How To Change Your Body with Just 2 Exercises

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First things first, let’s just remember that what you eat and how you go about structuring what you eat will be one of the biggest indicators of how well you’ll do when achieving your goal physique.

Second, remember strength + tension = tone? Well, this post will help you take it to the next level and show you how to keep hitting your personal max, long after the newbie honeymoon period.

How to change your body with just 2 exercises

Bang for your buck training is something that we have spoken about in the past. Mainly from a results driven perspective. However, it’s also a very important concept and mindset approach to long term effective training. You see, a lot of fitness programs today focus on performing a variety of useless exercises in order to help you ‘change’ your body. But the fact of the matter is, is that you cannot reshape a muscle group or even an individual muscle by focusing on performing 20+ exercises that most of these programs today focus on.

That’s their approach to muscle confusion. Now, let me explain to you why this is totally wrong ( I’ll get to the 2 exercise part in a moment).

You can change the look of a muscle if you build it up. But along the same lines of it’s original shape – Simple FitBuzz fact

Muscle confusion done correctly

Imagine walking into your favorite bakery. That pleasant smell has you hooked right. You’re ready to buy out the whole shop almost :). But after a while the smell would begin to fade right?

Well, your body responds to exercise the same way.

– Honeymoon period
– You get good with the exercise (Good form and all)
– After a few weeks you get bored

(That’s with most things in fact)

So, you have to change your workout in order to keep seeing progress. This is true. However switching to another exercise for a certain muscle group or isolating the weakness with another routine is not the way to go.

Yes, you can probably build some new mass with such approaches. But you will not get strong, which you now know is the secret sauce to building muscle that stands out without necessarily adding mass.

If you currently fall into this approach of training, then this is the usual cycle that you’ll go through:

– Newbie masters basic routine at 6 week point
– Newbie gets bored (Novelty wears off)
– New requests to learn new exercises from his/her trainer
– Newbie masters basic routine at 6 week point
– Instructor now assumes plateau has been cured

However, what is really happening here is that the newbie is becoming a jack of all exercises and master of none! He/she is practically starting a basic routine over and over.

You will not get strong this way. You will not progress this way. What you need to do is:

– Master the basic routine at 6 week point
– Stick to the stuff that really matters
– Maximize tension
– Integrate the tension of different muscles in a super focused way

If you constantly step out of that formula and keep on doing the newbie approach by constantly changing the components of your training. Then you’ll be constantly stiff and you will need to retrain constantly.

Remember, a mature lean body built up correctly over time can decide whether it wants to train or not, without risking a loss of gains.

Stick to one basic routine of 2 or 3 exercises and simply change the load!

Also know as…

Cycling (The correct approach to muscle confusion)

Cycling, in a nutshell is planned variation of your volume and intensity with the same exercises. It’s simple, it allows you to become a master of those exercises (In your own right) and best of all, it allows you to live a muscle soreness and injury free life.

Muscle soreness and injury

Injury is arguably the no.1 reason why most people stop working out. And guess what? Most injuries occur from performing at max capacity for longer than necessary time periods.

Now muscle soreness is another interesting topic. Because most people interpret muscle soreness or being ‘stiff’ as signs of progress. Which really is not the case.

Concentrate your energy on performing a few exercises well than many exercises poorly.

Back to cycling…

The long term of approach of real muscle confusion

The typical muscle confusion approach as explained above is clearly ineffective as you now know. However, in terms of training for strength (Which is what you want), most strength training programs will suggest that you increase the load of an exercise by say 2.5 pounds per week. Which would suggest that you would be squatting 1275lbs within 10 years if you started out at just 130lbs as a newbie today.

Obviously, this does not happen. And if you try to get that far, the one thing that will happen for certain is that you will end up going backwards at some point.

The cycling approach

The cycling approach to strength training is to purposely back off after the newbie 6 week period instead of pushing on for several weeks. The decrease in training will help over come the decrease in performance to ensure new improvement.

Take 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

Load up high for 6 weeks, start again but with lighter weights. Cycling is all about a gradual build up of intensity to YOUR personal best. And then starting over with easy workouts. Remember the bakery scenario? You had to walk out of there and then walk back in to experience that strong smell again. Then same approach applies here.

The result

– Better gains
– Less injuries (None if followed through correctly)

Here’s an example of a typical cycle.

Forget about the numbers, just focus on the process of how to increase the weights for the best results.

Now, you could have lifted more for the 2nd workout, but instead you took one step back. What you do now is take a few days off and start again with a slightly heavier weight. You can see that it started off pretty easy but gained momentum throughout. You would have managed to add 10lbs to your best set of 5 in 8 workouts, which could have taken up to 9-10 weeks. Training this way will help build your abs, butt and other muscle groups and get
them toned out to the max. And remember, the more lean muscle you have, the less outside influences (food, training) can effect you.

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7 Responses to “How To Change Your Body with Just 2 Exercises”
  1. Angela L Clennon says:

    What is the second exercise or is it all deadlifts?

    • Nathan Lane says:

      What I'm trying to figure out.

    • admin says:

      It’s not really a focus on specific exercises. It’s more about the fact that you can achieve more with a lot less exercises. Most compound moves + the deadlift would fit well here. Such as squats, overhead barbell press, bench press. With the different varieties of those exercises.

  2. Nathan Lane says:


  3. Did I miss the other half?

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