55 Essential Fitness Tips to Use On the Go

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We was going to write a complicated detailed post for you all. But instead, we decided to unleash these quick fire fitness tips that you can simply keep at the front of your mind throughout this lifestyle.

1. You often hear people say that muscle weighs more than fat. Muscle does not weigh more than fat. It simply takes up less space than fat. Since it takes up less space, that means it is more dense. Since muscle is more dense than fat, it weighs more per unit of space (or volume) than fat! Which is also why two people of equal height and body weight may look completely different from each other, because they have a different body composition.

2. Focus more on weight training to get lean than cardio.

3. Supplements are needed to do as the word states. Supplement’… your already good diet.

4. The best exercise for quickly building abs are the exercises that don’t focus on them.

5. Carbs are not the enemy. Man made and processed carbs are.

6.  You can’t out exercise a bad diet

7. If you keep good food in your fridge you WILL eat good food.

8. Abs are indeed made in the kitchen.

9. Sex is also an act of fitness.

10. For the best results, you need to train like this…

11. The heart is a muscle, …and what do muscles do when they’re torn? They grow back STRONGER. Feed them, the Stayfitbuzz way.

12. Fitness needs to be treated as a lifestyle and not a quick fix.

13. Don’t quit! You’re already in pain, you’re already hurt. Get a reward from it.

14. Forget about lat pull downs. Just start with pull ups until you get better at them.

15. Don’t hyper-extend your back past vertical when you deadlift. Your back is the ‘back bone’ to your existence. Screw that up and you’re finished!

16. It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing. 8 weeks for your friends to notice. 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice.

17. Plan what you want to happen with your body. But track what actually happens along the way…

18. When you get in the mud with a pig, you get dirty and the pig gets happy. Stay out of the mud. Set your goals and DO YOU.

19. This ‘life’ s**t is precious. Don’t waste it. Get Fit Buzz Fit.

20. When in doubt, just eat veggies @Calories are not an issue here.

21. You are what you eat… literally. But you are also what your food eats!

22. Dark chocolate can actually be good for you… Just remember to go for Cacao content of around 75% for a good balance of taste and health benefits.

23. Science is great. Proven methods can be too. But the best gauge of progression is the mirror and/or the scale. You’ve either lost weight or you haven’t. You’re either ripped, or you’re not. The mirror and the scale will tell you both.

24. What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

25. If anyone complains about your fitness habits and/or thinks you’re obsessed, just show them this picture (Which will be you). And then see what they think about ‘obsessed’! !!


Feel free to upload your progress pics when ready


26. Cheating isn’t bad. But savagely cheating is…

27. Fitness FTW. Because it makes people HOT!

28. If you want to start looking better, look at all the foods in your home and trace them back to their birth place. Then just start eating that food from there

29. You can get your CLA from eating grass fed beef or bison. But it doesn’t hurt to take it in supplement form when you don’t want to eat the whole cow.

30. The gym… where fat is burned and pride is earned.

31. Laughing is a form of fitness, and we know you’re doing a lot of that right now 🙂

32. When you lose weight quickly, your body will respond by releasing hormones to increase your appetite and store more fat. Solution = eat a little more :).

33. Pre-workout nutrition is necessary for performance in the gym and post is necessary for growth.

34. How to reduce calorie intake: Turn your head to the left. Then to the right. Repeat every time you are offered something to eat :).

35. If you still look good when you’re done, you’re not working hard enough.

36. Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to the person from yesterday.

37. You won’t bench ‘Jack’ if you don’t know squat.

38. Rapid fat loss = High intensity training (Sprinting). Getting lean = long interval training (A favorite sport or activity works well long term).

39. Compound exercise over isolation exercises = Getting the best bang for your buck.

40. Your best results will happen in the first 30 days of starting out in fitness. So don’t stress about the lack of change thereafter.

41. Good form will always beat increased resistance with bad form. (10 fully executed full range of motion pull ups rather than 10 half weighted pull ups)

42. Perform a functional warm-up at the beginning of each workout utilizing core strengthening exercises to warm up your body along with a brief bicycling warm-up to lubricate the lower body joints.

43. Be strict and follow just ONE program for a max of 12 weeks. And change the variables of that program, during that time to suit your needs.

44. The king of all exercises is the squat.

45. Just K.I.S.S. Eat clean and train dirty.

46. Drink more water!

47. Testosterone levels drop after having sex. Keep sexual activities till after your workout.

48. Exercise prolongs life. People who exercise regularly live longer.

49. Don’t forget to build your leg muscles. Failing to do so will cause imbalance, affect performance and look unnatural.




The underlying rule still stands. Lift correctly and you won’t get
injured. Which means you’ll never need to wear a weights/dipping belt.

– You are a dumb and lazy c**t and can’t help but lift with bad technique.
– You want to increase the weight to put on extra muscle mass
– You decide to perform weighted chin ups/ pull ups/ dips (Which is probably inevitable)

52. We need to take vitamin C because we don’t make it like most other animals. That is of course done via our diet. 60mgs was the old school recommended amount to take, but this is 2010 where a demanding lifestyle has hit us all. For most people, the new recommended daily amount is 2 grams per day. So 3 grams per day is about right. If it’s too much, your body will let you know (The toilet seat!)

53. If you are lactose intolerant, consider exchanging milk for unsweetened almond milk + Whey protein

54. Rapid unhealthy weight loss leads to muscle loss and flabby/jiggly skin. Slow, healthy weight loss leads to fat loss and a firm body.

55. Set some real Effin’ goals.

That’s it for now. We’ll probably follow up on this soon. Feel free to fire away with your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  1. Brujita says:

    Exercise Advice, Cardio and Abs?I want to start exercising more, but I’m not ellary sure where to start. My main goals are to get toned, flatten my abs and improve my cardio skills. What are some example exercise plans that I may have for a day? I recently became a member of a fitness club, so I do have access to various exercise machinery and weights, etc Help? Thanks in advance!One last thing Should I be drinking a protein drink or doing anything special before or after I exercise?

  2. lee vest says:

    Do you have workouts for men

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