circle of friends decides to knock or diss your choice for a lifestyle in fitness, then use this post as a reminder to why you do what you do. Fitness FTW!

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4.5 Reasons Why Strength Training Won’t Make Women Bulky

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(Left: What you think will happen if you lift weights | Right: What will probably happen if  you lift weights – Valeria Orsini)


If you’ve been an observer of the fitness world for any length of time, you would often hear about the misconception that lifting weights will make you ‘bulky’. That is a common goal for most men. However, that is not the goal here at Stay-Fit Buzz. And it is not the goal for the women who follow Stay-Fit Buzz. Yes, you will build muscle, but weight training per se will not make you ‘bulky’. Which is what so many women fear. But today, I will explain the reasons why strength training won’t turn you into a female hulk any time soon.



#1 Building ‘huge’ muscles is not easy


I’ll state this from a guys point of view, because it’s mostly guys who want to build muscle for size, generally speaking…


Building ‘huge’ muscles is not easy (Unless you are a genetically gifted freak). 


The first reason is because humans weren’t designed to be able to build huge muscles. It would have been a disadvantage to our ancestors if we were able to. The only reason why some individuals are able to build huge muscles is because of the resources (namely food) we have available to us today. And I say ‘some’ individuals because the gene GDF-8 controls how large muscles can become. Many people will have a substantial amount of this within their bodies, therefore, most people won’t be able to build truly huge muscles. Yes you can break through genetic barriers to some degree, but you actually have to ‘force’ that break through. If you aren’t forcing that break through, you will not build huge muscles. You have to plan for muscle building (For size), it doesn’t happen by accident. And even then, you aren’t guaranteed to get the desired results unless you follow a good program.


1.5 Building ‘huge’ muscles for women is not easy


The simple reason is because women have less of the muscle building hormone testosterone than men. The only reason why women think that weight training will make them look like the lady on the left (above) is because fitness magazines have conditioned them into thinking that way. I can assure you, any woman you see who looks like the one you see on the left is ‘juicing’ aka, taking steroids or some other anabolic drug to get ‘huge’. So unless you’re ‘juicing’ (Which you won’t be), you’re not going to look like the lady on the left.


Another point to note is that many women will often look at ‘contest ready’ images of women they may have once wanted to look like and then get turned off. Even some of those we have interviewed, such as Miryah Jade Scott.


The image above is a ‘contest ready’ Miryah Jade Scott’

This second image is Mirah Jade Scott on a normal day

Her physique is similar to that of an athlete, yet still very femine. How you want to look is up to you. But those are just the details in-between. If you lift weights via the strength training workouts you see on Stay-Fit Buzz you will get strong and lean. But you certainly won’t get ‘bulky’.

If you haven’t watched the body fat percentage video I created, then you can do so here. This is where I explain the stages of the drops in body fat percentages a typical Fitbuzzer would go through. To keep it simple though, a ‘contest ready’ physique is not sustainable and you will not look like a contest ready Miryah Jade Scott 24/7/365. So from here on, don’t ever assume that lifting weights will make you look like a contest ready female. Because that Fitbuzzers, is entirely goal related and strictly planned for.


#2 Successful muscle building doesn’t happen overnight


This is a big comedy moment of the misconception that lifting weights will some how automatically make you look bulky… overnight! Muscle building itself takes time, unless you’re a bodybuilder going on a ‘bulk’ (A term used for increasing calorie in take and muscle size). You are in total control of how you want your body to look. If you ever find yourself at a point where you are becoming a bit too narrow and ‘square’, then it’s very easy to change your training and nutrition.


#3 Your diet sucks for building huge muscles


The Stay-Fit Buzz lifestyle diet allows you to calculate your calorie intake in a way that benefits you specifically (Build lean muscle without too much fat build up). Most people who come into strength training will be eating at a caloric deficit for fat loss, in which case, there won’t be much muscle building.  Even if there is a caloric surplus, the goal of strength training is to retain the muscle mass you already have and push a percentage of the weight lost towards fat and away from muscle. (Which is why strength training can have a slightly upper hand then typical dieting). Either way, successful muscle building for size is largely determined by eating substantially more on a consistent and daily basis. Which you are not, so no bulky muscles will be built here.


#4 You’re not training to failure


In order to increase or change the size of your muscles, you first have to intentionally feed them for that purpose. That you already know. But the second thing you have to do is train them to grow.

You now know about ATP right? The energy required to contract a muscle. Well, a muscle cell will contain a limited amount of that. But here’s what happens with that energy. Part of it is distributed to protein synthesis (the building of muscle) and the other to mechanical work. In general, your muscles will be in a 50/50 anabolic/catabolic state. You’ll eat food, you’ll store energy, you’ll of course use that energy throughout your daily activities and your proteins will get replaced. When you add heavy weight training to those daily activities, you exhaust all of the ATP for that muscle cell, less energy goes towards protein re-synthesis and your muscles start to go into a catabolic state. What then happens (During this process) is that the muscle cell goes into an anabolic state and synthesizes more protein then you had BEFORE heavy resistance training.


This is how you build muscle for size. 


However, because you will be focusing on performing fewer reps and not ‘entirely’ exhausting your muscles, you’ll be minimizing the tearing down of muscle and of course a reduction in the actual build up of muscle and size.


Low rep sets (More sets) and heavy weight = Increased strength = Tension and muscle tone 


And again, if you are female, you simply will not build muscle the same way a man does or the same reasons stated above. Your weight may go up slightly. Which could be due to more muscle density, which is a good thing, because dense muscle is hard muscle. Besides, what you see in the mirror is more important than what you see on the scale.



A Fitbuzzer asks: Ok, but Stay-Fit Buzz, I’m a naturally slim lady and I decided to follow No Nonsense Butt Building. I now understand how to structure my meals to build muscle and ‘control’ the build up of fat. But what if I stop weight training. Won’t that muscle turn into fat?


No. This is because fat and muscle are two completely different types of tissue. Your muscles can shrink back to their original size if you stop training and it may appear that your muscles have turned into fat because you simply retained or maybe increased your calorie in take. This will lead to rapid fat gain. Since starting Stay-Fit Buzz we began to understand and see certain followers drop right out of fitness due to injury or other reasons out of their control. However, we saw them come back 3-6 months later. Why? Because the goal at Stay-Fit Buzz is to treat what we do as a lifestyle, which means weight training, the lifestyle diet and everything else SFB related becomes a habit and not seen as a chore. If you do have to drop out of fitness, just go back to the lifestyle diet ebook and re-calculate your calories based on your new activity levels.


Ok, understood. But what about my flexibility. I don’t want to become a stiff walking zombie. I still want to be able to ‘move’! How can I retain my current flexibility?


Good question. Well, if you perform all of the exercises with a focus on full range of motion throughout, you’ll actually ‘increase’ your flexibility. Of course, it won’t be the same as if you were to increase it with specific stretching exercises (Which you perform at the end of your workouts anyway), but it will increase. The only way you will truly lose range of motion and flexibility is if you became a huge bodybuilder. This can only happen if you’re a genetically gifted man AND if you focus on becoming that big. And if you’re a woman, you now know that simply cannot happen naturally.

Just make sure that you stretch in the way that we describe in all of our workouts 3 or 4 times a week. If you want to totally kill the misconception that weight training will make you lose flexibility, then simply watch a video of a fitness show such as the Olympia and you’ll often see some truly huge competitors that are not only flexible, but can also perform a full splits!


To conclude


If strength training causes a female to look like a bodybuilder that would equate to me saying “I don’t want to run any laps today because I don’t want to win the 100m gold next week” and that Fitbuzzers is not going to happen.

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