The Carbs To Eat For Less Calories (Yet Still Tasty)


You always hear about carbs being the enemy on the quest for fat loss and getting lean. But that simply is not true. And the people you hear it from either lack knowledge on the subject, or have picked it up from inaccurate sources. Because there are various things to consider when consuming carbs.

– The type of carbs

– The time of day you eat them

– Slow or digesting kind

– The food sources they came from (Think in terms of the quality of that food – more on that here)

And the picture above contains carbs that will make for an ideal breakfast snack or lunch. Here’s why…



We’re talking about the salads/veggies on the left here. These are fibourous carbs. Fiber in general is great for controlling blood sugar levels and helps aid  in the quest for fat loss. But the reason why salads make for great carbs is because they lack caloric density. This basically means that you can eat a ton of salads and vegetables without having to worry about piling on the pounds. Because it will take consuming A LOT of veggies to even make a small dent to your daily maintaincae calorie levels. And it’s also not very likely that you would want to either, as with most A-rated foods (aka the best food sources for optimum fitness and health), they’re pretty tasteless. And that’s why they also make for a great side dish to a A-rated protein stacked meal. e.g

A rated (Proteins)
• Fish
• Egg whites
• Non-fat cottage cheese
A rated (Fats)
• Flaxeeds (with oatmeal that you ate for breakfast earlier)
• Fish oil (In capsule form with your meal)
A rated  (Carbs)

Salad vegetables


• Spinach
• Kale
• Broccoli
• Cauliflower
• Brussel sprouts
• Green Beans
• Asparagus
• Collard greens
• Green and red peppers
• Mushrooms
• Tomatoes
• Onions
• Cucumbers
• All other fibrous carbs, green vegetables or salad vegetables


The fruits

We wouldn’t usually put fruits here as they’re a fast digesting carb food source and make for a good post workout food in order to spike your insulin levels at that much needed time. However, the majority of your lifestyle diet should consist of natural A-rated foods. A-rated simply because if you eat the best, you’ll look the best and if you eat trash, you’ll eventually look like trash. And fruits such as berries may be sugary. But they’re also relatively low on the glycemic index and most important of all, they’re ALL natural. And it’s always a good idea to add some variety to your diet, just like our caveman ancestors.

So instead of adding refined sugars to your oatmeal or whatever it is you decide to have for breakfast (hopefully mostly A-rated foods :)). Just make it a habit to eat/add some fruit instead to boost the taste. But only make this a habit later on in the journey, especially if you’re the insulin resistant or hypoglycemic type.

The Tea

Forget about the tea that you see in the picture. Just trade it in for Jasmine Pearls Green Tea. This is something we spoke about in the special foods for fat loss video.


It smells like just like Jasmine flowers (… mmmm).  Jasmine Green Tea goes down very well.  The premium Jasmine Green Tea lies with Jasmine Flowers, with new flowers being brought in 7 or 8 times a season. Watch out for the knock offs though. You can tell if it’s a knock off because it will be sprayed with a Jasmine scent or include some small flower petals in the bag. Fake!

If you previously signed up to the Fitbuzzer email updates, you would have received a bonus content email explaining why you shouldn’t treat your diet like a typical diet. And at the end of 2011, we kick started that series with the Fitbuzzer requested budget foods for abs. And from there on you can learn exactly how to apply the above in an interesting ways to match.


Remember, you can kick start your profile and automatically upload your progress pictures => HERE. Let the FBA motivation continue! 🙂

This article was written by Shaun Sinclair. Shaun Sinclair is a former pro track athlete and original Founder of Stay-Fit Buzz. And also played a key role to the creation of FBA (Which inspired the creation of this website) from the Facebook Fan Page.


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2 Responses to “The Carbs To Eat For Less Calories (Yet Still Tasty)”
  1. Flint says:

    Hi, Great article but I would like to correct you on your advice of using Low Fat salad dressings.
    Low Fat dressings for salads and the majority of all “claimed” low fat foods are far worse for you than the “Full” fat ones.

    Secondly the lower level of fat required is so small that it barely qualifies. However because it is slightly less it is , therefore LOW FAT.

    Thirdly, the additives used to make up for the reducion in fat is far more unhealthy compared to having left the FAT in the Salad dressing.

    If people are trying to lose weight, get fit and eat healthy then they should stay away from processed foods of all types.

    They should also stay away from White Bread, Rice, Pasta, Alcohol, diet drinks, fizzy pops, sweets, desserts, chocolate etc etc.

    Anything less than this will prevent reaching their goals in a realistic way.


    07977 559431

    • admin says:

      Hi Flint. In general we would advise against anything that says low fat, for the same reasons that you state. Just as we mentioned in the FBA lifestyle diet, it’s all about eating A-rated foods. And of course, adding processed foods to any A-rated food source will down rate it. As long as the veggies are fresh, then they should make for a tasty and refreshing snack. The main downside of veggies is that they lack caloric density. And the main downside of eating strictly A-rated foods is a lack of variety.. Nevertheless, thanks for looking out. Get Fit Buzz Fit 🙂

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